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We are making and creating Organic Sweet and Savory Jams, made from fresh local organic ingrediants.

Strech goal of $2500.00 extra rewards for meeting the new goal, check out our updates for pictures and details.

How long will your Jam Last?

They will stay good for 12 - 18 months as long as they are unopened, there will be a best by date printed directly on the label. Once they are opened they are good in the fridge for 30 days.

So what makes our jams Unique?

We start with the best locally grown organic ingredients and expand on that by letting the fruit shine all on its own. Our original Jam is made with a minimum of 50% less sugar than traditional jams, this gives our jams the true flavors of the high quality organic ingredients that we use. We feel that if you buy the best ingredients available why cover them up with a bunch of sugar. This makes our sweet jams like our strawberry or peach taste just like fresh strawberries or peach’s.  This also makes our tomato jam taste like tomatoes fresh from the garden or our Pepper jams taste like a pepper you just picked. We feel this makes all the difference not only in taste but quality. We also make a sugar free jam that is sweetened with Stevia as the replacement for the sugar so you get the same great taste as our original jam just without any added sugar. We think our fruit forward approach is the difference you can really taste!

About Jane’s Jamz

Our passion and commitment to bring the very best of nature to you, all of our jams are handcrafted, made in small batches with a commitment to quality. We are committed to making food taste great and having fun in the kitchen. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients, for us there’s no place for Corn Syrup or HFCS any preservatives or anything artificial added to our products.

Most of our ingredients are grown within 50 miles of our kitchen, though there is one we use that is further out. It's California grown Keitt Mangos in our Smoking Hot Mango Habanero Jam, they are grown in the Coachella Valley but these are super special and taste amazing, that’s the only reason we broke are distance rule. 

Our products evoke the natural simplicity of our environment, just clean simple flavors brought to you in a new way. You can use our jams straight from the jar or to create a gourmet meal, or use to enhance any of your favorite dishes.

We also offer all our Jams in Sugar Free form, these are made with Stevia as the sugar replacement. The Sugar Free was developed after one of my close friends was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She loves our jam and did not want to give it up but had too, so after talking with a few doctors I decided on using Stevia as the sugar replacement so there would be no blood sugar spikes, now she is back eating our fresh jam. Now everyone can have great Jam without worry of extra sugar, no need to give up things that taste good! 

Back to the Beginning

This culinary adventure started a few years back when I was at a friend’s BBQ, after making up a burger for my children I came across something I have never seen or tried before. It was Homemade Tomato Jam; I thought to myself, Tomato Jam? When we where kid’s, Jam’s and Jelly’s had two purposes in life: To be sweet and to be added to peanut butter and two pieces of white Bread, or applied to toast for breakfast. So how do tomatoes fall into that?

I finally made the decision to add it to my burger figuring if it was not good I would pass it on to my husband as he would be polite and just eat it without complainimg. But no need it was fantastic, it was not overly sweet like most jam it was a sweet but savory tasty combination.

Once I left I never really thought about until the summer of 2010 when my husband decided to plant about a dozen tomato plants in our yard, after giving some away we still ended up with 50 or 60 pounds of tomatoes all I could think about is what to do with all the tomatoes? Then it came to me the AHH HAA moment, I remembered the tomato jam from the BBQ. That’s it I will make Jam, so I called my friend for the recipe but no luck she received it in a gift basket from her child’s school.

I knew how to make sweet Jams because of my grandmother, so I just decided to go for it and developed a recipe and made a few batches from scratch. I kept some for myself and gave other jars away to my friends and family and as gifts. Everyone that tried it loved it and where hooked just like I was, they constantly asked to make more. In no time I had friends and family bringing me tomatoes to make more.

I knew then Jam was not just for peanut butter or toast it could be anything, thus Jane’s Jamz was born.

From that AHH HAA beginning we have developed 10 sweet and Savor Jams flavors to inspire and tempt your taste buds.

Our Tasty Savory Jams
Our Tasty Savory Jams
Our Tasty Sweet Fruit Jams
Our Tasty Sweet Fruit Jams

All of our Jams come in 12oz Jars.

Some of our upcoming Jams

  • Plum Jam
  • Kiwi Lime Jam
  • Blackberry Jam
  • Apricot Jam
  • Tomato, Basil Jam (our Jam version of Bruschetta)
  • Caramelized Onion & Garlic Jam
  • Bacon Jam

Still need more reason to love Janes Jamz

Our Jams 

  • 100% Natural
  • Fresh Local Ingredients
  • No Corn Syrup or HFCS
  • No Preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • Made with Organic Unrefined Sugar
  • Sugar Free Available Made with Stevia

Why we need kickstarter

Janes Jamz was just started a few months ago. We will be operating at an approved commercial kitchen in San Jose, CA that we recently secured. We are in the process of receiving all the required licenses and permits that are needed to make jam commercially. We have sourced our local organic ingredients, we also have some of the equipment needed to make jam on the commercial level.

What the money raised from Kickstarter will be used for. We need a few more things to get up and running. First we need a Larger Pressure Canner this ensures that all our Jams are safe. We also need larger Stainless Stockpots to be able to make the jam in larger batches. We have found new packaging that we still need to purchase, as well as a labeling machine to apply all our labels.

So we need your help, so we can bring you fresh local sweet and savory jam. So let’s join together to make this the greatest campaign ever!

We completely understand if you cannot contribute monetarily, but please help us by spreading the word and sharing our project on Facebook and Twitter. We greatly appreciate your support in any form!

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