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Vampires vs Elves! Werewolves vs Reindeer! Naughty vs Nice in an epic battle! SANTA VS DRACULA! This time...It's Seasonal!
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Finally, the end is here...


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Address Request SENT

OK. The surveys for address info have been. We even have 14 responses already.

If you didn't get the request, let us know by writing us at

Also, you can order the non-kicksterte edition of the book at amazon:

You can write us at if you want an extra copy of the kickstarter edition (now limited because it's past the printers change date. We ordered a few extra though. First come, first serve.)

You can follow our Santa and Dracula on Twitter:

And you can read mine and Melissa's comic strip, My Cage, in re-runs at



Address request

I will be sending the survey to get your the addresses for everyone who donated $10 and up.

I'm sending this because I've never used the kickstarter survey function before, so I wanted to alert eveyone.

More to come.


Pre-sale on Amazon

Hey guys,

"Santa vs Dracula: is now on pre-sale on Amazon:

Again, this is the non-kickstarter edition (without the bonus material), if you'd like editional copies of the kickstarter edition (with the bonus material), drop us a line at



Final timeline

One last post for the night,

Here's how thing are scheduled to go as of now:

* The regular (non-kickstarter) edition of the book will go on pre-order at places like Amazon on Sept. 28th.

* We get the book back from the printer mid-October.

* You guys get mailed the rewards (including the kickstarter edition of the book for those who ordered it), and we'll re-send the final edit of the PDF too.

* October 28th, the regular (non-kickstarter) edition gets officially released.

Other news may be coming soon, if we're lucky, and everything goes the way we want it, but there are the basics.

Have a good holiday weekend,