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Introducing the revolutionary suitcase that can transform from a carry-on to a full-size check-in, act as a closet, a table and more!
Introducing the revolutionary suitcase that can transform from a carry-on to a full-size check-in, act as a closet, a table and more!
1,541 backers pledged $433,684 to help bring this project to life.

Our project is complete. Here’s what we haven’t said yet...

Posted by FUGU LUGGAGE (Creator)

We are glad to announce that most of you have already received the Fugu suitcase and those of you who have not received it, will receive it in the coming days as it is already on its way to you. 

It was a hell of a journey! 

We know that some of you are unhappy with us for the delays and we are aware of the positive and negative reviews that you sent us about the product. We take them seriously and thank you for the feedback you sent to us.

 There are some things which we have not yet told you about the road we took, and the actions we did to bring to the world a great idea and product that did not exist before. Now we think it's a good opportunity to tell everything that happened behind the scenes: 


The first months after the campaign were great. We were entrepreneurs new in the world of suitcase production, but full of passion and desire to learn. This is the what Kickstarter is all about, giving creators and entrepreneurs the ability to create. We hired experts to help us work with factories in China and even hired a world-renowned engineer to solve all the technical challenges and finish the production of your suitcases on time.

 With the transition to working with factories in China, the first problems began to arise. The first problem was discovered when it became clear that the first plant we started working with was not accurate (to say the least) when he told us that he was capable of producing the suitcase as it was. After we had gone through it with a great deal of money for molds, we discovered that he could not produce the suitcase for us. 

Later, we also discovered that the original wheels' supplier could not produce them according to our requirements, after he declared that he could, and even received, $ 45,000 for it. This change was one of the most painful, because of the fact that we had to change the entire design of the suitcase. We decided to try to find alternative solutions that cost us a delay of many months and a cumulative cost of more than $150,000.

 At this stage, we already understood the difficulty in finding reliable professionals in this field, after all those we worked with had told us what we wanted to hear so that we would pay them for the work without taking responsibility for the results. This was an important lesson for us. 

We were finally experienced in terms of technical work vis-à-vis factories and suppliers in China and in terms of their conduct. But then we had to face a new dilemma ... 

On the one hand, it was better to redesign the product and adapt it to the production capabilities of the new factory we started working with, so that within 8 months it would be finished with production. On the other hand we were late and felt a lot of pressure from the customers to receive the product, and we had almost no budget left for a new product (particularly after we had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ordering the components and molds for the original product). We decided to make unique adjustments to the original product with the hopes that we could solve all the technical challenges quickly. However, as we progressed, more and more problems were discovered and almost every solution we found created a new problem and so on. 

Unlike most new suitcases launched in recent years, Fugu was not only a new design with the integration of some existing electronic components, but was a new and complex construction and mechanism that required dealing with new materials no luggage factory had known before. This forced us to manage over 15 different suppliers (each of which had their own complications in turn), to customize each part separately and assemble everything at the final factory. Every little change became a major project. 

We came to a situation where almost every other campaign owner would abandon the project or turn to his customers to ask for more money, but we decided that we were not going to disappoint our backers and we brought more money from home. When that ran out we brought more money from friends and family, and when that ran out we took loans to finish the project and bring you the product. 

You are the reason we continued with the project. Our sense of responsibility and commitment gave us the strength to continue even though we realized that the initial model would be complicated for commercial production, mainly because of the high production costs, and in any case, we knew we would have to design a new model for the big market. But nevertheless, we invested our time and money in the product we promised you. 

We do not want to reveal the numbers, but the cumulative amount we brought from home was at least twice the amount we raised on Kickstarter and the pre-orders on the website. 

It is important for us to mention, we are not telling you this so that you will feel sorry for us or that you will be gentle with us. Rather, that you will understand the reasons for the mishaps, and the delays which occurred. Also, that you will be aware of all the tremendous efforts and resources which we invested. 

Today we are more experienced than ever and still full of passion as in the beginning. We are even happy to tell you that we have recently started a serious partnership with a serious company to develop the fabric model that will have many improvements. Those of you who have chosen to wait, will receive it when it is ready in a few months. 

We are not looking to get rid of previous customers at all and have decided to give you all a significant discount for the new model once it is ready (completely ready!), as compensation for the long wait and as a token of appreciation for your support and trust. 

We will give it to you at the cost of production and shipping. We will update you here when the new and improved model is ready. 

 In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the Fugu suitcase you received, and remember that you were part of the birth of a revolutionary idea and a product that will eventually change the perception of travelers all over the world. Our suitcase is not just another "smart suitcase" but a suitcase that is actually smart! 

 Thanks for the support. It's all thanks to you! 

 Isaac and the Fugu team

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    1. FUGU LUGGAGE Creator on


      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have just responded to you via email.

    2. Michel Ph. Mattoug on

      I sent you two messages, one on June 4th at and one on June 6th at Now let us see whether I get an answer...

    3. Missing avatar

      Dawn Goh on

      I have still yet to receive my luggage. And you expect people to throw more money for the new one? You are kidding, aren't you?

    4. Missing avatar

      sheenam ohrie on


      I have still not received my previous luggage and you expect me to buy the new one. Live to your commitments please.

    5. Kers Tin Hack on

      I never got mine. Could you maybe check what went wrong.

    6. FUGU LUGGAGE Creator on

      @Deb Please get in touch with us via email.

    7. Missing avatar

      Deb Lee on

      Sadly even though I asked for a refund, I still haven’t received it. First I was disappointed, then I was extremely angry.

    8. FUGU LUGGAGE Creator on

      Thanks for reaching out. We have responded to your email directly.

    9. שהם שפי on

      I had really hoped to feel totally different when opened the fugu box and handled the waited-so-long-for luggage.
      with all the respect and adore for running this project and coming to the final line, there is still a long way to go before this idea would become a suitcase I could travel with.
      When not inflated the walls take soooo much space there left no room for almost anything but the suitcase itself.
      there was a long discussion about the wheels and sadly the solution chosen was of only 2 so it's impossible to stroll with the luggage by just pushing it along the airport floor.
      the only thing I feel like doing now ... is selling it and wait for the 10th edition.

    10. FUGU LUGGAGE Creator on

      @Glenn, Kindly reach out to us via email so we can figure out why your order has not been shipped.

      @Marco, For customer service issues, reach out to

    11. Missing avatar

      Glenn Lee on

      I have yet to receive my order #5013. Is this a scam or what?

    12. Missing avatar

      Glenn Lee on

      I have yet to receive my order #5013. Is this a scam or what?

    13. Missing avatar

      Marco moura filho on

      The Luggage is total crap. Used 1 time and its already broken. It simply doesnt stay inflated.
      When its no cabin size it only fits a couple of shirts and a pair os pants.


    14. FUGU LUGGAGE Creator on

      @William, You have declined the pledge. As soon as you let us know what color suitcase you would like, we would be happy to send it your way!

    15. William Tran on

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount.

    16. FUGU LUGGAGE Creator on

      @Michel I have sent you the tracking info. My apologies for the delay, we were out of the office for the weekend.

    17. Michel Ph. Mattoug on

      Hi! Please reply to my eMail! I asked you when you intend to deliver my FUGU to France. Kind regards!

    18. Missing avatar

      Elad Adiv on

      Still waiting on my refund.
      Thank you

    19. Missing avatar

      Helene Goldberg on

      I also want to say that in the years to come, all that will be talked about is how awesome your product is, and the labour pains will disappear into the background, haiving little or no bearing on anything at all.

    20. Missing avatar

      Helene Goldberg on

      Congratulations! I know it took much more time and money than you ever imagined, but you brought it to fruition, and I for one commend you on your continued commitment, and your unwillingness to stop in the face of such humungous problems. I've received my case (well, it's for my husband) and it looks amazing! We have yet to take it on its first adventure, but I'm sure it will turn heads as it elegantly navigates the journey. Good on you for completing this project, and I wish you all the very best, and hope that your success is great. Thanks also for your generous offer of a discount for the upcoming new product. I'll be watching keenly to see what the new case is like. Might have to get one for myself ;-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Lanky Levy on

      Very sad that there has been no communication. I was one of the first backers, and now years have gone by with no sign of the luggage. Please update now.

    22. Missing avatar

      Thien Huynh on

      Still haven't revived a refund or the luggage. Companies like you made me stop backing other kickstarter campaigns.

    23. Patrick N on

      I still haven't received my Fugu??? It's been now a month from your last update and 2 and half year from original delivery date... Can I get a real update and tracking number ASAP!

    24. Missing avatar

      vbavin on

      I also haven't received my fugu luggage too.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ariel Cohen on


      I also haven't received my fugu luggage.


    26. FUGU LUGGAGE Creator on

      Please email us at

    27. Missing avatar

      Margaret Williams on

      I am just wondering when I am going to receive my luggage. I see that some in the US have already started receiving theirs and so far no type of notification concerning our luggage. Also others comments I have made have gone unanswered. Would at least acknowledge the comment. Thank you

    28. Missing avatar

      Oliver Bonke on

      I have not received anything. How do I know if things are on track for my shipment? Do. Ot have any tracking numbers.

    29. Jennifer on

      Received mine in NYC today.

    30. Joshua Marin

      I have not received mine, but I believe I notified you that I wanted to wait on the updated product;.

    31. Hillary Barrack Palmer on

      I thought I'd dealt with a man named Dana at FUGU. Am I mistaken?

    32. Hillary Barrack Palmer on

      At this point I'd rather wait for the new & improved version than the original, if it will be ready and delivered before year end. I already took my annual trip in February and had to buy luggage so I can wait now. Please advise either way.
      Hillary Palmer
      Loyal Backer

    33. rotem yossef on

      Your effort is commendable, I saw too many teams giving up and disappearing into the sunset for less than half of the stress you endured.
      I did not receive my FUGU yet and can't recall the options we had before so I might have opted out of that in favor of a new product.
      Just in case I didn't , given the reviews below, I'd rather opt out at this stage and wait for the newer product - if that is possible.


    34. Missing avatar

      Kate Collinson on

      I have not received my bag. Is there a way to confirm that we are on your 'to be shipped' list?

    35. Alexandra

      I haven't received anything...

    36. Goldie Hollander on

      I recieved my Fugu 2 weeks ago.
      I am very disappointed!!!!!!
      Great idea but I dont think that it is useable on an airplane!!!!
      As a hand lugagge it is impossible to use as it weights around the 6 kg, so the place left inside is maybe for one shirt and one pair of socks. And it is also very small inside due to all the material inside for expanding the fugu to a full luggage .
      I dont think the zipper will hold very long, seems to me very cheap and very difficult to close and open.
      Very cheap material.!!!!!I didn't got any partition inside , so it is a big cube, not very practicable !
      My question is did someone use it on an airplane in the open situation????

    37. Missing avatar

      cibermage on

      Hi! I haven't gotten my Fugu yet. Not sure what happened. Please let me know when I can expect it.


    38. Danielle Balassiano Ptak on

      Where's my fugu? 2 years and nothing!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Liza Morris on

      Still waiting for a response...are you shipping to all of those who seem to have fallen off of your list?

    40. Kers Tin Hack on

      People call ME honest, when I share honestly about problems I run into as a business woman (I own a coaching firm and publishing house in Berlin - http.// Reading your open mail almost makes me cry and feel like a mignon in openness in comparison to you couragous openness - giants. THANK YOU. And yes, please keep going! It is great what you do!

    41. Missing avatar

      Lee Park Ming on

      I have still not received my luggage bag!

    42. Yu-kai Chou on

      I haven't received mine yet (and not sure if my address is on file. You should check with some folks too since 1-2 years people could move), but I will add some positivity to this comment thread too.

      I don't know how good my product will be. Some comments below say it is less than what they expected. However, for taking out your own money and going on loans to provide a product - that is certainly commendable. I respect you for trying and doing that.

      I do hope I enjoy my product, but if I could learn more about the details of your trials and tribulations as a fellow entrepreneur, that would make this endeavor worth it to me.

    43. Ro Land Pickl on

      Hi guys, I received my Fugu a few days ago. Sure it was "a little bit late", but I was glad to receive it. I have backed many products here and at indi..go. And some of were really crap. Until now I haven't used it on an airplane, but I used my Fugu on a short car-trip over the weekend and I think it works fine. What I do hope is, that you manage some sort of shop, so we can order spareparts if something breaks. Oh... If it's possible... Please check the power-adapter for europe. Mine was almost broke when I took it out of the FUGU.
      But all in all... Thumbs up to you, for staying with your product and deliver the best you could.

    44. Missing avatar

      Aurelia Ostro on

      So happy to read that you have reached this point.
      I never gave you an address or completed an order after payment. Wasn't sure if I'd be in Israel or Toronto.
      Well I'm here now, back to TO Canada on the 18th.
      Please contact me for the order info.
      Thanks Aurelia

    45. Missing avatar

      Aurelia Ostro on

      So happy to read that you have reached this point.
      I never gave you an address or completed an order after payment. Wasn't sure if I'd be in Israel or Toronto.
      Well I'm here now, back to TO Canada on the 18th.
      Please contact me for the order info.
      Thanks Aurelia

    46. Missing avatar

      Susan Harper on

      Dear isaac and the Fugu team, I am so excited to hear my Fugu luggage is on its way as I haven't received it yet. Please tell me how long I should wait before I panic that I got left off the shipping list. Thank you. Susan Harper

    47. M. A.

      I can't wait to see reviews (honest ones), for this luggage, it is gonna be RICH...with negativity that is.

    48. M. A.

      @Garrett Haines
      Maybe they should do what Geraldine Moo mentioned on the comments page, that instead of using funds for the 2.0, funnel it to refunds instead. :P

    49. Missing avatar

      Stuart Krivis on

      I haven't received my luggage, nor have I received any shipping or tracking info.

    50. Ronnie Stern on

      I would like to wait for the fabric version with its improvements... I never got an email about it?