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your pals Meeting of Important People have written a brand-new entire new full-length album, and need your help to record the thing.
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Josh Verbanets

141 backers pledged $9,019 to help bring this project to life.

the opposite of bad things on a number-line (SUCCESS!!)

Hi Everyone--

Instead of being silly in this update, we would like to let you know that we are honestly moved beyond words.  Thanks to your insanely generous contributions, our band has not only hit our Kickstarter goal, but has raised a staggering budget for our new album... we are frankly confused by this response to our campaign, and are genuinely blown away that this project is going to become a reality.   Our Kickstarter campaign ended this morning at 11 AM, and we have been successfully funded at one-and-a-half times our original goal from nearly 150 backers...  scientifically speaking, this is "good."  

Please know that we will never, ever forget this;  whether you are a friend, mysterious benefactor, collaborator, or family member, we want to extend a sincere thank-you for your support of this project, and hope very much to see you soon in person.  The future of music for us has nothing to do with standing on a stage looking bored/cool, but rather with interacting with those around us in our community, with learning about the people that are interested in our work.  

We are now knee-deep in preparations to begin recording by the end of the month, and hope to have the entire album complete for a Summer release.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates, surveys collecting information about your rewards, and much more.  The next three days straight are going to be spent recording Valentine's Day songs for those that pledged for the personalized tunes; we are going to employ an ancient recording art known as "name-dropping."   And, please check out the clip below, which is us performing our song "I Know Every Street" at a live show this past weekend in the 'burgh.

Again, heartfelt thanks and love to you all for your support, and will see you soon.

- aaron, josh, and matt

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    1. Creator David Heilman on February 25, 2012

      Man. I miss singing this song with you guys.