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your pals Meeting of Important People have written a brand-new entire new full-length album, and need your help to record the thing.
your pals Meeting of Important People have written a brand-new entire new full-length album, and need your help to record the thing.
141 backers pledged $9,019 to help bring this project to life.

your name IMMORTALIZED in a MOIP song! (epilogue)

Well, we sure did have a nice time throughout 2012 with our Kickstarter campaign, and couldn't be happier with the album we were able to subsequently record and release--  wanted to send a final update to our many backers to say 'thank you' from the bottom of our hearts one final time.

To those of you who haven't picked up your physical CD copy of our new album "My Ears Are Having a Heart Attack" yet, we will have free copies for all of our backers at our Pittsburgh show this upcoming Saturday night, October 6th, at Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville.   Just say your name at the merch table to receive your copy!  The show will be a 21+ over full-band performance at 10 pm featuring us, Broken Fences, and The Color Fleet.  Hope to see you!

Oh, and one more thing.  Remember the $10 award level, in which many of you pledged to have your names spoken on the album, buried in reverse during a song?  Click this link to hear a new 'backwards mix' of the song, in which all names are audible:

...That's right, you have been IMMORTALIZED on a Meeting of Important People song, ohboy!

Thank you all for allowing us to record this album, and for being so wonderful about our band in general.  It has been an amazing year so far, and we would like to wish you the best of luck in all that you are doing; hope very much to see you all soon.


MOIP CD release show TONIGHT at Mr Smalls Theatre!

Welp, it's finally that time-- most of 2012 has been spent raising funds, recording, then mixing and mastering our new album.  Thanks to your kind contributions, we have finished what we believe is our best project yet, and will be releasing MY EARS ARE HAVING A HEART ATTACK tonight at Mr Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh!

Here's the link that we've set up for our Kickstarter backers to stream and download the new album for free:

We hope very much that you all enjoy the new album; this was made possible only through your generosity, and we will never forget it.  If you're in the Pittsburgh area, please join us tonight at our all-ages album release show, and pick up your free CD copy of the album at our merch table; just say your name to the person behind the table, and we will hook you up with a physical CD.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 24th at 7:00 PM

Finally, here's some links to reviews/blogs, what the press is saying about the new album:

We are honored to be part of this community, and are moved beyond words with how wonderfully this project has gone from start to finish.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

-- Josh and MOIP

the new MOIP album is officially DONE!

...that's right!  less than 6 months, and zillions of studio hours later, the new Meeting of Important People album is mixed, mastered, and ready to be listened to/judged.  Jake Hanner did an amazing job molding our tracks into what I believe is the best batch of recordings I've ever been involved with, i'm honestly ecstatic about the project.  

We're going to be printing up a limited edition of CDs for the album, and also will be offering all of you a download link on our release date.  When is that release date, you ask?  

Well, we hope to see you all on FRIDAY AUGUST 24th at our big ALL-AGES ALBUM RELEASE PARTY at MR SMALLS THEATRE in the Millvale neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  Smalls is a larger venue with plenty of on-street parking, and this is going to be the biggest in-town show that we've ever attempted-- we will be offering CD copies to all of you at this show, just state your name at the merch table.  

Pre-sale tickets for our CD release show are currently selling, and you can get yours at

And, check out the facebook event link and RSVP at

We're going to be promoting the show and new album over the next few weeks, with appearances on the DVE Morning Show, and a live set on WYEP the day of the show-- honestly can't wait to get the new MOIP disc into everyone's hands.  

Now, enjoy a photo of producer Jake Hanner staring out the studio window at a turkey that came along to say hello.


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what, the home-stretch already!?!?

We've very happy to report that we are ready to mix and master our album!  It's looking like we are going to hire a local GENIUS OF MIXING to finish the project by the end of July, ready for our August 24th release party at Mr Smalls Theatre.  

Click the Play Button on the link below the photograph to listen to a rough vocal-only mix of one of our new songs.   (this is just the singing, with all the instrument tracks muted out.  it's gonna be insaaaane!)

Also, we had a blast throwing our Mac n' Cheese & Fish Stick dinner over the weekend, thanks to the many backers that made it out.

Tickets are now on-sale for our August 24th album release show at Mr Smalls in Pittsburgh's Millvale neighborhood:

More updates from the studio coming this month as we mix and master the album!

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They say the only thing a person remembers is the singing and the snare drum...

Some famous record producer guy once claimed that it doesn't matter what the rest of your album sounds like, as long as you nail the singing and the snare drum-- that "they're the only two things the average person notices from a recording anyways."

Thank god we are done recording the snare drum.  Recording on the upcoming Meeting of Important People album is going amazingly well, with all of our drums, bass, and geetars now in the can and sounding ril nice.  Now, the month of June will be dedicated to doing all the vocals, and beginning to mix the record.  I have heard that the best way to prepare for singing is to eat a big bowl of cream of mushroom soup and wash it down with milk and a slice of pepper-jack*

We've also been having a blast sending out our many cardboard thank-you notes and demo discs that you've pledged for.  (If you pledged for, but still havent received your note, demo CD or download link for your batch of unreleased MOIP demos, please send an email to, and we will try to figure out what went wrong with the US postal service.)  We're also still nailing down the best date to do our fancy-shmancy Fish Stick & Mac N' Cheese Dinner this summer, tentatively looking at a Sunday in July.

And, we're excited to announce that we have an insane CD release show in the works, planned for August 24th at Mr Smalls Theatre in the Millvale neighborhood of Pittsburgh!  This all-ages release party will have live performances from MOIP, Pittsburgh garage legends The Cynics, and re-united female trio Great Ants, with proceeds from the show benefitting the Texture Ballet dance company.  Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more updatessss.

event link at: