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High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
1,959 backers pledged $143,518 to help bring this project to life.

Backers' Skin Voting

Posted by Rocket Punch (Creator)

Last 32 hours here! The campaign on Kickstarter is getting to finish!

Backers' Exclusive Skin Voting

The Backers' Skin Voting is online from now, in Super Tester Forum.

Thunderbolt Horizon Corp. PMC Pattern

Here is the Thunderbolt Horizon Corporation Private Military Company Pattern. Through this model we can see that the development for Thunderbolt is actually inextricable from Raider.

Thunderbolt U.N.F. Black Mech Squad Pattern

The "Black Mech Squad" is some kinds of special mission force in U.N.F. Mecha Force, perhaps, some "wet works". The Black Mech use black colour for coating, and customized mechas for mission requirement.

Just voting for your favorite Thunderbolt skin!

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    1. 6X Studios on

      black mech looks badass

    2. Edward Chan

      Congratulation for successful backed, I hope the voting last longer days, due I just update to Union the last day and haven't received invitation to the secret base and super tester!

    3. Vince Vazquez

      Congratulations on crushing your goal, Rocketpunch! Definitely going to enjoy watching this project grow and evolve, and of course, play it eventually :D

    4. Franky Magic on

      That PMC skin would look pretty awesome with that Shock gun... (Just saying!) ;)

    5. Legendary-Jakten

      Guys. The vote system is in their forum.

    6. Scott on

      Black Mech Squad

    7. Legendary-Jakten

      I like the dark mecha. I wish we have it despite of voting.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew F


    9. Kion

      Squad Pattern

    10. Mike J Ferens on

      Well I rather like both options, but I guess I'd vote the PMC pattern by a slight margin.

    11. Missing avatar

      Christopher Norris on

      PMC since I have to choose.

    12. Alex Parntaprasert on

      I vote PMC Pattern skin.

    13. Alex Parntaprasert on

      I vote PMC Pattern skin.

    14. Yannick S on

      Both are super well designed, but I'll vote for the PMC (white) color pattern. Super reminiscent to the Nu Gundam hehe.

    15. Mao Shangqian on


    16. Mao Shangqian on


    17. Brad Trulove on

      Both of them are awesome, but them both in!

    18. MadmanWithPie on

      Everyone, you need to go to the backers forum to vote.

    19. Pierre Dietzel on

      Am I missing the voting link or will it be send seperatly?

    20. Kaichaos15 on

      Where do we vote is there a link?

    21. DieChan on

      Both are attractive, it will suffer.
      Or skins, it has details of the parts, not only the color be changed?