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High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
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Development News

Posted by Rocket Punch (Creator)
Hi there,  

This champian is about to finish. Today we bring some fresh information of our game development in Code: HARDCORE!!

Crimson Flame Full Ratio Design

We have just revised the ratio of full size Crimson Flame, to make it more Super Robot style. In later version, a gorgeous close-up animation of his Ultimate Skill will be added on into the game.

Thunderbolt Additional Gears

We are currently working on the Upgrade System.

In the game, you can upgrade your mecha. As a high-performance, multi-purpose mecha, Thunderbolt is born for that. In a combat, your mecha will performing completely different according to your choice.

Thunderbolt Fire Support Type

Multiple long-range fire support weapons equipped,armed with large beam cannon and multi-purpose rocket. The long-range combat capability is highly improved.

Thunderbolt High Mobility Type

Lightweight modification, equipped with high-performing jetpack, allowing Thunderbolt to do more amazing mobility actions in the air.

Thunderbolt Close Combat Type

Thunderbolt armed with a large sword and rip his enemy into half easily. Also equipped energy field generators to protect its front side from long range attack.

We are also developing new mechas, such as those from the Ares Corporation.

Ares Corporation

The biggest corporation of heavy industry on Mars colonies. Their business covers many areas of military production, shipbuilding and etc. As a major arms supplier to Mars Rebel Forces, they have their own strategy for designing mecha. Their rich experience of colony expansion make their mecha have higher proformance during space combat and other special operations.


Mars Rebel Forces Mass Production Mecha

Midsummer Guard

Mars Rebel Forces Experimental Combined Mecha Special Opreation Squad

Many sub systems in Code: HARDCORE are intensively under development, please keep follow us on KS update page and twitter, we will continuous bring our new information to you guys!

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    1. Jon Fakballs on

      Can't wait to see if Crimson Flame a Upgrade System! You could do some cool stuff like having it shoot black holes

    2. Missing avatar

      Benjamin C Knapp on

      The Crimson Flame design is wicked cool!!!! Already my favorite mech. I hope this is the Mech you guys have made into the metal figure XD Thanks for answering my question's. I decided to get the lieutenant package. It comes with everything I want. Being a pilot is awesome! Excited to design the weapon. Does it have to be a gun or could I design a sword?

    3. Vince Vazquez

      Man these designs always look so COOL! :D

    4. Rocket Punch Creator on

      Hi DieChan. Yes it is just like a GATTA. Jet Fighter, Mecha, and Battke Tank can join together and become a new cool mecha!

    5. Rocket Punch Creator on

      Most mechas gonna have different types for player to choose! Thunderbolt is just a beginning!

    6. Missing avatar

      Tcruz121 on

      I think we're gonna need a Master Asia custom Crimson Flame now XD

    7. Missing avatar

      Denny on

      Awesome!! Is thunderbolt the only mecha that has different types or will the other mecha get em later?

    8. DieChan on

      Such as the Midsummer Guard, or you can use the player a mecha with a GATTAI! Mechanism?