Code: HARDCORE - The Coolest 2D Mecha Battle Game

by Rocket Punch

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    1. Teofilo Hurtado

      @Rocket Punch: They look very good! One question: Are these the kind of portraits we can get on the Veteran reward? And if so, did you already request them for that tier? I ask because I don't know if I missed your message.

    2. Rocket Punch Creator on

      @Teofilo Hurtado

      Hi, actually these kind of "portraits", as we call it character with "Casual Wear", are available if you pledge Civilian or above, not necessarily Veteran. XD

      You can check out for more detail in

      For these six backers, we are making their character as examples, and these are not the final versions. We'll contact them again when we are in that stage of development. So just wait, and we'll contact you as we making it :D

    3. Missing avatar

      CommunistMao on

      The second person on the first row, Is that Zun the creator of the Touhou series?