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High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
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Backers' Character Example

Posted by Rocket Punch (Creator)
Hey! Guys! We just got something really cool to show you, examples:

These people are the backers from Kickstarter. Of course, they are in their casual wear. In the official version, we have some cool uniforms for you! So what you guys waiting for? Just come and join them!  

Backers' exclusive weapon voting

Certainly it's not enough yet, the Backers Weapon Voting is online from now, in our Secret Base forum. 

Which backers' weapon do you like? Make your choice!

Paintball Gun

High-caliber paintball powered by high pressure gas, the Paintball Gun is always a shining star in the Mecha training program.  

Although the paintball damages nothing to the Mechas, but except the photology sensor. In another simple way, it kills your eyes. The ace pilots do really knows how to use the Paintball Gun to obstruct enemy's sights and force them evacuate from their Mecha.

Shock Gun

The Shock Gun can release a wide range airpressure shockwave, used in the non-lethal operations by colony SWAT forces. After the energy output adjustment, the Shock Gun airpressure shockwave can blow the heavy armor units away, and hurt the troopers in minimum. This makes Shock Gun very popular in the special forces.  

In some dangerous terrain environment, the Shock Gun push enemy Mechas down to the abyss, or obstruct enemy formation, make the battlefield into chaos.  

The Backers' weapons are something really useful and interesting, just get some exclusive tactical effects if you use them well!


At last, here are something great from our fans. The Tactical Music Gear of Thunderbolt from @提达君亚种, and the stylish Round Hammer from @汎用AT固有领域. Guys, you can never imagine that the pressure we are feeling!



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    1. Missing avatar

      CommunistMao on

      The second person on the first row, Is that Zun the creator of the Touhou series?

    2. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    3. Rocket Punch Creator on

      @Teofilo Hurtado

      Hi, actually these kind of "portraits", as we call it character with "Casual Wear", are available if you pledge Civilian or above, not necessarily Veteran. XD

      You can check out for more detail in

      For these six backers, we are making their character as examples, and these are not the final versions. We'll contact them again when we are in that stage of development. So just wait, and we'll contact you as we making it :D

    4. Teofilo Hurtado

      @Rocket Punch: They look very good! One question: Are these the kind of portraits we can get on the Veteran reward? And if so, did you already request them for that tier? I ask because I don't know if I missed your message.