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High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
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Battle Tips

Posted by Rocket Punch (Creator)
Since we released the alpha demo of Code:HARDCORE to Super Testers, we have received a large number of feedbacks from all over the world, which include passionate suggestions, ideas of game mode, control ideas of V. S. Battle Mode and so on.  
We appreciate that you join the feedback of our demo so passionately. In terms of gameplay and details of how the game feels, many passionate players happen to have the same view with us and exploit new idea for us. We’ve read every feedback message carefully and made systematic summary and discussion.  

In later development, we will implement those details and adjust them as well. And in the same time, we will try more experimental new ideas in the updates of the demo.

In this update, we will introduce the V. S. Battle Mode of Code: HARDCORE’s alpha demo in detail.

① Score

The current score you get.  

In current version of the V. S. Battle Mode, the player who gives enemy the last attack will get all score of that kill. This mechanics will be polished in our full release, maybe there will be assist score and more score mechanics.

② Time

Time left until the end of this game.  

The time of one game is 5 minutes, it can be modified in later version of game.

③ Hull Point (Health Point)

Repair kits in the map can recover your HP.  

We will add more ways to recover HP in later release version of game such as special repair skill, map mechanics and so on.

④ Energy

Energy can recover automatically when mecha is on the ground.  

Energy is an important attribute of mecha which will cost when jumping, flying and even close combat. Reasonable energy management may make you get a huge advantage on mobility.

⑤ Weapon Info

Shows remaining weapon ammo and reload status of weapons your mecha equips. Automatic reloading or cooling will happen when remaining ammo becomes 0.  

A mecha usually has 4 ways of attacking, include shooting weapon and close combat. In later release versions of game, most of the mecha’s shooting weapon is switchable.

⑥ Aiming Indicator

Shows the shooting direction of your primary and secondary shooting weapon.  

When your bullet hits the enemy, the aiming indicator will be highlighted, which will be polished in the full game to make it better and clearer.

⑦ Radar Indicator

Shows the positions of enemies and teammates, red represents enemy and green represents teammate.  

Radar’s functionality is simple in the current demo, more functions will be add later. For example, if a mecha have a more powerful radar, that radar will show not only the position of others, but also detailed distance and even whether there are barriers in the path. At the same time, several items that can disturb radar will also be in the game. For example, if you use an invisible device, you will completely disappear in enemy’s radar.

Control Tips

Use DASH to cancel your action!

Dash can cancel all actions except hit stun. Reasonable use of dash can greatly improve flexibility and fault tolerance. Especially for close combat, good dash timing can make a nice combo.

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In the current demo, item system and assistant skill system haven’t be added to the game. Mecha selection, assemble and other user interfaces are in primary state too. For the principle of polish the game for each iteration, we will improve our game during the development of the full game, so stay tuned!


Last but not least, here’s the fan art from @提达君亚种 in China: Crimson Flame rocks! So much awesomeness!


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    1. Nexar Donadio on

      Crimson flame is so badass... as a super robot fan he will be my first choice! :D

    2. Missing avatar

      CloudiDust on

      @cabit, in order to gain access to the demos/alphas, you need to pledge for the "Super Tester" level ($25) or above (excluding "Metal Saga").

    3. Missing avatar

      cabit on

      Hello, for 15 dollars we cannot have access to the demo !? T_T

    4. Daizengar on

      Okay, I just started up the demo and it didn't give me the option to update! So when will this update go live?

    5. Rocket Punch Creator on

      @Ingo Liebig
      We've sent you a message for email address, please check out your kickstarter message :D

    6. Ingo Liebig on

      I didn't receive a demo yet :(
      I changed to super Tester a few days after my first backing. Can you please give me the demo too? Thank u

    7. DieChan on

      Is the installation position of the recovery pack, but one place also on the ground felt necessary.
      Recovery in the heavy mecha, such as the round hammer because I think that it is difficult compared to other mecha.