Code: HARDCORE - The Coolest 2D Mecha Battle Game

by Rocket Punch

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    1. Karsing

      Huh, the silhouette above "Fan Art" reminds me of 'Brain Powerd'.

      Getting more excited with each update.

    2. DieChan on

      In the case of $ 2500 or more, but it is to choose from either a local specification of mass production mecha? That the underlying or mechanism is different for each faction?

      At the same, in the case of $ 4000 or more, the flagship model that has produced of companies to outsource the development, or it would be all right in the recognition that, get reclassified parts to their own fighting style for.

      Personally anxious thing, whether it would be possible design from any amount of money, such as mechanical became left-right asymmetry in response to the local repair and repeated combat? (Such as, for example, has broken one of the antenna you're using a long Thunderbolt)

    3. DieChan on

      I'm sorry, I append.
      It will not be customized to the mechanical of the name.

    4. DQ on

      Man, I'm starting to wish I could have gotten in at the $700 level.

    5. Karsing

      Well, you still have a little over a month to consider switching.

    6. DQ on

      Nah, that reward-tier was limited and has been full up for awhile now.
      And to be honest while I technically could pledge that amount of money it wouldn't be very prudent spending/savings-wise.

    7. Legendary-Jakten

      I wish there be limited numbers of special sword customization for kickstarter backers.

      Also, that feature and/or gun customazation to be included in all modes. (Story/arcade/VS battles) for those kickstarter backers. That and any more features. Thank you and hope you consider that.