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High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
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Mecha Customization

Posted by Rocket Punch (Creator)

We have introduced you about details of character customization in the past update, so you should have a rough understanding of its process.

And now, we are going to emphatically introduce about the highlight of customization rewards -- details of mecha customization.

In order to achieve smooth animations in Code: HARDCORE, we use an intricate element animation system, there are over 100 body elements to make mecha’s actions stereoscopic.

In Code: HARDCORE, mechas’ appearance, characteristics, actions and combat styles are combined tightly. It’s a long and complicated process that a mecha comes up with an idea and finally become controllable.

According to design stages, we need to tweak it back and forth based on various reasons among these stages, which may result in total of 30+ man-days for a complete mecha production process. Different mecha customizations may influence different design stages, and may bring different design costings.

Game System

In the release version of Code: HARDCORE, there will be an upgrade system and modification system in the game. You can make many different mechas and weapons with those system and get new combat ability in story mode.  

Please note that in order to achieve high-polished smooth animations, players can’t make LEGO-like modification to mechas. There will be a rich equipment system for players to change handheld and built-in weapons, but any arm that involves complicated action is carefully designed.

 Doubt of the other battle forms of mecha? Of course all forms have fantastic actions.


Then, let’s talk about different mecha customizations of different rewards in detail. 

$500 Lieutenant

  • You will be a pilot of mass-produced mecha of the faction you select. 
  • Every faction has its own typical mass-produced mechas.  
  • You will appear in story mode with your custom weapon.


$700 Veteran

  • You will be a war veteran in story mode, with rich combat experiences that make you become the leader of a tactical squad.  
  • You will have not only individual painting, but also an squad leader mecha.  
  • You are always the most powerful one in your squad.


$2500 Special Forces

  • You will be an advanced combatant of a special force in story mode, driving a mecha with special modification.  
  • Specially modified mecha is modified from a mass-produced mecha, which has unique weapons and behavioral patterns.  

For example, Raiders, as an early phase mass-produced mechas of U.N.F., has various modified type to adapt different war situations.

For example, “Sniper Raider Cold Districts Type”: With special modification which includes optical sighting on the head and stabilization system on the body, it could equip experimental high speed sniper rifle to kill enemy quietly at a far distance.



This is provide as advanced mecha customization service in current rewards, which is an opportunity to customize mecha more freely.

We will send detailed survey to corresponding backers when story mode’s design is completed. In the survey, we will introduce the background story and factions in the game, so that backers know exactly your identity in the game.

Besides, we will provide customization options of mechas to backers with words and pictures.

For example, after selecting the faction you want to join, you need to choose a mecha manufacturer. Code: HARDCORE’s world is just like real world, design and manufacture of gears of war comes from government’s manufacture departments, and also comes from large military enterprises. Due to different histories and humanistic feelings of different manufacturers, their style and specialty is different too.

For example, the high mobility transformable battle mecha Geier from U.N.F., is manufactured by a company called “Rolls Howard Aerospace”. As one of largest aircraft manufacturer, Rolls Howard has great technological advantages in aircraft’s design and manufacturing. Rolls Howard is good at developing transformable mecha, and in the same time, it takes a place of regular jet fighters and large transport manufacture.

After you’ve decided your manufacturer, you can choose your mecha model series and combat sytle.

For example, Captain Ingmar strengthened the detection and melee combat ability based on the MFX series from Horizon Corporation, and designed a special High-performance Special Task Mecha base on the MFX series - MFX-006 Obsidian.

The whole process is just like you are customizing a real mecha, your mecha has manufacturer, product line and combat style settings. And then the mecha will be deployed to the faction you selected and finally to your character. But how it will work depends on your skills (in V.S. battle Mode) and your destiny (in Story Mode).

If you've backed $7000, $9000 or $10000, we will not only provide you a survey, but also invite you to join our design tightly, and let you design as free as possible, so that we can create impressive characters and mechas together!


Fan Art

We have received a bunch of fan arts from our beloved fans on Twitter.  

Japanese artist @SESKOU drew a great picture of Round Hammer’s posture! Impressive!


Another Japanese artist @renkonan drew a Geier that express its high-mobility so well! So cool!


And here comes the hot Crimson Flame! @Roxaholix from Thailand drew his real size Crimson Flame! Pretty Super-Robot!


And lastly, from China! @1927822L-E drew a badass Rocket Punch!


We also found a lot of cool projects on Kickstart, especially this game: Blubber Busters

The game has very smooth and fluid 2D animations, high standard art design with brilliant color, and the gameplay looks sooooo fun!! The development team is pro! Can’t wait to play it! You guys definitely should check it out!

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    1. Legendary-Jakten

      I wish there be limited numbers of special sword customization for kickstarter backers.

      Also, that feature and/or gun customazation to be included in all modes. (Story/arcade/VS battles) for those kickstarter backers. That and any more features. Thank you and hope you consider that.

    2. DQ on

      Nah, that reward-tier was limited and has been full up for awhile now.
      And to be honest while I technically could pledge that amount of money it wouldn't be very prudent spending/savings-wise.

    3. Karsing

      Well, you still have a little over a month to consider switching.

    4. DQ on

      Man, I'm starting to wish I could have gotten in at the $700 level.

    5. DieChan on

      I'm sorry, I append.
      It will not be customized to the mechanical of the name.

    6. DieChan on

      In the case of $ 2500 or more, but it is to choose from either a local specification of mass production mecha? That the underlying or mechanism is different for each faction?

      At the same, in the case of $ 4000 or more, the flagship model that has produced of companies to outsource the development, or it would be all right in the recognition that, get reclassified parts to their own fighting style for.

      Personally anxious thing, whether it would be possible design from any amount of money, such as mechanical became left-right asymmetry in response to the local repair and repeated combat? (Such as, for example, has broken one of the antenna you're using a long Thunderbolt)

    7. Karsing

      Huh, the silhouette above "Fan Art" reminds me of 'Brain Powerd'.

      Getting more excited with each update.