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High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
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Successfully funded!!

Posted by Rocket Punch (Creator)


It happened! We have successfully funded!!  

We have never ever thought that we can hit the goal this fast!  

Thank you SOOOOOOO much! The soul of steel is infinite! 

Combine the funds on Kickstarter and, Code: HARDCORE has already funded for over $118,000 in total on both platforms. That means, we have already reached 4 of our stretch goals!


  • Physical copy of the artbook will be published. 
  • PS4 version of the game will be developed. 
  • 2 extra maps will be added in the V. S. Battle Mode when release. 
  • 2 extra mechas will be added in the V. S. Battle Mode when release. 

Please continue supporting us and help us unlock more stretch goals! 


Funded over 100% means that Code: HARDCORE Alpha Demo will soon be available for Super Testers!

Super Testers, please pay attention to your Kickstarter messages, we'll contact you soon.

After we get your information, you will soon receive an email with tester forum invitation in it. In the forum, you can download Code: HARDCORE Alpha Demo. The detailed controls is described in the mail and the forum post. 

For this demo, you may need to know the following information before you get started: 

Code: HARDCORE is in early development stage. This alpha demo is for test purpose only. We currently ONLY support controllers for the coming demo. This is for effective test and also to ensure the controls are tight.

We highly recommend you to call 2 - 3 friends to come play with you together. The game is really good for parties, and also reminds you of your childhood games. 

We also recommend you to play with a friend and start a face-to-face battle. But if you want co-op more, you can also fight 3 bots with your friend together. 


For the best user experience and to ensure the effectiveness of testing and development. The demo ONLY support controllers in this version. We'll continue adding more input modes in later updates.

We currently support Xbox 360 controllers, Xbox One controllers, PS4 controllers and all the controllers that support Xbox schemes.

Demo Content


  • 3 Languages (In Game Setting): English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese 
  • 4 Display Modes (In Launcher Setting): Single-Display Mode, Multi-Display Mode, Broadcast Mode (See forum post for detailed information)

V.S. Battle for 1 - 4 players

  • 1 Testing Map: Manufactory
  • 4 Playable Mechas: Thunderbolt, Round Hammer, Geier, Crimson Flame
  • 1 Bot: U.N.F Raider (Up to 3 Bots)

Story Mode

  • 1 Testing Level: The Last Supper

Supported Platforms

The alpha demo only support Windows in this version. We'll support Mac and Linux in future updates.

"When Can We Get The Demo?"

Since Kickstarter cannot send emails automatically, we have to manually filter qualified backers by ourselves.We'll immediately start gathering information of all Super Testers, and contact with Super Testers through Kickstarter messages, within 1-2 days. We’ll try our best to send the email to every qualified backer as soon as possible. Please wait patiently.

We have limited people doing the Kickstarter stuff. Answering questions on Kickstarter and maintain the demo at the same time can be a hard work. If we don’t answer your question on time, please forgive us.

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    1. Ingo Liebig on

      I just changed my input from 15$ to 25$ to be a super tester.... I hope u wont forget me :V


      YEEEEEEEES!!!!! Mecha continues to live and this game shall relight the flames of passion for all mecha fans!

    3. Davin Loh on

      Will there be a physical PS4 release?

    4. Rocket Punch Creator on

      @genesicchibi Sure! As long as you are a Super Tester, you've got the right to access the demo!

    5. David J on

      Maybe the mystery stretch goals after famous CV would be Jam Project? C'mon the Super Robot band playing a song for this would be glorious.

    6. Missing avatar

      genesicchibi on

      @Rocket Punch
      If I changed to Super Tester now would I still be able to get the Alpha?

    7. Mr.Monttu

      OMG!!! Awesome news! Congrats!!! ^_^
      Now I need to think, if I should upgrade my pledge. :D

    8. Vince Vazquez

      Awesome, awesome, awesome! Super happy to see this game success, especially since I've heard nothing about it on Gaming sites :( I just clicked on this because I saw it while looking at games on KS and it looked freakin' cool. This is exactly the type of project and team I want to support, so I'm legit thrilled to see this succeed! Bring on the mech action, RocketPunch!

    9. Rocket Punch Creator on

      We currently don't support networking in this version. We might add networking functionality in future updates. Btw if you can't get a friend to come over to play, you can actually try out our single-player level or practice with bots in V. S. Battle Mode :D

    10. MadmanWithPie on

      This is really cool! I had no idea you had a seperate Chinese crowdfunder on! I don't think I'll be able to get a friend to come over to play, but that had me wondering if it will be possible to play it over network/lan?

    11. Nathan Erickson

      @Rocket Punch, Great to hear, thanks.

      @Ryan, Yes you hardly see Betas, Alphas, etc from successful projects land on consoles but I was more curious if it means if we chose PS4 would we also receive PC key for early access like many projects do. I'm going PS4 either way but it might be cool to check it out early,

    12. Rocket Punch Creator on

      @Nathan Erickson @Ryan
      Of course you can choose from PC or PS4. We'll contact you about it before the game release :D

    13. Ryan

      Well even if they do let us request ps4 version, id only expect super tester to be pc which is understandable, Idk if its even possible to release test builds of a game on ps4 so if you're a super tester make sure your pc up to snuff

    14. Nathan Erickson

      I'm in for the PS4 version! Exciting. I second Ryan's question. Since the tiers state only "Digital copy" I hope that means we can choose PS4 at the end. And how would that work if we also have Super Tester included?

    15. Ryan

      YAY PS4 VERSION! So question is the ps4 version gonna be a version that I can choose? Or can only get pc version?

    16. Paul on

      By "Physical copy of the artbook will be published. " does that mean available in a tier or at a later date?