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High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
High-quality mecha-themed 2D platform shooting game designed to deliver an amazing gaming experience.
1,959 backers pledged $143,518 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Christian T Howard on

      i pledged 500 to be a plable char so i want it too look like me as close as you can

    2. DQ on

      So are you saying the only way you'll accept a design basis is if its a photograph of the backer themself? You're going to have a number of people who don't want to send you their photograph.

      Wanting to avoid copyright issues is a reasonable concern but you are taking it too far with that.
      Look at popular backer characters who feature in other games like The 'Baz, there's been no trouble with him despite making cameos in multiple separate games.

    3. JakatoXtra on

      The customization is looking great! I only have a few questions about the NPC Tier though....

      For the NPC Tier are we allowed to choose the context of what Mission our NPC gives to The Player or are the NPCs randomly selected and are just assigned generic Missions that The Player can choose to do?

      The update says the NPCs are set for Missions like "a technician who needs the player to help him collect gears" or "a stranger who ask for help" or something along those lines, so I'm wondering if I can specifically choose to have my NPC character be a "Stranger who needs help" Type rather than a Technician.

      Adding on to that other than deciding what kind of NPC we have (Stranger, Technician, Politician, or etc.), do we have any say on what the Mission is or what our NPC says to The Player to begin that Mission?

      For example could I have my NPC be a "Stranger Type" who tells the player "I want to see you destroy 7 enemies with only physical attacks! Like a true Martial Artist!" and then The Player has to do a side-quest mission where they need to destroy at least 7 enemies with either a Dagger, Knife, Sword, or Fists without using their Guns?

    4. DieChan on

      We do not accept the appearance demands of character to avoid troubles to each place it was found. However, I think that also have a user that "I want to play to put on favorite mecha to make their favorite characters." In fact I am that side of opinion. I do not want you to Kumito' the opinion of the minority, even a little, and I think. Since the official character to intervene in the deployment, such as the story mode is not good that the copyright of the problem occurs, have thought that any good if there is something like only available in VS mode and Arcade mode "My customized character" you. Face of the template, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, skin color, such as sunglasses or a mask of accessories, is like costumes, the ability can be selected. For costumes and accessories and abilities to be able to win as a reward of survival mode, costumes and abilities of the boss and important character is feeling rare drop scheme, such as.

      Honest story, I want to use cute girl pilot, cool female pilot, the female characters such as the daring woman pilot as a pilot. Do you have any plans of production ...?

    5. Missing avatar

      Ishmael incarnato on

      What intrigues me is there are a lot of new details here!

      Loving the differences in the mechs behind the figure, and loving that the game has a lot of different art styles depending on the situation, you guys are doing triple work almost!

      Keep it up!