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This project is to create an English Dubbed HD production of the ARIA The ANIMATION TV Series and release it on Blu-ray!
2,648 backers pledged $595,676 to help bring this project to life.

Box Reveal!

Posted by Nozomi Entertainment (Creator)

Hi everyone! We're excited to show off the exclusive Kickstarter ARIA box! 

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The slipcover has a soft, velvety finish while the inside box has a smooth film laminate finish that spotlights our two favorite Aria Company ladies. 

We also have happy news! Season 1 is now off to replication, which means in just a few short weeks, we should have season 1 sets in hand!

Season 2 part 1 dubbing is also well underway! The first round of stereo checks should begin sometime next month.

- Kris, Senior Producer

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    1. Missing avatar

      Evan M. on

      I would have liked it if the box looked like the dvd LE style art. And if there wasn't an additional sleeve. Also the sleeve designs are a bit too subtle and underwhelming.

      I would have liked their to be no sleeve, with artwork with the characters etc. like the non-final bluray SD artwork. With an endlabel on the box. So just like gundam 00.

      I'm a bit disappointed that you guys didn't consult the backer during the design process of the release itself considering that's the bulk of the rewards. It's probably a bit much to ask to redesign it, but yeah that's my thoughts

    2. Michael Glick on

      Yup, this is definitely what I paid for. If the rest of the boxes look half as good as this, they're going to leave a lot of friends crying.

    3. Nozomi Entertainment 2-time creator on

      @Daniel Gaudreau we do keep a few extras just in case. We know how shippers can be. =(

      - kris

    4. Daniel Gaudreau on

      I can't wait to get my hands on this!!!! For us international backers that wont receive the box until all sets are ready, will there still be back-up boxes in case they get damaged in transit?

    5. quinton Forbes on

      oooohhhh. shiiinyyyy.....

    6. Missing avatar

      Mateusz Zebrowski on

      Ooh, I love that Neo-Venezian sunset on the side. I'm gonna have trouble deciding whether or not to keep it in the slipcover. Looks like it's well worth the wait for us international backers... But I still want it NOWWWWWW!!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      @ Kyle - to tell you the truth, I had no idea how stunningly beautiful the box would look like (I even like the sleeve). My decision to pledge for it was based solely on the fact that I love artboxes and like the idea of having all sets of a particular title stored in one. The fact that it, in this case, happens to be this gorgeous is just the cherry on top.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kyle Evers on

      @James Gwinnell / Brian. OK, thanks for the info. Now I'm wishing I had pledged to the art box tier, but to my remembrance I didn't because there were no photos or mockups at the time the campaign was running. Wish we had an idea of what this would have looked like then, as it might have motivated me to pledge at a higher tier during the campaign. Oh well.

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on

      so glad I did the prima upgrade during the campaign-it's paying off now. Great packaging. I showed the video to someone and they want that box.

    10. Jason Y on

      TRSI knows how to make gorgeous packaging. 😊

    11. James Gwinnell on

      @Brian - you're right. You had to buy during the campaign at the right tier to get the Artbox. If you didn't, you can't upgrade later.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      @ Kyle Evers - I should probably let an official rep. answer your question, but here's my understanding: the premium chipboard box is a KS exclusive. What I *think* that means is that in order to get one, you would have had to order it during the time period that KS was actually running. In fact, there was no "standard" box option: you either ordered the premium box to hold all the sets or you chose to live with having the individual sets unboxed.

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Wilson on

      Very nice. I like it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Vincent Fabbri on

      So pretty and elegant. Thanks for sharing.

    15. Mike A. on

      Blown away, wow.

    16. Nicole on

      Looks nice keep up the good work. I appreciate all work you’re all doing.

    17. Missing avatar

      Kyle Evers on

      Man that's nice. Is it too late to upgrade from standard to the deluxe box?

    18. BluePikmin11 on

      I felt strong emotions when I saw this box. Absolutely gorgeous! Who designed this?!?!

    19. Kalin Lancaster on

      have to say though I agree with Maarten. my original pemium DVD ox sets will stay in my collection.

    20. Kalin Lancaster on

      glad I sprung for the deluxe prima triple. cant wait to get my hands on these.

    21. Maarten van Duijvendijk on

      Beautiful box, however in my opinion the four DVD boxes I have now look better.
      So I'll keep both sets.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ryan Portwood on

      This is so much better than I could have imagined! Looks absolutely beautiful.

    23. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      And remember, folks, that box is a KS exclusive.

    24. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Sweet looking box! Very happy I sprung for it - totally worth it.

    25. Forrest on

      I need this so much now..........

    26. Rabi_Rose on

      Absolutely gorgeous!