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This project is to create an English Dubbed HD production of the ARIA The ANIMATION TV Series and release it on Blu-ray!
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IMPORTANT! Season 1 Slacker Backer Ending August 6th!

Posted by Nozomi Entertainment (Creator)

Hello all,

We've got a big update for you: ARIA The ANIMATION is now officially at verification!  That means replication will be happening very soon.

Here's what this means for you:

1) When we submit the replication order, we need to know the final amount of discs to make.  That means ARIA The ANIMATION (Season 1) will be REMOVED FROM THE SLACKER BACKER OPTIONS on August 6th at 11:59PM Central Time.  If you have been waiting to put in a slacker backer order for season 1, do it ASAP!

Please note, the rest of the seasons and the Guidebook will still be available for purchase.  When those items get closer to release, we'll give a cutoff date for them as well.

2) We can't give an exact season 1 release date, since the time it takes to replicate a set can vary.  But as soon as the season 1 sets are received into our warehouse, they will be shipping out to US backers.  You will receive a shipping notice when that happens, along with an estimated delivery date.  So, consider this the last call: if you need to update your shipping information, please do so now!  This link will take you where you need to go:

INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: The initial plan was that all items for international backers (including tier rewards) would ship in a single shipment once all ARIA seasons were complete.  However, we have received requests to do partial shipments by season, and are currently investigating the possibility for those who are interested (although there will be an additional shipping charge).  We'll keep you posted as we figure out the details.

Not much longer now!

-Judy, Producer

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    1. James Gwinnell on

      Welp, added in my Season 1 Slacker Backer copy. Now to wait for the shipment and next items that will be up for removal of the Slacker Backer.

    2. Nozomi Entertainment 2-time creator on

      Helpful link to everyone who can't remember the exact details of the slacker backer:

      - Kris

    3. Nozomi Entertainment 2-time creator on

      @Jason Y there's a high possibility!! =D

      @James Gwinnell we hope to have pictures soon!

    4. James Gwinnell on

      Is there any images of the Aria Artbox?

    5. Missing avatar

      David Šugár on

      I am an international backer and I think shipping the seasons separately (with additional shipping charge) should be an option. That way, it would be easier to evade import tax :P

    6. Jason Y on

      Is it possible that set 1 will ship by end of August / start of September? My b-day is beginning of Sept, so it would be so awesome if I got set 1 around then. 😁