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This project is to create an English Dubbed HD production of the ARIA The ANIMATION TV Series and release it on Blu-ray!
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Art Cards and a Quick Status Update

Posted by Nozomi Entertainment (Creator)

Hello all,

Another piece of ARIA merch has arrived: the Art Card Set!

These art cards will go out to all Prima tiers and higher.  They're 5" x 7" in size, and printed on a nice card stock that's easy to frame.

Also, on the Blu-ray front, things are moving along quickly...

You might notice that these are labeled "check 2." After the first round of checks, if any fixes or changes are made, then everything needs to be re-checked, to make sure no other bugs were introduced.  It takes a lot of time for quality control, but we consider it to be an essential part of the process. 

Once the checks are complete, the disc data will be sent off to verification, the second-to-last step in the Blu-ray making process.  We're getting closer by the day!

-Judy, Producer

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    1. Candy Kane on

      @michael I know this. I was teasing.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on

      @michael: the only thing that can come to mind is that nozomi has maxed out the blu-rays somehow. a 5.1 audio track is 4606 kbps in LCPM for them. 2.0 is 1536 (might be about a gig ish for the 5.1 and the 2.0 is about 300 MB). Figure 1.6-1.8 GB for audio. Pgs subtitles are small so it's only a extra 5 MB per ep which brings subs to maybe 12 MB being generous. The video would make up the rest. At most, that would be about 5 GB for video which is up there with Aniplex for quality. There's another way a third disc could be used: single-layer blu-ray authoring is (I think) cheaper than dual-layer authoring. 4 eps per disc @ 4 GB is 16 GB. 5 eps @ 5 GB is 25 GB. 4 eps with multi-angle @ 4 GB (max I think you can fit on a disc without compromising video) would be 32 GB. An extra ep in a dual-angle is an extra 8 GB which makes each disc 40 GB. What we're playing right now is a "guess why there's 3 discs for 13 eps" kinda game. Escanflowne had 3 discs for part 1 but that was due to the old dub needing its own disc for dual-audio (every disc after the first 7 was triple audio).

      Also, Michael, Aniplex did 4 eps (1 disc but each ep was near 7 GB) & 3 eps (disc 2; each ep around 7 GB) for SAO set 1 on blu-ray. I highly doubt nozomi is going that high with regards to video bitrate-but this is a mixed framerate show that will be 1080i and a upscale so a high bitrate may be what they deem to be right.

    3. Michael Glick on

      @Candy Kane & Daniel Savoy - It mainly has to do with the discs being for internal use only. The labels have to be individually printed and applied at this stage, so it's unnecessary extra effort.
      Of greater note is the fact that there are 3 discs. Normally, anime BDs run 8-9 episodes a disc. Even with all the extras, I'd expect a third disc wouldn't be needed unless the files are significantly larger than normal, the discs have extra stuff (like alternative versions of some files), or the last disk has some other purpose. I know only a little about authoring, so I can't say for sure, and am a bit curious there.

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on

      @eternal: well, season 3 with Avvenire and the radio dramas is its own set (total cost with shipping is about $71 for US backers who need to buy it) so no, it won't be like the JP BD's. Nice to have an idea of how many eps per disc (might be 4, 4, 5, or might be 6,& 7, dual-layer discs and third disc extras for s1). Outta curiosity, how many checks are the blu-rays going to go through as a guesstimate. I guess I'm gonna need to get a frame or something for the art cards. Any chance of showing off the lithograph?

      @candy: I imagine these discs don't have cover art because A: it's being finalized B: they're internal check discs and C: probable authoring for the discs isn't final (how many eps on what disc)

    5. Kishou on

      Man those cards look amazing! I doubt I could get them with my $10 pledge but at least I get to see this project get more updates which is good.

    6. Missing avatar

      EternalRain on

      Will Avvenire be its own set of Blu-rays or will each season include 1 episode like the Japanese Blu-ray set?

    7. Candy Kane on

      that's some beautiful bluray disk art right there XD

    8. Jason Y on

      @Ryan Portwood - Yup, USA backers get each blu-ray set as it's finished.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ryan Portwood on

      Those art cards are beautiful and it's so exciting to see season 1 almost finished!
      So my understanding is that backers in the states, and backed multiple seasons, will receive each season as they are completed, or am I wrong?