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This project is to create an English Dubbed HD production of the ARIA The ANIMATION TV Series and release it on Blu-ray!
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ARIA The ANIMATION covers are here!

Posted by Nozomi Entertainment (Creator)

Hello all, happy Friday!

The covers for ARIA season 1 have arrived!  These are the paper covers that will be inserted into the Blu-ray cases.  Here's a peek at both the front and the back!

What's more, this is the Kickstarter exclusive cover.  Notice how there's no product description or screenshots covering the art on the back?  Only people who receive their discs through the Kickstarter campaign will get these covers.  When ARIA is eventually released to retail after the holdback period, the covers will be different.

Also, for those of you who pledged in the Siren tiers or above, we've sent your covers off to Japan, to be signed by Director Junichi Sato himself.

This is another step forward in the journey!

-Judy, Producer

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    1. Nozomi Entertainment 2-time creator on

      @James - slacker backer will close with each season completion for that season. When Season 1 is sent for replication, it will be removed from slacker backer. When the artbook is approved and goes to press, that will be closed off, as we can't reorder in small quantities. We will make sure to announce what is happening. Season 1 will probably close relatively soon given that we are in the QC process for the discs already.

    2. James Gwinnell on

      As we are getting closer, how will the slacker campaign be handled? Will it be maintained through each release? That is, season 1 ships and that is removed from the Slacker Backer but the other seasons are listed until that season set is about to ship? Further, if the book will run longer, will that also stay available until it is ready to ship? Will you also make announcements for it? I've held off buying anything on Slacker Backer for now until it got close to release.

    3. BluePikmin11 on


      It still loooks beeeauuutiful though.

    4. Christian O. Rivera on

      Nice....but I am a bit disappointed since this is the exact cover in the DVDs set of season 1 Lite that I have, so not a new cover but still nice I like that cover over all.

    5. Albert Nakano on

      Summer and winter uniforms, nice!

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Wilson on

      Yep, it works for me.

    7. Jason Y on

      Mmmmm, Aria cover art goodness. The wait is almost over!

    8. Missing avatar


      That inside cover is tremendous

    9. Radosław Wójciak on

      Did you have design of box for all series?

    10. Gabriella Creighton

      Guys, releases like this justify Kickstarter Anime localizations. Keep it going! <3