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This project is to create an English Dubbed HD production of the ARIA The ANIMATION TV Series and release it on Blu-ray!
2,648 backers pledged $595,676 to help bring this project to life.

Now, on to the next set of Stretch Goals! Let's add The Natural to the Mix!

Posted by Nozomi Entertainment (Creator)

Our original goal for this project was to bring to everyone an amazing English dubbed version of Aria - plus to make it look fantastic with a Blu-ray that you'd be excited to share with your family and friends - and watch again and again whenever you wanted to relax and enjoy the calmness of Aqua.  To make it even better, we added the wonderful atmosphere to surround you when watching with a full 5.1 English audio mix.

Both goals were rapidly met, and everyone on the team is so incredibly excited to see how much fans want to enjoy Akari's dream of becoming a undine.

We're adding new stretch goals today that I'm hoping people will be excited about - especially adding the dubbing and Blu-ray production of Season 2 - Aria the Natural to the project stretch goals!  Ultimately, if we work our way through ALL of these stretch goals, we'll reveal even more.  After all, there are more adventures out there..

Much of the cost in the initial Kickstarter budget was due to the mounting of the production and getting things ready to go. Economies of scale will help us to continue to dub the series with additional episodes at a lower cost. This is why we have decided to add Season 2 as a stretch goal here; as a separate project, we would have to start a new production and the cost would be higher overall. So we certainly hope that we can reach the ultimate goal of funding Season 2 as well as this allows us to bring it to you less expensively! In fact, you'll note that the cost for 26 episodes of Aria the Natural to be added here is not really much more than the initial 13 of Aria the Animation!

If we don't achieve the goal of Season 2, we would use additional funds raised towards lowering the overall project cost of a future Kickstarter project for Season 2 and beyond.

We're going to provide some merchandise additions to tiers as we hit each stretch goal, and the major goals will allow for new tiers to be unlocked so that you can upgrade your pledge at that time for a very reasonable cost to add the additional Blu-ray sets of The Natural.

In addition, we will be able to add great commentaries with the English cast on some episodes to again provide you with insight on the production process and how the voice actors approached their roles.

We also have a stretch goal for a guidebook to Neo-Venezia filled with great artwork and character information; should we raise enough, we will upgrade it to a hardcover book - and there is even a further stretch goal to add Season 2 coverage.  We will add tiers to support the guidebook when we reach those goals.

Thank you so much for your continued enthusiasm for our project - we are already getting started with Season 1 since it has been funded, and we look forward to continuing the story with your support.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sean Tugwell on

      I just up'ed my pledge from the $95 early bird to the $135 Prima Plus stretch goal. My credit card won't be charged for both pledges right? Just the new higher one correct?

    2. Steven Waugh on

      I'll move mine pledge a bit later if i can, I just simply can't wait for all of this to come out i wish i found out about you guys sooner of i would have ordered a lot more dvds sooner

    3. Lee Franklin on

      I am pestering my friends and upped my own pledge from 55 to 95. I will be buying in on these additions as they come. Excited to see this. I love Nozomi just as much as a certain other group out of North Carolina, I try not to play favorites. Looking forward to this, I have a lot of Nozomi on my shelf, and want Aria added to it. Thank you!

    4. Missing avatar

      Russell on

      So I pledged so I can get the First season on Blu-Ray but how much do I need to pledge to get Season 2 as well

    5. Richard J. on

      One of the things I've seen people post was a worry keeping them from pledging was the worry that the other seasons wouldn't happen. Very smart to point out that it can happen and it's best to pledge now rather than later. The numbers are very interesting. I'd long believed that KS and crowdfunding could achieve amazing things for English dub funding and now I'm learning all sorts of interesting things about how it works in practice. Thank you Dark Lord and our lovely Ann!

    6. Missing avatar

      Derick P on

      I was pretty hopeful that you would add more seasons as stretch goals, but I'm surprised and glad that they are at a lower stretch point than I expected. Hooray for economies of scale! I'd love for this to finish out the whole series and become the complete, definitive version of Aria on Blu Ray.

    7. Missing avatar

      Derick P on

      Yeah, Est gave the basic figures. There are other stretch goals in between too, such as a half-point for S2. But I would also agree that based on their figures, between 300-350K would probably get us in the range of adding the OVA + season 3. And at this rate, we might make it! Spread the word!

    8. Est on

      All of S2 will be dubbed in English at $240K, I can easily see this KS surpass into the mid-high 300K range, if not more; especially since in the last days will see major boost in pledges.
      My guess we could get Season 3 at ~300K and maybe another ~10K for the OVA.

    9. Forrest on

      How much is the stretch goal for S2 exactly? I'm happy to support more once I get next week's pay :) really excited for these announcements!

    10. Nozomi Entertainment 2-time creator on

      @GuyG get me to the S2 stretch goal and I'll make sure it's included!

    11. Nozomi Entertainment 2-time creator on

      @Miri data on the stretch goals is in the campaign tab at the bottom.

    12. Missing avatar

      Guy Gildersleeve on

      So when season 2 hits the stretch goal, will this include the Aria the Natural episode 0 as part of season 2?

    13. BluePikmin11 on

      Awesome! Good luck! I hope you get the funds for a Season 2!

    14. Miri on

      So is the numbers of how much would be needed still being figured out?

    15. don on

      WOW!!!!!! This is awesome ..some had mentioned on A.N.N. that more seasons as a stretch goal would be difficult . But as you explained it .... it seems the perfect way to go go goooooooooo forward . Wishing the cast and production a "great show" good luck .....more dub minutes woohoo!!

    16. Mike A. on

      Much thanks! Keep up the good work.

    17. Jason Y on

      Excellent work on adding the stretch goals! Let's see how high we can get. :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Velasco on

      exactly what i hoped for! good luck everyone!