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This project is to create an English Dubbed HD production of the ARIA The ANIMATION TV Series and release it on Blu-ray!
This project is to create an English Dubbed HD production of the ARIA The ANIMATION TV Series and release it on Blu-ray!
2,648 backers pledged $595,676 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nozomi Entertainment Creator about 5 hours ago

      Quick reminder to everyone that if you haven't updated your shipping address and need to do so, please get it done ASAP with RightStufAnime via the below link.

      Season 1 should be coming in from the replicator soon and we will begin processing shipments as soon as it does.

      Also, we've had a few inquiries about purchasing the Exclusive Kickstarter box for those who were not on the tiers with the box. We only produce enough boxes to cover those who ordered it during the Kickstarter campaign so the box is not available for individual purchase. We're glad that everyone seems to like the box though!

      - Kris

    2. treecko green about 16 hours ago

      @Maurice Tholen I would assume that we need to wait at least till Q2 next year at earliest. because if you look at the timeline so far and assume things will only go faster as they don't have the same startup work, they've been working on this almost a year now, but they still have season 2 and 3 and the 4 ova eps. That's a total of 43 episodes that need to be recorded, mixed, QC'd, rerecorded, remixed, ect. So Q2 2019 might even be optimistic...but I'm not @Nozomi or The Dark Lord, maybe they have some magic they can pull out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Garrett 3 days ago

      I just want to say that I think the slipcover looks fantastic, so I hope you guys don't think it's unappreciated. I really love the minimalist design, and I'll likely end up keeping the slipcover over the case when it's on my shelf.

    4. Nozomi Entertainment Creator 3 days ago

      @ Rick Brown we wanted to make something special for our backers. ^_^ While you can always toss the slipcover, it was just a bit of something extra and our way of saying thanks for helping us raise enough money to dub the entire series. We really appreciate that and we're trying to give a bit extra back where we can by making everything extra nice.

      @Maurice Tholen We do not have a firm grasp on that just yet. we're into dubbing on season 2, but we still have over half of the overall series to dub yet and scheduling with some of our voice actors can be tricky because they don't live near the recording studio.

      - Kris

    5. Missing avatar

      Maurice Tholen 5 days ago

      Question, for those international backers that do not wish to get the series shipped upon each completion, is there an estimation on when the entire series is completed and ready to ship?

      So I have an idea of what to expect.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rick Brown 6 days ago

      That case looks really cool-but here's a dumb question-why a slipcover? In my experience the darn things are usually more trouble than they're worth. They are very easy to damage and don't provide any real protection for the case.

    7. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      I went last week to Otakuthon in Montreal and there are two Aria-related anecdotes I thought I’d share :

      They had Shiena Nishizawa as a musical guest & I (admittedly) did not know much about her besides her signing The Avvenire ED. Holy smokes, what a shock it was : she's a 5-foot tall stick of live dynamite with a booming voice and she gave one hell of a rock concert! I was totally caught off-guard. I stood in-line for her autograph session after the show and I think I was the only one with Aria merch to sign. Since we do not have any official Avvenire-related merch in hand yet, I had her sign the Disc 1 sleeve from Origination instead. Shiena & her entourage immediately popped upon seeing the DVD and, indeed, it was her only Aria-related signature. If you see her name at a nearby convention, go see her concert and you will not regret it.

      I also broke my rule of never paying for a figurine, as they’re way overpriced and what can you do with them, really? However, that rule went out the window when I saw this :

      It was the first time I ever saw any kind of Aria merch in all my years of going to Otakuthon, only cost $ 30 (CDN!) and, while I would have bought the figurine of any of the six undines, Aika stands firmly at my #1 position. What a great find that will greatly compliment the ”whole gondola” package that will eventually come our way.

    8. Nozomi Entertainment Creator 6 days ago

      @Kalin Lancaster yes. dubbing and all video work / authoring work / design work run concurrently.

      - Kris

    9. Kalin Lancaster on

      Out of curiosity. Have you been working on getting your VAs in the studio for seasons 2+3? Or have all of the VA and disk editing/proofing been focused on S1?

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on

      @grant: the #1 thing I have found with crowdfunding is if it delivers on time there's problems with delivery (Escanflowne had problems-so did my headset but I didn't experience the problems with the headset. A bonus item for Escanflowne I had replaced was also damaged) OR delays (every other KS I backed). Heck, I backed Shenmue III and it said delivery in late 2017-now it's 2019. Delays are to be expected and in this case it's making sure all material is BD compatible-they are making a new HD master from scratch as well as a dub for 3 seasons, a few OVA's, and some radio dramas. That takes time. Kickstarter delivery dates for stuff like this should be given as a estimate not a confirmed delivery date.

      Granted, I also didn't think it would take this long (I would have season 1 by May) but at least it's coming.

    11. Grant Awa on

      Originally I was supposed to get All three seasons this month. I had backed this project a year ago and I am still waiting to see the dub in its entirety. Ash returns to his roots and this time it’s not Alola. It’s getting pumped up and if it’s released next year, then let’s celebrate by watching those Blu Rays with an upcoming manga collection by Tokyopop.

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on

      @grant: Aria probably had a license renewal as a part of the KS campaign-said renewal probably occurred shortly before the campaign with an option to back out if unsuccessful. Probably not for a few years. As for getting stuff to us, season 1 should be on its way at the end of the month. Season 2 probably will be done mid month and in QC checks. I figure maybe October. Season 3 might be January due to materials. Everything but the season 1 ship date should be taken as a guesstimate (s1 might ship later but ATM I suspect end of month)

    13. Grant Awa on

      First Marimite, then the Rose of Versailles, and now Space Adventure Cobra. What is next show to be expired? At least these shows will have a new home once their time is up. Does anyone know when all three seasons and the ovas are heading to our homes?

    14. Nathan Augenstein on

      @Nozomi Thanks for the reply. I'm very excited to see the final release!

    15. Nozomi Entertainment Creator on

      Helpful link to everyone who can't remember the exact details of the slacker backer:

      @Nathan Augenstein Yes, everything that was on the original discs is on the blu-rays. The Special Thanks to the Backers has it's own place on the menus and is totally separate from the show's credits. Verification is the final stage where you test the disc itself against the blu-ray spec to make sure that every single element on the disc conforms to the current blu-ray spec. Sounds like it would be easy and a no-brainer, but there are always odd things that can pop up. Sometimes things get encoded out of spec or maybe some of the code you used simply doesn't work with the current blu-ray spec and has to be changed to ensure that it will work. It's kind of like the apps on your phone. Think of how many times your apps have to be updated because the latest OS version has altered something behind the scenes and now your app won't run properly. It's a lot like that.

      @Vincent Fabbri thanks for the link! It's great to see the love for ARIA spreading!

      - Kris

    16. Missing avatar

      David Šugár on

      @Vincent Fabbri #1 spot no less

    17. Missing avatar

      Vincent Fabbri on

      Hey guys. Watchmojo just released their top 10 list of Hidden Anime Gems, and guess which anime made the list.

    18. Nathan Augenstein on

      @Nozomi - With the season 1 Blu-ray release fast-approaching, there are a few things I am curious about.

      Will all the bonus features from the original DVDs be included on the Blu-rays?

      Is the special thanks list for backers going to be part of the show's English credits, or will it be in a separate place on the Blu-ray?

      What happens during the verification process of a Blu-ray release?

      Thanks for all your hard work!

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on

      @nozomi: sounds fair. Being optimistic, I'm going to guess that s1 will be in our hands by mid September for domestic backers based on the update and might be able to show off the first two eps by NYCC (if it ships in time).

    20. Nathan Augenstein on

      @Nozomi - That sounds like a fair plan.

    21. Missing avatar

      Vincent Fabbri on

      @Nozomi - I’m fine with that.

    22. Missing avatar

      Omoikane on

      Sounds like a good plan to me.

    23. Missing avatar

      Aaron on

      I just want this to be so profitable that Emma gets the same treatment in the future.
      Play what you want wherever you want.

    24. Kalin Lancaster on

      Also there is a frontwing Kickstarter that opened in July. It's for animating the first 2/5 grisia phantom trigger games. Looks like these will be subbed, not dubbed like this project.

    25. Kalin Lancaster on

      @ Kris. That sounds like the best option to me! I'm very much looking forward to this release!

    26. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      @ Kris - sounds more than fair to me.

    27. Nozomi Entertainment Creator on

      First, I really appreciate the support that everyone has for this series and the desire to share it with those outside the Kickstarter so quickly. It’s been amazing to see how loved the series is.

      We want to respect everyone's opinion in this matter and I think we can find a middle ground. It's true that showing off all our hard work on ARIA can be a great promotional tool for the series as well as for any potential future Kickstarter projects we might launch. However, I think that until a particular season is in our backer's hands, we will limit promotional videos to just small scenes rather than showing entire episodes. Only after you have a season in hand will we look to screening episodes of it to wider audiences.

      Since we have a scheduled hold back period between the time that you receive your sets and when the general public will be able to order them, I don’t think that using clips at this point will hinder retail sales. Once everyone has their copies, we should have sufficient time to get full episodes screened to the public to be able to support the retail sales.

      Does all of that sound like a fair way to move forward?

      - Kris

    28. Kalin Lancaster on

      @grant. Awesome! Now fans can understand how akari meets Albert Pitt one of the "mole" people who help control aqua's gravity. They never got into that story in the anime. They skipped right over Albert's introduction and made it look like the undines knew him all along. I always thought it was a bad oversite for a semi relevant character....

    29. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Cool! These are good times to be an Aria fan.

    30. Grant Awa on

      Tokyopop has returned from beyond the manga distribution grave by releasing omnibus volumes starting in 2019.

    31. Alyssa Castle on

      I agree with Brian and Vincent. The dub is the whole point of the Kickstarter so the more people who see it and want to support it the better.

    32. Missing avatar

      Vincent Fabbri on

      @Brian - Exactly.

    33. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      @ Vincent Fabbri - but the dub is the main point of interest for a lot of prospective customers, I would think. Really, there shouldn't be an issue of previewing a dubbed episode or two before backers get their sets. Previewers will get a taste first, but we'll get the whole meal first.

    34. Missing avatar

      Vincent Fabbri on

      I agree with some of you guys. Basically, I think that showing the first one or two episodes at a con would be fine. As long as the backers get their copies of the promoted season (in this case Season 1) before anyone else. (The congoers get to start the dub first. But the backers get to finish it first.)

      And also, it doesn’t have to be the dubbed episodes. It can be the subbed episodes to help promote how the series would look on Blu-Ray since that was part of the reason for the Kickstarter too, right?

    35. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      I have no problem with the preview of a few dubbed episodes at a convention or whatever. I think it's important for Nozomi to publicize the title for retail purposes. The fact that some non-backers would get to see a few dubbed episodes before I do doesn't bother me in the slightest.

    36. James Gwinnell on

      If you're talking about screening scenes or an episode at a convention, then there isn't any harm in that. However, anything more than that before backers have their copies of that particular season would be unacceptable and I imagine that sentiment would be carried by most folks on here.

    37. Missing avatar

      Rick Brown on

      I'm not against showing subbed episodes (anybody can find subbed episodes on the internet) but am against showing dubbed episodes-after all what did I pay $250 for to have it dubbed?

    38. Kalin Lancaster on


      I'm actually against the showing of any full episodes anywhere. I'm we have as backers footed the bill's upfront costs and have waited what is about 3/4 of a year now for the materials. Imo that should give us the ability to own the Blu rays prior to any one watching it streamed. I would say perhaps an arbitrary 3 month freeze on showing full episodes streaming from the time S1 is released.

      However, I have no problem with releasing the materials that are currently on Vimeo. ( Those snapshot 2 minute dub clips) as samplers for people leading up to the end of the 3 month streaming freeze.

      Alternatively nozomi, why not thow up a survey monkey like what you have done in the past and guage everyone's responses?

    39. Michael Glick on

      @Nozomi - No issues here, despite not being able to make any major conventions. I see it this way: If you show a couple episodes at a convention, a few people will see a couple episodes before I do. But, even if you do that for each season, I'll still see almost 90% of the franchise long before they can. That's plenty exclusive for me.

    40. Andrew

      @Nozomi - I would have no problem if you previewed this at a convention. Promoting your brand is important. It also supports attendance at anime conventions by giving people more of a reason to go.

    41. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on

      @nozomi: as someone who is unable to go to conventions unless held in the state of NJ (which there may be... one small convention), I'd be OK with showing it off... AFTER s1 is in the mail to backers. IMO, KS backers should at LEAST have their copies in the mail to them before any footage is shown at a convention. Barring that, have the first season for backers to watch behind a password when you show the first few episodes at Otakon. If concerned about backer opinions with screening, put up a survey. Majority wins. If majority says yes but the season 1 discs are in final QC still, put up the first season for watching dubbed locked behind a password with said password posted in a backer update. Doing that would probably get more backers to say yes to showing off the first 1-3 episodes at a convention.

      @vincent: interested is one thing. Telling people at the convention "you have to wait a few months to buy this as we have a holdback in favor of kickstarter backers, who funded this dub, and season 2's and season 3's, and the radio drama dubs" may actually turn people off buying the blu-rays.

    42. Nozomi Entertainment Creator on

      @BluePikmin11 The shirt dimensions are in this update:

      @Vincent Fabbri This is something that has been on our minds. While we could do this because we would love to show off everyone's hard work, the question becomes how the majority of the backers feel about doing this. Are a majority of backers okay with others to see the dub version before they can? It's the major reason we've been holding off screening episodes anywhere.

      - Kris

    43. Missing avatar

      Vincent Fabbri on

      @Nozomi - Would it be possible to have the first couple or so episodes of the Season 1 dub previewed at an upcoming convention like Otakon? Or would that be too soon? Just thought it might help get more people interested in the official release.

    44. BluePikmin11 on

      Extremely late question, but are there any exact measurements and material specifications for the Aria T-Shirt? I might have to change sizes depending on the situation. It is fine if I cannot change it though.

    45. Nozomi Entertainment Creator on

      @Iluvatar Clarification: international backers orders ship when complete. So if you only ordered for season 1, then order should ship with the shipment of season 1. If you ordered season 2, part 1, then it would ship with season 2 part 1, etc... We certainly wouldn't make you wait until season 3 if you only ordered season 1!

      @Fudce We're currently looking into whether it might be possible to split the shipments, but we know it will incur an extra cost for international backers to do so. How much? It will depend on what all you ordered (aka what tier you're on) and where you are located. It's probably something that we'll have to do on a case by case basis. We'll work out details and have more information as we get closer to having a shipping date for season 1.

      - Kris

    46. Missing avatar

      Fudce on

      @Nozomi Can international buyers elect to pay extra shipping to get our order shipped as released rather than waiting until 2019 or whenever Avvenire gets released? I understand the want to make shipping cheaper, but please at least give us the option.

    47. Missing avatar

      Omoikane on


    48. Missing avatar

      Iluvatar on

      For the international backer who only get the "100$ Prima reward" wich mean only season one will they also need to wait 2019 to get their order?
      If yes, why?

    49. Nozomi Entertainment Creator on

      Sorry everyone! It was busy between the holiday and Anime Expo for us! Let's see if I can answer some questions:

      @Batch o' Graces international orders will have all items shipped together at the end of the project.

      @Kalin Lancaster Yes. Those are all true. We are not currently planning a LE for Please Teacher/Twins. We are currently planning a LE for Tylor.

      @Nathan Augenstein S1 dubbing has finished and we are currently working on Blu-ray authoring/QC which will take awhile. We don't want something messed up on the last step!

      @Daniel Savoy The plan is to lock at least the s1 slacker backer off as we get closer to shipping date (which we don't have yet as we're still working on the s1 blu-ray). The plan is to keep s2+ slacker backer open until we near those shipment dates . The reason for the lockdown is that we are only producing these one time with the replication plant (people who make the physical discs) and so once we tell them how many to make, that's it.

      @Joseph Rach if you end up moving, please contact so they can update your shipping address.

      @Omoikane lithographs will ship with s1 for domestic orders. Shipments for international customers will be shipped together at the completion of the final set.

      Now back to QCing set 1!

    50. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on

      @kalin: this is what nozomi said in a update earlier: "as we get closer to shipping season 1, we'll be closing down the slacker backer for s1. s2-3 and the book will remain open for awhile after that." THAT is why I asked the question. That quote is directly from their post

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