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'Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction' is a take-home exhibit & anthology by the Museum of Science Fiction.
'Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction' is a take-home exhibit & anthology by the Museum of Science Fiction.
'Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction' is a take-home exhibit & anthology by the Museum of Science Fiction.
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    1. Dawn McMorrow on

      I realize that I've never received my book. how can we fix that?

    2. Museum of Science Fiction Creator on

      Quick correction to our previous comment: We announced that pins and books would ship separately to US-based backers in our January 21st update (not the one from January 29th).

    3. Museum of Science Fiction Creator on

      @David: We'll respond to you privately, seems like you received a misprint.
      @Angela: Please check your private Kickstarter messages - we sent out a link to the ebook to backers in November 2017 via Kickstarter's direct messages. If you don't see it, contact us at journal(at) and we'll re-send the link in response to your email.
      @ Karth and Linda: Per our January 29th update, books and pins were shipped to US-based backers separately (shipping costs worked out to be significantly cheaper that way). We'll message you with the tracking number for your pin privately.

    4. Linda Pierce on

      I got my book today....5 months late. And I also did not receive my pin. I am not surprised by this. Of you ever choose to sponsor a kickstarter again, hire someone who has experience in them. I would suggest Zombies Need Brains or E-Spec books. Both has sponsored successful kickstarters and gotten everything out on time or early. They both have excellent editors also and many, many contacts in the writing world of science fiction and fantasy. But, unless it is very clear who the publisher and editors are, I will pass any future kickstarter, hope you make the amount needed, and buy it off Amazon.

    5. Karth

      I got my book! But alas no pin!

    6. Missing avatar

      Angela Flunker on

      Will backers be receiving the e-book soon as well?

    7. David South on

      I got my copy in the mail today! Looks interesting, can't wait to read it. One kinda big thing though is that the first 5 pages or so with text on them are clearly slanted about 15 degrees. This includes the title page, the introduction and the Table of Contents, and quite frankly looks very unprofessional. The 'Catalysts' page is the first one that is properly aligned, and thankfully as far as I can tell all the pages after that are fine. I thought you all would want to know. Is anyone else's copy like this?

    8. Linda Pierce on

      Since you are asking for shipping addresses AGAIN, I am assuming, yes I do know what happens when you assume, that the shipping date is near. When is it going to be?

    9. Museum of Science Fiction Creator on

      In response to some inquiries we have received about the Amazon listing for 'Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction’, we would like to clarify that the only edition of ‘Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers’ available on Amazon at this time is the Kindle e-book version of the anthology.

      The Museum of Science Fiction will not make physical copies (hardback or paperback) available for general purchase until after we have mailed out all backer rewards.

    10. Linda Pierce on

      This is the poorest run kickstarter I have ever been part of. I will never back another one run by the museum. I am not particularly happy to see that you were allowing orders on Amazon they they would get at the same time as those of us that paid into the kickstarter. I am less than happy that it appears you are running at least 5 months behind. The museum needed to hire someone who understands the publishing world and kickstarters to run this. If you ever decide to do this again, ask me. I know a number of small press people that have run big kickstarters successfully. I have even gotten the books early on a couple of them.
      This is too bad. I was looking forward to the book in maybe January of the next year.

    11. Stacey K on

      Anyone have information on what's happening with this?

    12. David South on

      Is everything on track for August delivery, like it was said in the Kickstarter?

    13. Stacey K on

      Just wondering how things are going with the book because I haven't heard anything in a while. Hows it going book people?

    14. Missing avatar


      QQ: are we going to get an email of when it is shipped to us? with a tracking number if possible.

    15. Missing avatar

      Aryn on

      How do we update our shipping address with you all if we've moved?

    16. Museum of Science Fiction Creator on

      The items within the reward tiers do not count as add-on items. For example, if you backed the Giver tier, you would NOT need to pay an extra money for your extra print copy of the anthology because that is already factored into the tier pricing.

    17. Missing avatar


      Are the items in the rewards levels the add ons or not?
      The reason I ask is cause in the survey it asks me if I ordered any add ons.
      And I don't know if this project has a backer kit survey or not.

      So, I can't complete it unless I know for sure.

    18. David South on

      So what kind of Stretch Goals are we looking at? Awesome illustrations? New stories? Republishing of great, old, iconic stories?

    19. Tasha Turner

      What a great idea.