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A "Proof of Life" photo of a 2 year old toddler and a message - President, "Calderon if you have a sense of shame, you should resign."

A "Proof of Life" photo of a 2 year old toddler and a message - President, "Calderon if you have a sense of shame, you should resign." Read More
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Michael J McNulty
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Michael J McNulty

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Thank you, one and all Backers, for your support. Please see my final message

under "update # 12. This will be our last entry. God Bless!

Our film's story - The long and the short of it as one simple question:

Why would the Attorney General of the United States...

Give our money...

And assault weapons like these...

To Mexican cartel gang members like these...

All in the name of the American people’s government?

We would like to know the answer to that question, wouldn't you?

"Blood on their Hands," Is a documentary answer to this question.

Why a feature length documentary…
Why a goal of $398,500?

This is not a small story. It requires a large telling. In other words, it could not be told in thirty minutes. Because of its complexity this story will require an hour and three quarters, and it must be told fairly for all involved.
When Robert Di Niro introduced our first Documentary film, “Waco- The Rules of Engagement,” at the Oscars in 1997, he compared documentary film making to jumping out of an airplane with a parachute – sky diving. ‘You think you have a good idea of where you’re going with the story and then in the process you land somewhere else entirely!’
That is documentary film making.
There is another reason for a one and three quarter’s hour presentation. Theaters generally don’t run short documentaries. You have to “Four Wall” or rent the theater…’buy’ the room for a given number of showings. This type of presentation to the public is where “Buzz” about a story is created. And “Buzz” will be essential in promoting the telling of this story to a broad audience.
Why am I telling you all this?
Because, as the “backers of the film,” you need to know where we are planning to take this project. And, even more importantly, the “how” of our planning to reach our goal of National recognition of this issue as a real problem. “Fast and Furious” and its horrendous fallout must be resolved by all of the People, not just a small committee of four or five “experts.” This is a problem that affects our entire country and our countries reputation in the world. This issue has changed our standing amongst the Nations of the world and the outcome is not good. You have the opportunity to help present this to the Nation and revitalize our reputation amongst the peoples of the world. The exposure of this film will be the solution to the problem of getting the story in front of the American Public.
So, we need a large platform to present the problem and encourage the People of this country to do what they see fit to do about resolving this travesty called “Operation Fast and Furious.” There by- we need a large platform that can only be attained through a feature length documentary of real substance. Not unlike “Waco- The Rules of Engagement” or one of the popular Michael Moore films…it will need to play in theaters to create enough attention to carry it into the television market and then into the DVD home theater market to create a lasting and powerful enough impression to move a large number of persons to take action on the subject.
Historically this has cost some rather large dollars. The budget for the last two feature length films COPS Productions has done were $1.5 and $1.3 million dollars each, respectively.
I am happy to report that with the development of new camera’s, and editing equipment and the advancement of the High Definition medium, the costs of making a feature film production has dropped dramatically! By reducing production fees even further and the new technology COPS Productions can now produce a feature length film in High Definition for less than 27% of the cost of the earlier films we’ve done!
That said, $398,500 compared to $1.5 million, while a huge savings, is still a substantial figure to be raised on a public support platform. In doing so we may even establish some kind of record! We do hope to raise more than our goal. We’ll need the money to promote the finished product, but first things first – we have to make the film! It should also be kept in mind that a small portion of that figure goes to the folks who operate the Kickstarter platform and its funding mechanism – a wonderfully small price to pay for a great service!
And while we’re at it, I can’t say enough good things about the Kickstarter folks and the concept. It frees up the film Maker to focus entirely on his vision for the portrayal of the story - Freedom in the film business is truly spelled Kickstarter! And the people at Kickstarter are always helpful in getting your project tuned just right so it will have the best chance of succeeding and that’s what really counts! Thank You Kickstarter!
We believe in this project and have abiding faith in our current supporters from previous projects and the good faith and common purpose this project will inspire amongst new supporters.
We will be running this effort for just thirty days. Our message will be “Fast and Furious” in its content and delivery, so we will need all of your help on every blog and Talk Radio show we can climb into. Those of you who choose to be Citizen Journalists and become part of this project, will be the ones to make it happen! Come, join the COPS Production Team!

Become a COPS Citizen Journalist, sign up now and see that this story is investigated and the whole story is told. 
Thank you for your time and support.
Mike McNulty
And the COPS Productions Staff

Rewards !!!

Please take careful note, ( see right hand column), of all the great rewards we have in store for our supporters and make a commitment to the truth today. We appreciate any and all of your support.

Who we are…

Just who are COPS Productions ( ) and Mike McNulty and David Hardy? COPS or Citizens Organization for Public Safety, was established on Jan. 19, 1989 as a citizen journalist organization to respond to some gross miss-information about a tragic school shooting near Stockton California. As usual, a group of politicians were very busy covering up the fact that the state system for caring for the mentally ill had failed to help one of its clients who wound up going off his medications and off the ‘deep end’ and killing a large number of innocent school children and their teachers. As a result, the politicians insisted on punishing the wrong people for this poor soul’s misdeeds and more useless law was passed to make the politicians feel like they had solved a problem that didn’t exist. A lot of that going around these days
COPS was involved in a number of other social issues, like Workers compensation fraud, staged auto accidents and state Workers compensation reform legislation and the NEST programs for Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams – citizens trained in first responder skills to serve their communities in the event of a Wild Fire or Earthquakes and similar emergencies until regular First responders could arrive on scene.
An important moment in our history…
In February of 1993 the longest running gun battle in Federal Law enforcement history took place near Waco, Texas, between elements of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms and a group of religionists called the Branch Davidians in a dispute over a $200 tax the Davidians had failed to pay to the Treasury Department. The biproduct of that ‘little’ tax collecting encounter was four dead and, twenty-one wounded ATF agents, and six dead and four wounded Davidians with dozens of families torn apart and still no $200 tax collected.
The FBI got involved with the death of the Federal agents and a fifty-one day stand-off ensued, culminating with another shoot out - the demolition of the Davidians home with tanks, while they were inside, and the burning and shooting deaths of another eighty or so Davidians including twenty-seven children.
COPS Productions was formed and three documentary films were produced about the results of the COPS investigation. The films garnered an Oscar nomination and a National Emmy for best Investigative Journalism in the course of a run on HBO and several additional awards in the course of several Film Festival runs.
Mike McNulty has been the Director of COPS/COPS Productions since its inception and has conducted investigations on such well known incidents as the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the 9-11 tragedy. He has produced three documentary films and won the IDA film of the year award., an Oscar nomination and a National Emmy.
David Hardy is a practicing attorney and has successfully handled cases before the Supreme Court of the United States. He is the author of several law journal articles, two of them cited by the Supreme Court, and a book on the Waco tragedy. He has been a colleague and member of COPS from its inception.

Rewards- don't forget to take a look!

Be a part of making this documentary film…“Blood on their Hands.”  Please take careful note of all the great rewards we have in store for our supporters and make a commitment to the truth today. We appreciate any and all of your support.

For further information about COPS Productions and our history of excellence in film making please go to .


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