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RFduino: A finger-tip sized, Arduino compatible, wireless enabled microcontroller, low cost enough to leave in all of your projects!
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ALL RFduino Backer Reward Levels Have Shipped to ShipWire Fulfillment Center

Posted by Open Source RF (Creator)

Dear RFduino Backers,

We now have confirmation that the last box of Backer rewards has been picked up by UPS and on the way to ShipWire fulfillment center.

This includes ALL pledge levels including, a la carte and also pre-loaded sketches.

What comes next:

For those who have not yet received an email from ShipWire saying your shipment is on the way by USPS, you will be receiving one.

It will take ShipWire fulfillment center a couple days to ship the individual shipments to you.

Once they ship, within one day you will receive an email from them saying your package has shipped.

If by this time next week you have not received any email from ShipWire, please let us know.

We will be checking in with them daily to find out when the last package has left their dock and one day later we will do another update, as by then everyone should have gotten their emails.

So the shipments are all out of our warehouse and it's with ShipWire now to do the individual shipments.

The RFduino official forum has launched last week, here is the link:

The source code has been published on GitHub, here is the link:

We will be answering questions through the RFduino forum from this point forward.

Here is where to find the getting started guide

We're always here to support you. This is just the start! Looking forward to hearing from you in the RFduino forum.

We will be working hard and fast on more documentation and videos, looking forward to posting them in the forum soon.

Thank you for allowing us the time needed to produce a set of quality products.

Thank you and very best regards,


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    1. Bruce Mackintosh on

      No email from shipwire for me either- what's going on?

    2. CK on

      I still haven't received it. What happened?

    3. Nadim Gharios on

      Still no email from ShipWire!

    4. Dean Wilson on

      Still no comms from Shipwire :-( What's the skinny?

    5. marzsman on

      YAAAY Just got my email!

    6. Celso Melero on

      Still no email from ShipWire

    7. marzsman on

      Still no email from ShipWire

    8. Wing Wong on

      I got mine and have been testing it. Awesome.

      Btw, if I want to get the SMT module only, without the breakout board mount, is this the right part to order and does it come ready to be loaded with an arduino sketch?

      I noticed that the module number on my RFduino shows RFD22301. What's the difference between the RFduinos with RFD22301 modules and RFD51822 modules?

      Thanks, would love to start integrating the submodule into some of my projects, since it's so small! Just want to make sure that the modules listed at that link above are the right ones and can take an arduino sketch out of the box.


    9. Missing avatar

      Ahmed Bayazid on

      Its almost two weeks now since this update and still no email from ShipWire

    10. Tim Shepherd on

      Still don't have mine - no email from the fulfilment people either...

    11. Luis E Alvarado on

      Just got mine, it was worth the wait!! I love the quality of the shields and it goes to show that with patience comes rewards. Thanks again! I will be ordering more shields via your website once I get my projects going!

    12. Missing avatar

      MissingHandle on

      I also got mine - Congratulations!

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Raymond Smith on

      Just some feedback to confirm my shipment from ShipWire reached the UK without probems. Received shipwire email and package arrived two days ealier than expected. Packaging survived very well. Many thanks and good luck with the project for the future.

    14. X to the M on

      I got mine!! Thanks guys :) Now to play with it...

    15. Missing avatar

      Jordi Parra on

      Congratulations! You guys have done an awesome job communicating what was going on and getting all the rewards manufactured and sent. I'm super amazed at how smooth everything was. You guys were incredibly fast compared to other kickstarters. You'd feel proud! ;)