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RFduino: A finger-tip sized, Arduino compatible, wireless enabled microcontroller, low cost enough to leave in all of your projects!
3,579 backers pledged $352,700 to help bring this project to life.

Please provide feedback :)

Posted by Open Source RF (Creator)

Dear Backers,

Thank you for all the great feedback you have been providing to us via email and private messages.  We have worked really hard for right about a year with building the best possible product for you, with a primary focus on quality and attention to detail.

You have made us feel really great with letting us know how much you liked the RFduino with all the work we put into every aspect we could think about.

Only if you have time,  may I please ask for you to provide some feedback for other Backers on the main Comments page on our KickStarter project as that will help those who have not yet received their rewards feel confident that other Backers have received their rewards and were happy with what they saw in the box. :)

We know we need to post more documentation and we are working fast on providing more of it and also doing many application videos.

We will be posting the link to our forum this coming week.

Our plan is to be done with all shipments to all Backers in one week.

Again, thank you to all of our Backers for allowing us the time that was required to produce and deliver a quality product you.

Thank you so much for being a Backer of the RFduino project.

Very Best Regards,


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    1. Wing Wong on

      Nice! I just got my shipment. Took a while, but it arrived today. Nice packaging!

    2. Billy McDermott on

      I am in the same group of people whom have not received any shipping notices. Is there an update as to when we should expect the email? As it is, this is supposed to be the final shipping week, and I pledged at a rather high level.

    3. Missing avatar

      Huy Do on

      It's Thursday and I have not seen any emails regarding the shipping confirmation.

    4. Open Source RF 2-time creator on

      Dear RFduino Backers,

      The RFduino official forum has been launched, here is the link:

      The source code has been published on GitHub, here is the link:

      We will be answering questions through the RFduino forum from this point forward.

      Looking forward to speaking with you there.

      We are in the last week of final packaging, which will complete the shipment of over 25,000 products to 3,500 Kickstarter Backers.

      We will be posting in the RFduino Forum once the last shipment has left the ShipWire fulfillment center.

      Thank you and very best regards,


    5. Loren Ristola on

      I also have not been contacted regarding shipping address or shipping confirmation.

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin Mueller on

      I have not yet been contacted for my shipping address? When will that happen?

    7. Missing avatar

      Bentley Born on

      Looking forward to the launch of the forum. The best measure of an open source project is its community.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alla kuzmina on

      Thank you
      Today received my RFDuino and USB, looks VERY good.

    9. Missing avatar

      Markus Hi on

      I have not received any shipping confirmation as well. Could you look into this please?

    10. Missing avatar

      Bruce Ratoff on

      Would love to be able to comment favorably but I have not yet received anything.

      Is it possible to give us regular updates on what fraction of the backlog remains? At this point, that would be a more meaningful measure of your progress.

    11. David G. Simmons on

      I keep getting all these 'updates' about how you're shipping to backers, and now you say you're almost done, but I've yet to actually receive anything. I even pledged at one of the higher levels, but still nothing.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jorge Amodio on

      I'll gladly provide feedback if I ever get the stuff :-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Rafael Sagula on

      I'm disappointed. I thought this project was going to deliver a nice "open-source hardware" design around the nordic chip, and instead it seems to be just a self-promoting scam around Armen's closed-source RF module (which uses the nordic chip, but it's all closed up.) Armen, please explain yourself. This is shameful.

    14. Missing avatar

      Juan C Peláez on

      I backed at the $399 level and have yet to receive my package. Just give me an idea when I will be getting it. Thanks.

    15. David Bell on

      Oh - one glitch in the email blast: The main URL is not RFdiuno!!

    16. David Bell on

      On Friday morning (11/1), I finally got around to reading the software download email and followed the instructions some others seem to have missed. Installs went smoothly except when I initially ignored the suggestion to install to C:\ rather than to the default, under Program Files (Win7.) Pay attention, folks!
      Friday afternoon, my boards ($39) arrived to my surprise! Installed iPhone apps and fired up - everything worked out of the box! Excellent work, guys!

    17. Steve Baker on

      @ibyte: Although I didn't see any software on the website, looking back through my email, I now see that I got an email on October 31st, subject "RFduino" that has links to the PDF documentation. It said:

      "Look at this document first:
      The link to the RFduino library is on the 2nd page of this pdf.

      If you have the $39 Backer reward, then read this second:

      If you have the $49 RGB Backer reward, then read this second:

      And in that first PDF, it says that the software is at

      So, my apologies for the mis-information...the software is there, it's just not obvious how to get to it from the site.

      As for other people who are being impatient to get their stuff...this is a Kickstarter - remember that you're instrumental in starting up a new project/product-line/business and not just buying something like you would from Amazon or eBay. There are many risks in starting something this new - and it's very, VERY common for Kickstarters to be late in delivering rewards...of the couple of dozen that I've backed, I think maybe two delivered on time.

      Notice also that the project owner only needed to get around $5,000 worth of orders - and ended up with over a third of a million dollars worth - such a dramatic change of scale requires a major turn-around in how things are produced and shipped.

      Sure, when your rewards are six months late, you should start to be concerned - but three months late is par for the course and there are many projects that finally shipped their last reward over a year late. The time to worry is when NOBODY is getting any rewards and when the project owner is unresponsive. That's not the case here.

      I think this project has gone extremely well - the rewards turned out really very good (they exceeded my expectations) and just a little more patience is needed.

    18. Missing avatar

      ibyte on

      HI Armen, I understand the pledges with preloaded sketches are being shipped last. May we have a link to the software/documentation while we wait for out delivery please?

    19. Charlie on

      I too have not received my reward at the $69 level and I only live 30 miles away from Hermosa Beach. I've yet to receive anything from "Microprocessor about the cost and size of a pack of gum" either and that funded in March. Anyone else back that one too?

      It seems like a feedback request should have waited for at least 80% or more of the backers to have received their rewards. Mostly what I see here are complaints about not having anything yet.

      Once I get my rewards, I do hope Android support will be around the corner. I don't own an Apple anything. The comment left by Graham Toal scares me a bit too.

    20. Missing avatar

      B94Cast on

      I've received nothing, no status other than these emails saying how great everything is almost done shipping... Yet no contact, no product, no anything, and here you are asking for comments? Well, I guess my comment is - ship me something.

    21. Steve Baker on

      My reward arrived yesterday (Texas, USA) - everything was there. The packaging is "store-quality" - personally, I think it's a bit excessive for a Kickstarter - I'd rather have had some extra goodies or a lower pledge price - but that's OK. The parts seem well made. I haven't had time to download the software and start playing with the beast - I'm looking forward to it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Kourany on

      No email, no package yet at the $139 level plus extras going to Canada. We have schematics, beautiful PCB layouts and pictures but nothing to actually do any coding. I can't even prepare ahead of receiving my package. Help me Armen, I've fallen and I can't get up!

    23. Missing avatar

      Steve Harper on

      I have not received anything as well at the $79.00 level and no notification of shipping info

    24. Bart Blommaerts on

      i'd love to give you feedback Armen, but haven't received any package or email that it has been sent...

    25. niels v/d Spek on

      Me has also noting received as well.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      What shipping method you are using for Europe?

    27. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      What shipping method you are using for Europe?

    28. Bob Puckett on

      Got my $219 reward today - in a box that I thought probably had a basketball in it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bill Skeen on

      I backed at $219 level, still nothing either. URL above is wrong.

    30. Bill R Pedler

      You typed the URL incorrectly.

    31. Missing avatar

      brianm on

      I'm in the same state as Pete Vrgas Mas - I have received nothing yet.

    32. Graham Toal on

      Armen, you can't ask us to leave feedback when the *only* content on the web site under how to use the RFDuino is "coming soon". The second I get the RFDuino talking to any other piece of equipment over Bluetooth, I'll be happy to write a glowing endorsement. But until then it's a (very light) paperweight, albeit beautifully packaged, that's been sitting on my desk for weeks because you haven't posted a single step in how to use it. That info could have been online from the day you made your first prototype. We think we love the product and we all want to use it but you haven't told us how.

    33. fmotta on

      So far I have received the box that would hold 2-12 pound turkeys that contained a lot of paper, and a package about the size of an oversized text book. Since I do not have any iclones and nothing I can use with BLE on it yet I have not had the chance to do much with it.

    34. Pete Vargas Mas on

      I haven't received anything yet. Should I have?