Shrunk down an Arduino to the size of a finger-tip!

by Open Source RF

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    1. Missing avatar

      Vincent Skerved on

      Hi. I am at the $39 level and I have not received any shipment confirmation or any other mail regarding my pledge. Could you please confirm that my package is on the way?

    2. Paul Stoffregen on

      I'm a $39 backer. So far, no email, nothing arrived. Any chance you could check on my shipment?

      No hurry. I'm not impatient, just want to make sure mine didn't somehow fall through the cracks?

    3. Open Source RF 2-time creator on

      Hi Paul, Vincent,

      We are still in the process of shipping the $39 and $49 reward levels, we have not finished shipping all of them, if you have not gotten an email yet, it means you have not yet shipped. There will be 2 emails you will get, there is little chance of anything falling in between the cracks. We are spending a lot of time to make sure everyone is taken care of.

      We have had many people that did not provide a full address so we have been in heavy dialog with hundreds of backers to confirm information and it's been taking a lot of time, so we are very much on it and you can count on us not missing anyone.

      Thanks for hanging in there with us, I think you will really like your RFduinos.

      Best Regards,

    4. Missing avatar

      Rince on

      Hmm, I don't see any pictures in the Update - shouldn't there be some?

    5. Karan Checker on


      I'm not sure if the $19 shipments have been sent already. Could you please clarify?


    6. Ben Bishop on

      @Karan Checker - No, the $19 rewards "RFduino (with preloaded sketch)" have not been sent yet.
      From the update above: "The only ones which have not yet started to ship are the 4 levels with pre-loaded sketches and the pledge levels with A La Carte items, they will go into packaging and start to ship next week.")

      So, hopefully soon!

    7. Paul Stoffregen on

      Oh, opps. I misread "the $39 and $49 had already been shipping" to mean mine must have shipped by now. No worries, I'm not in a hurry.

    8. Alistair Walsh on

      Keep up the good work! Your attention to detail and pursuit of quality is admirable, time is just time. When I receive what you have created I will set myself the goal of making something with the same dedication to quality.