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RFduino: A finger-tip sized, Arduino compatible, wireless enabled microcontroller, low cost enough to leave in all of your projects!
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Backer Reward Level Shipping Sequence

Posted by Open Source RF (Creator)

Dear Backers,

First, for those Backers who have received their shipments, thank you all for all the great feedback you have been providing to us with you using your RFduinos and please keep them coming.  We have made several updates to the document instructions already as a result of your feedback, so keep it coming please.

For those who have received their RFduinos and also received the email with the documents, to get the latest documents simply go to the same link and download it again. 

Thank you all for respecting the controlled release of the documents and files we are doing to help us keep everything in order while it is distributed to all Backers.

We would please ask if you have questions, feel free to email us at so we can help you right away and track the support email.  It's a bit tough to make sure you were answered by messaging your questions to us on Kickstarter.

Please email all questions to

We know you have all been waiting to find out when your specific rewards will be shipping, so here is some info to help explain where we are at currently.

Since the RFduino consists of a family of items which form kits, that is equivalent to producing 11 different products at the same time, not just one product.  Therefore its not a matter of quantity being ready, its a matter of quantity of different part numbers being ready at the same time to form kits, this is why those with larger kits were waiting on all parts to be ready for their kits to be formed so they can ship complete.

In the meanwhile we were shipping what was ready first which were the $39 and $49 reward levels and are still shipping them through next week.

We were at the factory just yesterday and there are thousands of RFduinos and shields on at least 10 stations with many people working hard to solder headers and perform testing.

We were planning on shipping select pledge levels next, but as it looks we should start to ship all pledge levels which did not have A La Carte next.  The target is about 1500 backers to have their rewards shipped mid next week and and a similar quantity the following week as we start into the reward levels with A La Carte.  As A La Carte needs a lot of special attention to make sure its all right on the way out the door.

You will receive two separate emails when your kit ships, one from ShipWire fulfillment and the other one directly from us with the instructions, source, examples, apps etc.

We're quite close now to getting All Backer rewards shipped! :)
Looking like the last few will go out near the end of the month, with the largest bulk next week and the following week.

Here is a pic from the factory showing one of the last boards which we were waiting to be completed and now they are off the machine and in hand soldering, so it will be exciting next week watching so many boxes go out the door.

We have also added more automated testers as we are already testing by the thousands of parts per day using many stations.

I will post an update to you from the factory next week when we watch the boxes go out the door to the fulfillment shipping center.

We have worked super hard to make the best product possible for you, thank you for hanging in there and waiting the extra time we needed to produce something we are proud of.

Thank you all and have a great weekend!

Best Regards,

Please email all questions to

We are always here to support you.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Bentley Born on

      "Thank you all for respecting the controlled release of the documents and files we are doing to help us keep everything in order while it is distributed to all Backers."

      What is all the secrecy about? Where is the open forum of people using the board, sharing tips and troubleshooting? Supposedly hundreds of the 3500 have already received their boards. Where is the RFDuino community?

    2. Wing Wong on

      Thanks for the update. Sounds like I should be getting a notification sometime next week then.

    3. Joseph Colvin on

      Would you be willing it upload the designs of the automated testing boards that you have showen us... ?