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Issue six is the latest installment in a comedy-action comic about the bizarre exploits of warring groups of secret societies
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Ringtail Cafe

26 backers pledged $3,086 to help bring this project to life.

Status update!

Hey folks, apologies that it was a week or two between the updates there. We have had 3 conventions, back to back to back over the last 3 weekends so that's made it hard to keep everyone in the loop, something I'd like to rectify right this second!

As of now, all of the pages of issue 6 are completely inked! Almost half of the pages have been colored, and a third of the pages have been lettered!

With us keeping at this pace, we are well on track for getting the issues done in time for AC! And it's all thanks to your help!

Those of you who will be receiving custom art and items based on your donations, can of course check out our status page to see how the progress is coming along on each of those things!

In fact the first of our life size commissions has been completed and is being printed as we speak, so we're very eager to get to show that off and get everyone excited for their own goodies!