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Issue six is the latest installment in a comedy-action comic about the bizarre exploits of warring groups of secret societies
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Ringtail Cafe

26 backers pledged $3,086 to help bring this project to life.

We've Reached Our Goal, but wait: There's more!

We've passed our goal and that is awesome news.  Thanks to everyone who's backed us so far.  We're still taking backers for everyone who wants the rewards, but since we've now passed our goal, we've added in a bit of a bonus. 

When we first threw around the Issue 6 concept, I did several pieces of artwork for it before we hired our awesome new team to work on the book.  Well, most of that art has never been seen by anyone or posted anywhere and we'd like to offer one of them as a special "Thank you" to everyone who's helped our Kickstarter become successful.  

This highly limited edition print is one of the original cover concept designs for RTC 6 and features all of the main cast members from this issue and we're sending it to everyone who has donated $25 or more toward meeting our goal.

For everyone who has donated less than $25, the reason it's not an automatic offer for that price is because of elevated shipping costs for mailing a print in a protective case.  But everyone who has donated will get a large digital version of the print that they can view and enjoy.

Thanks to all of you for participating in this Kickstarter!  We'll be keeping you updated!