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SEQUENT - The world's first self-charging smartwatch
SEQUENT - The world's first self-charging smartwatch
3,981 backers pledged CHF 1,043,330 to help bring this project to life.

Current activities and development

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello guys, 

it's time to share our current activities with you and to outline the timeline, so here we are with some fresh news. 

We have been receiving the returned watches and carefully inspecting the issues reported by you. Our priority for next week is to get the defective watches fixed and returned to their owners.

The whole last month we have been carefully investigating your feedback on the HW issues.

In terms of breaking glass, we have found the underlying issue is a slight defect on the gaskets. We have checked with our vendor and only a small percentage of gaskets should be defective. This week we have started a thorough QC to identify the good and bad gaskets in our inventory.

For the current batch of watches dispatched to you, we are sure that by now everyone with the defective gasket has already experienced the glass break. But still, just in case, we would like to ask you to check your watch glass. If you see a crack or anything that seems unusual to you, please let us know immediately. 

In case your glass is not broken or damaged now, it means that your gasket is 100% sound and you do not need to worry, your glass is safe.

We believe we can finish rechecking all our inventory next week or the week after.

We should have less than 5 - 10% of defective gaskets so once we are done with the inventory check, we will be able to resume the assembly and order additional gaskets without any influence to the overall schedule. It seems the assembly should be resumed in 2 - 3 weeks from now. 

We are happy to say that all the other flaws reported by you are solved already! (if you wish, you can check the previous update for more details).

As promised, we are also continuously improving and updating both mobile application and watch firmware. All updates are moving forward as planned, first application update has already been released to the stores, firmware update is also available - in the mobile application for Over The Air update. 

We are well aware that everyone is excited to wear the watch on your wrists. So we would like to take this opportunity and thank you all for your patience, we greatly appreciate that!

Thank you all,

Sequent team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dariusz Lech about 1 hour ago

      Can you please provide with firm shipment data? Takes so long nad you do behave profesional

    2. Ian Thomas Hardin about 8 hours ago

      i'm still cautiously optimistic, but not holding my breath.

    3. Missing avatar

      Yasin about 23 hours ago

      Still no watch. SCAM

    4. Jon651 1 day ago

      @Shoaib Akram Chaudhary - Sorry but No, I have not yet received my watch. The one mistake a lot of people make is to compare KickStarter to an online store. No, you did not purchase a Sequent watch. What you did was provide financial support to a new company with an idea/concept and the watch is a thank-you gift for doing so. PLEASE go back and read the KS Terms of Use that you agreed to when you signed up to use this site. Sure an attorney will be more than happy to represent you in any legal action you take (even if you didn't realize what you got involved in) - but the only ones who will win in the end are the lawyers. Sequent is by far not the first to suffer delays in their project, but they are still in the game and I have good hope that they will prevail in the end. Since this is not Amazon, I know better than to expect on 2-day Prime Delivery and a full satisfaction guarantee. I suggest that you go do some reading and work harder on managing your expectations.

    5. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator 3 days ago

      Hello guys, please see our feedback:
      - As announced in the past already, we have delivered 500 watches (Steel Blue Edition) to our backers.
      - Shipping in an online shop cannot be compared to pledge on Kickstarter. Here you are supporting a new idea, not buying an existing product. At the same time we know that we have responsible to our backers and that we need to deliver you watches. And we will.
      - After Steel Blue, Steel Black is next.
      - Very often you keep asking about when you can get the watch. As mentioned by Jon651 (thank you for that), please follow our updates, the most recent info is there and soon we will post more.
      - Currently we have started the test assembly of 100 watches and will QC them thoroughly after it's done. We believe to start the assembly on May 1st.
      - we are sorry for a longer response time, we are receiving hundreds of messages and with our main focus to the production, we cannot answer everyone immediately.

    6. Jon651 4 days ago

      This must be some sort of mass break with reality. If many of the folks here would actually READ the updates before they comment then they would know:

      1. Sequent had a production and shipping break to investigate some quality control issues; and
      2. When they resume production after they do their QC checks, they will to continue to produce and ship watches based on style/color and NOT backer number - as they always have.

      I don't care, and somehow even I could figure that out. It seems that basic reading comprehension has been bred out of the gene pool on this planet.

    7. Missing avatar

      LEE 5 days ago

      Where is my watch?

      A delivery estimate by backer number would be an act of good faith given the multiple delays in this initiative.

    8. Missing avatar

      LEE 5 days ago

      A delivery estimate by backer number would be an excellent gesture of good faith for those here who have committed to helping you, the Sequent team, in your efforts to bring your idea to reality...

    9. Missing avatar

      Dillon Kok 5 days ago

      When am I going to receive mine?

    10. Missing avatar

      Dillon Kok 5 days ago

      When am I going to receive mine!?!?!

    11. Missing avatar

      Steve Howarth on

      Where does this leave the people who are yet to receive their watches?
      The lack of clear communications on a purchase made over 2 years ago is pretty poor.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Wannagat on

      Hi, ich habe leider meine Sequent Watch auch noch nicht erhalten ich würde wirklich gerne wissen wann sie ausgeliefert wird es ist schon echt viel Zeit vergangen Bitte gib mir Bescheid vielen Dank!!

    13. Missing avatar

      fx on

      How can I contact the Sequent guys? The contact form on the sequent website does not seem to work.

    14. Darren Krusi on

      Which watch will you be producing after the Steel Blue?

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Nelson on

      Please can you confirm my shipment information?

    16. Missing avatar

      Christophe Chris on

      Do we have any news about the shipping delay of the watches. Because i have not received mine :(
      I left you messages without answer last week.


    17. Shoaib Akram Chaudhary on

      @Jon651 you are the one defending sequent for long now..seems you have received your watch was not an investment at was a pre production product purchase which has been delayed for over a year. Calling a few hundred dollars worth of purchasing an investment does not make you Warren buffet of KS? Project management is a tricky discipline, and I know better than many that things can go wrong..but the way sequent is handling the project requires scrutiny, they have not been able to fulfil anything yet let alone the product delivery. What would you do if you order a product online and pay for it and yet never receive it? Delivery date was set to last part of December 2017 for God sake.

      About getting legal remedy, I don't know which part of the world you reside but here in Europe its called a consumer fraud..and there are legal firms who provide help for these kind of fraudulent be assured if a lot of people join hands in this effort sequent will have to obey.

    18. Simon Schindler on

      When will you start delivering the transparent watches? Haven't seen anything in an update so far...

    19. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on

      Guys, please read the updates. We will resume production in 2 - 3 weeks from now.
      Not all the Steel Blue watches have been fulfilled yet.

    20. J.S.

      Please send me my tracking number for my pledge...I haven’t gotten a watch yet.


    21. Missing avatar

      KENZ on

      I ordered Steel/blue and haven't got yet. Have not been fulfilled. I should be out of the 'most'.

    22. Jon651 on

      @Shoaib Akram Chaudhary - You can write as many emails or letters to KickStarter as you want but they have absolutely no interest in helping any backer recover any money at all. Any concern for backer satisfaction ends abruptly when they get their cut of the pledged funds. Just try to keep in mind that you DID NOT purchase a watch (KS is NOT a store), but rather invested in a company with an idea. As any good investment advisor will be quick to tell you, not all investments make money - many will underperform and others will be a loss. I recommend speaking with an attorney as you mention. When he or she stops laughing I'm pretty sure that you will hear from them something most like "Didn't you read the rules? It's all written down right here..."

    23. Missing avatar

      hannes on

      "First batch of fulfilled watch was the Steel Edition watch with blue dial (most of them fulfilled)"
      I have order the blue steel one an i haven't got any!!!
      Nice that you are talking about problems and resented watches but at this time I think I
      ´ve waited long enough to get my wach!!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Hinai Lad on

      Your last updates implies watches have all been delivered - can you confirm that you’re still dispatching please

    25. Danny Maijer on

      Fixing non-existing watches? By now the end result is so ugly it will never sell in any store.

    26. Shoaib Akram Chaudhary on

      Swiss company, my balls..they are just scamming people while all the watches are manufactured in China. No swiss company can be this much irresponsible..I think we need to contact swiss authorities and report sequent for defaming swiss watch making and defrauding consumers as well as we need to go for a legal action or a law suit kinda thing against Sequent..there must be some lawyers specializing in class action law suits..

    27. Shoaib Akram Chaudhary on

      @Alvin Loo I have been saying this since early 2018 that sequent is a scam but whenever I wrote anything in the comments some backers started talking nonsense and kept on reminding me that they had a huge experience in backing such projects and how wrong I was. Sequent is a great inventor company with such a marvelous technology and bla bla I can see all those talking nonsense crying in the comments about the lackluster performance of the bloody company we tried to put on map..I have yet to receive my watch too and there is no damn timeline in sight when this will happen. I have already performed funeral rites on my hard earned cash and will ask all others to do the lost is money lost and in sequent's case it's gone to the drain..completely thing we can do however and that is to start writing complaints emails to kickstarter and probably they will intervene in recovering some cash..

    28. Missing avatar

      James Mills on

      I haven't received my watch either and it has now been so long since I ordered that I now have another sports watch. Can I get a refund?

    29. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on

      Hi guys,

      here are answers to your questions:

      - as described in the update, we are working on resuming the assembly. We should be able to resume it in a few weeks from now, we believe on Apr 22nd or 29th.
      - As for the deliveries, we fulfill based on the production batches rather then ot the country of your origin or a backer number. First batch of fulfilled watch was the Steel Edition watch with blue dial (most of them fulfilled).
      - regarding hands issue, that was solved in the way described in the previous update - the hand fasteners were reinforced, this solution was tested and approved. But please keep in mind that this was related to a small number of watches.
      @ Simon Lebex - we are sorry, we lost your previous email from 10 days ago, we are receiving a lot of feedback. All answered now, you should find emails in your inbox.

    30. Missing avatar

      Kanda on

      I have the nasty feelings that we will never receive the watches and even we did it will be very low quality watch.
      The Kickstarter team should have vetted Sequent owners more throughly before allowing it raise funds here. It is absolutely disgusting ! This ruins the chances of more enterprising people.
      If you were living in Japan, the police would have arrested you long time ago.
      Please have at least courtesy to answer to people’s questions.

    31. Missing avatar on

      I‘m still waiting for my watch, will you ever deliver? Why do you never answer?

    32. Missing avatar

      Aitor Bleda on

      Good thing that you were able to pinpoint the problem.. I was wondering this morning if you had been able to pinpoint the problem or not!
      As many people point out, it would be good if you could post some "ball park" estimate for deliveries after these setbacks.

    33. Missing avatar

      Richard van Sprang on

      Until today, I did not hear a single word when to expect my watch.
      Sequent team you have to up your communication on expected delivery for your early Kickstart supporters!

    34. Missing avatar

      Angela Neubauer on

      Still not answered: I haven't read anything about the KICKSTARTER 100 LIMITED EDITION in the comments/updates. Can you please let me know when the shipment is expected? Thanks.

    35. Missing avatar

      SiowKhang Quek on

      I ordered 2 watches. When it will deliver to me?

    36. Missing avatar

      Marian Jecu on

      Same here, I would like to finally get my watch.

    37. Missing avatar

      Olof on

      It certainly is difficult to remain "respectful and considerate" after reading this last update.

      Sorry, but this is simply not good enough. It is becoming very obvious that You have stopped caring about when You will fulfill Your commitment to Your backers.
      I don't think anyone expects an exact date, but the fact that we have parted with our money a good 1,5 years ago now does in fact entitle us to at least be provided with an ETA. "Somewhen in the coming months (not even stating the calendar year" does not qualify.

      Right now, if anyone would ask me whether I can recommend the product (I can't, as I have not received it yet, so I can only point them to the very ambivalent product feedback here in the comments section), I would tell them: You don't buy the product, You buy the seller. Go figure...

      I am certain You are struggling to catch up and get Your business going at the same time. But reducing the frequency of updates was clearly a mistake. It can not have taken You longer than 5 minutes to write the most recent update (one with more substance probably will take a bit longer).

      If You can not figure out yet, when and how to produce the other versions, You ought to offer a (low-priced) upgrade or change to the "blue steel version" (if that is what is available on short notice).

    38. Missing avatar

      Brian Beelen on

      Still waiting for my watch, a friend ordered weeks later and already received one!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Tzachi Mosco on

      What about getting our Sequent ????!!!Are ww going to get them this year?

    40. Tapio Hedman on

      Alvin Loo is right, this is nothing but a scam, plain and simple.

    41. Missing avatar

      mohamed alyafei on

      Still waiting for my watch!!!!

    42. Missing avatar

      Jörn fischer

      No damages - but for the reason that there is no watch.
      Why don’t you respond on all these claims?

    43. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Like all the other comments, I still have not yet received my watch..

    44. Missing avatar

      David on

      please provide a delivery schedule based on backer no....
      fixing the watch does not mean a thing to those of us who is still waiting for our watch to arrive.

    45. Simon Lebex on

      Guys I am still waiting for clear instructions as to how to send the watch back. What needs to be on the envelope to ensure it won't get stuck in customs. It's been weeks now since you asked me to return the watch and since then apparently everyone stopped responding to emails.
      I'm very frustrated about this entire process now. Please respond today!


    46. Missing avatar

      philippe meyer on

      I have yet to receive my watch. Can you please let me know when I will get it? Thank you. Philippe Meyer

    47. Missing avatar

      michael nunziato on

      I have not received my watch at all yet.

    48. Missing avatar

      MC on

      thank you, waiting somewhat patiently :))))

    49. Missing avatar

      Alvin Loo on

      Guys, guys, guys. Come on you guys. You KNOW you've been suckered. There is NO delivery. There will be NO delivery. Just kiss your money good bye. I have. Bad investment. Bad decision. Lesson learnt. I have moved on. This is just a scam. I have said it before and I am still saying it now. Even if it is not a scam, this kickstarter project is so full of lies its not even funny anymore. Firstly it's made in China not Switzerland. Secondly it's now about 2 years and they claim they they are still testing? Thirdly, anyone notice that no one actually mentioned that they have received the watch? We only just receive "updates" which don't reveal much except more lies, ad libs and lip service.

    50. Mimi Lay on

      Still waiting for mine as well, what backer number are we upto?