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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
3,981 backers pledged CHF 1,043,330 to help bring this project to life.

Frequently Asked Questions, Production Update

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello guys,

there was a lot of questions in the comment section so firstly please let us answer the most frequent ones:

- Sequent mobile app is called "Sequent SuperCharger", it can be found both on Google Play and Apple App Store:

- You can find more software-related information on our FAQ site:

- If you wish to change your shipping address (please also remember to attach your current phone number) send us an email to

- If you believe that you are experiencing hardware issues with your watch, please let us know directly to our email and we will help you.

Please keep in mind, that:

- The sound coming from the watch is absolutely normal. The rotor is big in order to capture as much energy as possible. All Sequent watches make the same sound.

- Sequent is a mechanical watch and thus should be treated with care.

- The more you move the more you charge.

Thank you all for your feedback and comments, it helps us to continuously improve what we are doing. 

We would like to touch on a few hardware related points you were mentioning:

1) Heart Rate Monitoring

Based on individual communication with you we can say that majority of watches are ok, yet some do have a sensing issue. We believe the HR sensor might be out of calibration. This can be solved by firmware update, which you can expect some time in the following week. 

2) Hands

We suspect that shipping might have been unexpectedly rough, there was more force on the watch than expected and a small number of watches experienced hands issue. This influenced the hand fasteners inside the watch and we are already taking measures with the factory to make sure this will not happen again - the fasteners will be reinforced. 

3) Glass

It is very unfortunate that glass of some of the watches broke. We are already in touch with all of you who experienced this problem and we will replace the glass for you. 

Please keep in mind that we still have not received any of those watches, which means we still cannot be certain what the cause is. Once we scrutinize the returned watches we will know more. 

With all described above, we need to inform you that we have paused the production as well as shipping. 

We are now thoroughly investigating the watches and checking them based on your feedback, making sure the hardware issues will not appear again. We believe to be done in a few weeks. 

Even though there are some issues, we are still very happy that you can be enjoying Sequent watches. It's important to say, despite some negative feedback, that the defect rate is between 5-7%. In general it's a good result. But still quite far from our target of below 1.5%, which is why we stopped shipping and production for now.

Of course we are actively solving the issues with each of the backers. 

Another topic is the software in general. 

Again, thank you all for your feedback, based on that we decided to do some design and functional changes so that the application suits you better. 

We would like to acknowledge that all the software is more complex than we expected and we might have underestimated this big task a bit.

But, all your feedback is helping us find bugs and we would like to mention one in particular. Please do not turn on the sports mode from the application. In some cases it sets all sensors to on at all times which could cause your battery to drain. We will include instructions with our firmware update on how to turn on the sport monitoring from the crown which uses our smart scheduling to turn on the sensors only while the watch is in motion.

As for the other features, we have prepared a roadmap so that you can be checking on the progress with us, when each of the features should be released: 

Week 15 > App redesign, alarms

Week 17 > HR improvements, sport mode, health kits integration

Week 19 > Notifications 

Week 23 > Sleep tracking

Week 26 > Social networks integration

This time, it was quite a long update. But we owed you answers to many of your questions, so here it is all at once. 

One last thing we would like to stress out - we will still be releasing updates! (even though irregularly) and we will keep informing you about important milestones. You are the motor of Sequent and we are here for you.

Have a nice weekend,

Sequent team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brendt Corcoran about 23 hours ago

      Tough shot about quality issues, I hope the shut down will address these. I also hope that I receive my watch and extra straps and that they function as promised as I have been patiently waiting while sequent addresses each unforeseen issue as they arise for two years. I will continue to wait
      If effective this is still a watch people want. Great concept, PLEASE DELIVER

    2. Missing avatar

      Gomoll 2 days ago

      Hopefully the team will help on my issues.... others might have same problem...

    3. Missing avatar

      Gomoll 2 days ago

      got my watch today after a mayor trouble
      with custom authorities due shipping from Indonesia instead of switzerland... not a good move for your customers...
      The real issue with the watching it’s not self explaining and all support notes as FAQ are sonshortbinn a way that problems will not be solved reading it . Starts with the description of flashing led on watchyyy does it mean „one times flashing“ or flashing long time as the word itself means for sure?
      My connection to Iphone fails in the first step and now the clock will not be found anymore... How to reboot the whole system ( watch and App)

    4. Missing avatar

      Nestor 3 days ago

      I am still waiting, no notice to me about my watch :(
      Could you write to me to tell about when it is going to be shipped?

    5. Hector Mattamala 6 days ago

      I am very happy because my watch arrived. But the additional strap I bought did not come. Who should I contact?

    6. Missing avatar

      KENZ on


      I haven't got any. Late bird Steel w/blue.
      Just want to know the schedule.

    7. Missing avatar

      Raymond Clack on

      Hi there,
      I am backer 2,197 . In relation to fulfilling the orders, it might be useful in managing the anxiety and expectations of us customers waiting since 2017 if you could advise us what order point you are up to and provide an estimate as to when the rest can be reasonably expected to be fulfilled?

      It is a little frustrating reading your comments about other customers experiences with your watch whilst the rest of us wait for ours without any idea when it might be when we receive it.


    8. Missing avatar

      Yasin on

      SCAM nothing received until yet...

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonny Gerow on

      You're still in the process of fulfilling backers' orders, right? Because I still have not received my watch or a tracking number.

    10. Missing avatar

      Amit K Sharma on

      When are starting deliveries to INDIA

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Cope on

      Where is my watch please?

    12. Mohandas Charles on

      I wish there was some way to get people to at least read the update before they post about it. Several people asking about things that are clearly stated in the update. It's one thing to disapprove of the contents and express frustration and another thing (a very annoying other thing) to just disregard the information completely.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Cooke on

      Thanks for the update

    14. Missing avatar

      Engin Kuras on

      Still waiting for my watch....

    15. Missing avatar

      Tzachi Mosco on

      I didnt got the Sequent yet.
      Will i get it in the 2019 ???

    16. samadhi on

      great update.. thx.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dario on

      Dear Sequent Team,

      this is all fine and dandy, however I still have to receive my watch, so, at least in my case, you're jumping the gun a little: I am reading about issues that I am most likely to have as soon as the thing reaches me.
      So the more pressing question for me is: can you please (please, please, please) give us an update on deliveries?


    18. Missing avatar

      andrew on

      Will we be notified when is your estimated shipping date?

    19. Missing avatar

      Eugenio F. da Silva Neto on

      I live in Switzerland and I did not receive my watch yet. Is there any criteria for shipment schedule. Thanks in advance for prompt feedback.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alexander Vorobiev on

      I am also still waiting and already living in another country. But, they could create fake received, and this is not.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sandrine Coutat on

      Lots of topics are covered by your update but you are missing the main one: delivery timeline !!!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Guy Wenderickx on

      When will I receive my Watch ?

    23. Missing avatar

      Bhupinder Grewal on

      When will be the last shipment to the Kickstart investors be?

    24. Missing avatar

      Ánh Đoàn on

      I hope to receive the watch soon to experience it

    25. David Bijur on

      Suppose I haven't received my watch yet?

    26. Nonov Yurbiz on

      They have the store up. Expected to deliver in April! But where are our watches?

    27. Nonov Yurbiz on

      It's a little strange that I can't find posts about Sequent Supercharger in social media. It should be an easy and quick search but it mostly shows Tesla Supercharger. Their FB page's last post was last year on April 1. April Fools Day.

    28. Missing avatar

      Abir Rammo on

      Still didn’t receive anything!

    29. Stanislav Vladimirov on

      Great update, thank you. I appreciate your honesty and persistence.
      There is a lot of negativity surrounding kickstarter and especially this campaign. I explain this with the fact most of the people never actually created a technology product and don't understand that this is not a simple and predictable task as cooking dinner for example. Or they just know it all, they want their watch and they want it now... Well, we should be glad that there are some bright exceptions to restore our faith in humanity.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Habbe on

      Can anyone confirm shipping? Please answer... also when its broken...
      Take a photo with the clock at your arm and post it (wherever).

    31. Missing avatar

      Alexander Ignatov on

      Still no shipping information. Baker #4.

    32. Missing avatar

      Matt Bond on

      I also wanted to write, that this was one hell of an update, informative, not deceiving or avoiding anything, honest, finally, so keep it that way.

    33. Missing avatar

      Matt Bond on

      It was very smart decision to postpone production and shipment until all current problems are solved and to make sure you prevent them in production rather to replace the malfunctioned watch. I was a bit afraid that because of the already huge delay, you will not be very willing to do so, but thankfully you do think rationally. I really hope you will solve all mechanical problems in production, so we will get technically perfect watch. Tuning software and firmware is always possible, but falling of hand cannot be fixed by that. Although I am very sorry for those which already received their watch and they were not happy, I as a backer of limited transparent edition am now very happy I was not in a first wave and that this fix will hopefully make sure, that my watch are ok. Keep going and good luck in solving all the problems soon and in highest quality.

    34. Missing avatar

      Simon Sugden on

      Has any backer actually received a watch yet as I haven’t seen a comment to that effect! I believe this tale of problems with software, firmware and broken glasses could just be another delay tactic from sequent so we “write off” the money we pledged. I for one think we have been taken for a ride and will be contacting my credit card company and seeking a refund unless someone who has taken delivery starts posting messages, surely we would have seen messages from these upset backers.

    35. Missing avatar

      Daniel Stockwell on

      I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you are putting into making sure this is a quality product and like others here, I am happy that you are delaying production/distribution until the watch is 100% sound. I have participated in some (thankfully few) Kickstarter projects that have released an unfinished, beta version of a product to backers, then focused on a mass market version at half the price to general consumers!
      Not wanting to rush you as I want a problem free watch and will happily wait until the issues are resolved, but do you have a rough estimate for shipping of the various model types in your project plan? I am waiting on the Rose Gold. On your website, you estimate April 2019 - assuming no major setbacks, is this still roughly correct?

    36. Missing avatar

      Tim Bracaglia on

      While disappointing, the most important thing to me is that bugs and other issues are resolved. I'm looking forward to my new watch, whenever it may come... Hopefully sooner rather than later though.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ben Liu on

      Still waiting for mine to be shipped.. where is it?

    38. Missing avatar

      Dirk Jan Kossen on

      Turns out more and more that we did buy story based on hot air balloon, no progress only more complains after shipping, we wait for long long time and still lot of problems after shipping, kickstarter please start refunding this project it make no sense any more. Reason to complain is delivery time overdue for more than 1 year ?/ What will happen next when we recieve that watch is not working and then even no refund due to consumers rights they have accept this.

    39. Missing avatar

      Amit Thadani on

      Hi, i see many info and updates... But, i haven't received yet an email regarding the shipping of my watch. Anyone can give me more information about that? Thanks

    40. Missing avatar

      Amit Thadani on

      Hi, i see many info and updates... But, i haven't received yet an email regarding the shipping of my watch. Anyone can give me more information about that? Thanks

    41. Missing avatar

      Michael Windisch on

      I'm still waiting too (Germany) but take your time to fix the issues

    42. Filippo Rossano on

      At this point delay is irrelevant, i want a watch without problem, so take your time and solve all the problems.

    43. Missing avatar on

      I‘m still waiting, hope i get it soon and without issues.

    44. Missing avatar

      mohamed alyafei on

      Hi .. still didnt git my watch!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Kimmo Kananen on

      While I do understand the stopping of shipping I do not understand why you couldn’t give estimates of different versions. I’m backer with black edition.

    46. Jeroen Schippers on

      So when willl you ship the remaining units?