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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
3,981 backers pledged CHF 1,043,330 to help bring this project to life.

First watches already delivered

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello our dear backers,

it's time for fresh news.

Last week we started shipping and of course we continue to do that. 

Few hundred watches have already been shipped to you and more will follow in the coming weeks!

First backers already received their watches and we are incredibly happy and proud that today we are announcing this to you.

We know that all of you are excited now and would like to know when your watch will be shipped. Please be patient and wait for your shipment notification. Once you receive this email, your watch is on its way!

From now on we would like to slow down with the updates, we believe it's not necessary to keep the bi-weekly updates anymore. Because we are shipping already, we can lower the updates frequency. 

We will be releasing updates anytime there is any kind of important piece of information that might be useful for you.

Thank you all for your support and have a great weekend,

your Sequent team.


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    1. Dmitriy Orzhekhovsky about 18 hours ago

      How do I know that my order has been sent

    2. Missing avatar


      Still not received my watch. backer 690. can you please advise?

    3. Missing avatar

      Gwyn John on

      Still awaiting my watch it’s been almost 2 years no email no notification will I ever get the watch is this a scam? What is the app everyone is talking about. ?

    4. Malcolm Luke on

      I have received my watch today, having had to pay £45.51 import duty !! I was sort of going to let that go, but when I opened the box the glass has broken away from the watch. Where do I return it too ? Will I have to pay import duty on the replacement watch ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Angela Neubauer on

      I haven't read anything about the KICKSTARTER 100 LIMITED EDITION in the comments/updates. Can you please let me know when the shipment is expected? Thanks.

    6. Missing avatar

      rizwan on

      i am batch 49, and I have also not received yet. whats happening ?

    7. Missing avatar

      max on

      Sir, back number is 4,650.
      May i Know when i will get the watch ?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ståle Schmidt on

      This must be a fraud!

    9. Missing avatar

      Lee Allen on

      Still no contact, I’m backer 918, can you advise when I will receive my watch?

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Achim on

      I am backer #140 ... so what do you mean by few hundreds .. and why am i not one of the persons to receive the watch ?

    11. Missing avatar

      Alfred KOH on

      Where is my watch pls?

    12. Xchris Chan on

      Can you please inbox me the tracking number for my pledge, let me know roughly when if it hasn’t been shipped yet too.

    13. Missing avatar

      Daryl on

      Read the main comments, everyone. You will find the answers to your questions there. Questions such as when are your watches being shipped, reviews on the watches by those who have already received them, name of the app, etc.

    14. J.S.


      Backer #1146 here.

      Can you please inbox me the tracking number for my pledge, let me know roughly when if it hasn’t been shipped yet too.

      Jon :)

    15. Mohandas Charles on

      I find it difficult to understand why so many people are having difficulty finding the app. What are they searching for? When I type "Sequent" in the search box, the app comes right to the top.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lewis Truong on

      Would like to have some customers' testimony that they have received the watches.

    17. Sven Schuchardt on

      Sorry Folks but your updates only confuse me, 1000, 100 watches per month, Jan, Feb, March, Chineese New Year...what will be next?
      will we receive any watches this year thoug?!

    18. Missing avatar

      Pascal A on

      @Nicolas Ziegler, i'm only a backer, and just made some speculations. But at the comments section Sequent wrote that next week there will be an update.

    19. Nicolas Ziegler on

      In response to @Pascal you said: "We should have 1000 watches shipped out by the end of February all the remaining watches produced by the end March."
      The month of February is over now.
      Did you shipped out 1'000 or more in February?
      May I know what is the schedule for each colour of watch for the month of March since production will be finished, as per your response to @Pascal?

    20. Missing avatar

      David on

      When will I get my watch, a black edition, backer # 535

    21. Missing avatar

      Vaibhav Sibal on

      Hi, wasn’t the plan to have sapphire crystal glass ? Why the change to mineral glass? I thought plan was to create something of high quality, whereas mineral glass is so prone to scratches and is usually used in lower quality watches! Is there a way to change the glass once it scratches ? Would there be service centers ? Still waiting for the watch though!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Dan Miller on

      Ok I must be missing something very obvious. What is the specific name of the app to search for in the App Store?

    23. Bryant Say Ip on

      I'm from Hong Kong, I'm still haven't received any notification for the shipment, may I ask where can I check with the current status of the shipment? Thanks.

    24. Esther Hoffman on


      And I realized why I hadn't noticed any shipping updates... I got an email on Feb 4, from "," which I was not looking for. So anyone looking for shipping update emails might want to search for that address.

    25. Khee Kuan Chen on

      I’ve dropped an email & comments on the thread, so far my inquiry hasn’t been answered. Can look into it & update particular on my shipping status? Thanks!

    26. Mohandas Charles on

      @Dan Miller. Well the app is there in the App Store for iOS. And it seems to be available for Android too.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dan Miller on

      I got the watch but I cannot find the app in the Apple App Store. Am I missing something?

    28. Missing avatar

      Hariram Pathangi on

      Hi Sequent Team,
      Haven’t received any update till now regarding shipment it’s been quite a while and I am wondering when will shipment to US will start or it’s already in progress ? Is it possible to post some watch pictures for various colors that are being delivered to backers ?


    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      @Sequent - I am backer number 1438, my total pledge (incl shipping) was CHF 208.
      Because of the customs clearance, can you let me know what declared price did you state?


    30. Missing avatar

      Adrian Bucher on

      I got a shipment notification from swiss post, together with the info to pay chf 44.40. I assume for import charges.
      I hope to wear the watch by the end of the week

    31. Missing avatar

      David Cooke on

      @Sequent, I appreciate your response to the questions posted. Much appreciated.

    32. Missing avatar

      Francisco Moya on

      I've received mine. It looks great but only can connect with the phone while it's charging. Please Sequent advise if there's a problem with firmware that will be corrected or my watch is defective...

    33. Ken Westin on

      Team, this is a very vague update, I have been watching patiently, but you are not providing people with much information with regards to when they can expect their watches. Also is the app now available in the various app stores? I do not see anything in the Apple or Android stores, but I may not be searching the correct name.

    34. Missing avatar

      Osama Jamil

      Has anyone received their shipment ?

    35. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on

      @ Dirk Jan Kossen
      Shipping is not country related. It depends on the assembled watch combination.

      @ Filippo Rossano
      It's 3 ATM now. The reason is the changes we were forced to do - case, charging etc.

      @ Ariel D. Araza
      Yes, you are right. We are here.

      @ Dominik Johannes Samol
      Your watch should be ready in a few weeks from now.

      @ Vivek Bhaskaran
      Shipping is not country related. It depends on the assembled watch combination.

      @ David
      Of course we will keep posting updates. The change is that we will be updating you based on what is happening, like in case of update #48 when we announced we started shipping. And this update was not planned.

      @ Kanda
      Please keep reading comments section, it has been posted many times over that you can already find both Android and iOS apps it the stores.

      @ Kent Yar
      This was also answered many times before, please send us your address to

      @ Brendt Corcoran
      Of course, we will be posting updates.

      @ Ritchel Reynes
      Please go to comments section, you can find images from real backers there.

      @ Jan-Paul Scholten
      To be safe, send us your new shipping address to please.

      @ Andrii Kovalchuk
      Yes, you will receive a notification.

      @ David Cooke
      In a few weeks from now.

      @ Neil
      We will be posting updates of course.

      @ Pascal A
      Your expectations are very reasonable. But we also have more watches to be produced than you calculated.
      We should have 1000 watches shipped out by the end of February all the remaining watches produced by the end March.

      @ Vipul Nirmal
      We will be updating you on the basis of the important events.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jean-Samuel Boisvert on

      @Linb check the general comment section, someone has already shared pictures

    37. Missing avatar

      David on

      When can we expect you to produce and ship the black edition?
      How much longer do we have to wait? We have been waiting for a very very long time.

    38. Pe-haus on

      I probably did not search enough. I found no comment from someone who got the clock.
      What are you sending for messages. Everyone can tell right away, that's not true.
      Please, what's the time!

    39. Missing avatar

      莊力勳 on


    40. Missing avatar

      Linb on

      It would be nice to someone who ACTUALLY recieved the watch comment here.

    41. Jorgen Hartogs

      Is there any schedule at all? It's great that some watches are delivered, but others, like me, have no idea yet when the watch will be shipped, let alone delivered.

    42. Missing avatar

      David Cooke on

      Pascal A, I like and reciprocate your comments

    43. Missing avatar

      Vipul Nirmal on

      Can anyone confirm that they have received the watch? and sequent please update bi-weekly if you have no info then just update that we have delivered this number of watches.

    44. Missing avatar

      Pascal A on

      Hi Guys,

      it would be really nice to have a shedule of production.
      So far, with all the comments, i'm able to make some approximations/speculation:
      In an older message you said that youre producing 500 watches a week (if i remember properly)
      Now you said that a few hundres are under way. (lets say 300)
      In another message you wrote that the producction line was first steel (black then blue) then the steel white, orange and transparent. Then black and rose gold.
      now blue steel 500 (1 week) - In process i assume, cause you wrote that afte CNY production starts or continues
      White steel 500 (1 week) - Next week (18-22 FEB)
      orange steel 500 (1week) - 25-03 Mar
      transparent steel 500 (1 week) 04-10 Mar
      black 500 (1week) - 11 - 17 Mar
      rose gold 500 (1 week) 18-24 mar

      With an error of 1 to 2 weeks. I should recieve my black at some point in April.... (at least the sending notification)

      Of course this is speculation, if you provide a production roadmap, then my speculation wouldnt be necessary. But when someone don't have infos, then speculation is a normal and human think.

      If i add a bigger error of my calcs, then i might recieve my watch in May. Would be great as well, because then is my birthday. lol

    45. Missing avatar

      David Cooke on

      I also wish to raise my objections with regard to reducing notifications, I would also request that updates have meaningful content that actually gives information on product types ready for delivery, product planned production dates, all proposed product types to be produced and options where product delays may lead to backers wishing to change preferences in order to get an earlier delivery.

    46. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      On the contrary, due to the excessive delay in actually supplying, and making this watch, weekly updates (at least) should now be a priority. Details of when backers can expect watches, what models are being made etc.

    47. Missing avatar

      David Cooke on

      Can you confirm if and when the orange dial watches will be ready for delivery please?

    48. Missing avatar

      Andrii Kovalchuk on

      Hi Sequent! Wanted to know if I get notified about watches been shipped to me by email?

    49. Missing avatar

      Jan-Paul Scholten on

      I am moving next month, how should I update my shipment information?