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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
3,981 backers pledged CHF 1,043,330 to help bring this project to life.

Production continues

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

first of all, Happy New Year!

We are here today to inform you on the progress. 

Everything is going as planned. We were able to produce 1000 watches in December/January. We had minor slow-downs during the assembly, resulting in 1000 watches finished last week.
Nevertheless, this week we prepared the finished watches, packed them and shipped them to Floship for fulfillment. If there are no issues, we expect the watch to arrive to our fulfillment partner's warehouse by the end of next week. 

We already mentioned the production. It keeps going and based on the December production run, we still expect to produce 500 watches per week. This is something that can certainly be improved and we are trying to make it happen with factory staff as the production continues. 

We will keep you posted on the progress. 

Again, we wish you all a very successful 2019!

Your Sequent team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Jeggle on

      a short update on the progress would be great...can't be that difficult to keep the backers informed

    2. Missing avatar

      Todd Lewey on

      I can see no one ever gets a response, so I won’t bother :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Gianluca Bianchi on

      I guess we lost our mone at this point. Just accept it and move on.

    4. Missing avatar

      Kapil Sharma on

      When can we expect the watch. We understand that there is delay but not knowing when you currently intend to deliver and your reluctance to commit is frustrating. All we are getting from you is messages that its running according to plan. If it is running according to plan why can you not give us a date?

    5. Missing avatar

      Steve Sy on

      can you post some pictures?

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicole Korbeli on

      You need to got the backer email
      There can you update you adress

    7. Missing avatar


      I very much hope my 2 watches are in the first batch of 1000 ! I am waiting, like many Others, since July 2017 (date of payment) ! In a few months I will move too ! in case i do not receive them before summer, how can I upfate my address ?

    8. Missing avatar

      Francisco Moya on

      More than one year late and it's more and more clear that we have lost our money. If we have the watch in Summer we will end up having a watch that needs to be charged (not what I bought), with an app that we have no idea of what can do, while you have some very nice smart watchs in the market for less money than we paid for the Sequent. If it wasn`t because I had already paid for the Sequent in 2017, I would have boughth the Nokia smart watch. In the meantime I've bought an activity band (MI Band 3, less than 30 euro) and use my mechanical watch as allways. Totally dissapointed now about the Sequent...

    9. Missing avatar

      John Njonjo on

      Interesting. For the lucky 1000 backers if they suppose the receive the watch soon, where is the App or when are you announcing the App availability in Play store and App store. Please provide more info.

    10. Missing avatar

      M.R. on

      I have moved since I backed this project. Is there somewhere I could change my shipping address? Or will you confirm this with me before sending out the package? Thanks.

    11. renkoelk on

      100.000 CHF capital and an adress whee you find a grec restaurant is not realy a security.

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicole Korbeli on

      A company that is in the commercial register of Switzerland will not scame us, otherwise it would not stand there.…


    13. Audrey Erickson on

      How do I confirm that you have my current address on file?

    14. Mario da Silva on

      I hope you guys remember that I want my Sequent with an orange dial, and either a tan strap or a black one, whichever is convenient... Thank you. Cannot wait for delivery of this...! Please USE REGULAR POST OFFICE DELIVERY and NOT 'SF Express' who charge 30 dollars more locally for delivery to the door!

    15. Alessandro Mulloni on

      Your last updates always stated that "everything is going as planned". Is there an official up-to-date plan? I think I missed it. It would be great to share it if you have one. Otherwise please just say that you are going with the flow (it's also fine, this is Kickstarter after all).

    16. Filippo Rossano on

      Yeah, good news but now details are needed, 1000 watches almost ready to ship and nobody has an idea of the shipping, what order of shipment is used (backer number, type of watch, destination of the package...), by the end of the month you will have almost 3000 watches produced but than there's Chinese New Year and of course you will disappeard for weeks in production.
      Now is time for weekly updates, and i want details, we have let you work but now someone of the staff need a day to reply to these questions, cause are months that nobody of the staff is active in the comment section, at least in the pages of the updates!

    17. Missing avatar

      James Kestner on

      Another say nothing update. If they were really about to ship, they would be asking us to confirm our mailing addresses. How is the app? How hard is it to answer some simple questions? I waited a year before getting discouraged and angry. It really appears that they are scamming us with these string along BS updates. For those that still believe, I hope u are right.

    18. Missing avatar

      Rolf Gloor on

      Thanks for your update. Great to see your progress and shipping coming closer.
      Reading through your Updates shows me, how serious you are taking the whole project.
      It looks as you are building a solid product / long term business and don't sacrifize that for a short term releave of pressure. And I know how hard those decissions are when some obstacles come in the way. Thanks.
      So keep the good work up and I looking forward to your next update.

    19. Missing avatar

      Yasin on

      SCAM we will never receive the product. We are waiting more than 1 year. SCAM

    20. Missing avatar

      Martijn Goedhart on

      I agree it would be very respectful if you would answer the questions from your patiently waiting backers...
      Hope to here from you soon!

    21. Missing avatar

      Freek on

      Also, from the FAQ:

      If I pledge, when do I get my watch?

      The first delivery will be in December 2017."

      Congratulations, your project is now officially 1 year overdue with no end in sight.

    22. Missing avatar

      Freek on

      Make sure you get them out of Asia before the first of February because of Chinese New Year. I don't want to see a post in February that starts with 'We have bad news because all factories are shutdown for the next 3 weeks'.

    23. Missing avatar

      Matt Simmons on

      Looking forward to receiving the watch, good things come to those who wait! Seriously though, those who are angry and frustrated need to remember this was someone’s moonshot and there was always a possibility that it wouldn’t happen.

    24. Jorgen Hartogs

      Are we seeing a shipping update soon? If you have produced 1000 watches already and producing another 500 every week it means that you will have at least 2000 watches ready by the end of January?
      Will they be shipped?

      When will the app become available?

      When will we get answers to our questions?

    25. Gee to the Bee on

      We really need some details.
      As someone else said, we are the ones who have allowed YOUR DREAM to reach this point. It would be respectful to at least answer backers questions, queries and doubts in the main forum.
      The update provided could have been written on a napkin in the back of a taxi on the way home from the office.
      Show your backers some respect.

    26. Missing avatar

      Matt Bond on

      As many before me already asked, can you please add some more details to those very vague news? 1000 of watches of which model is ready? 500 per week of which type is going to be produced first. What is the plan for the production regarding models. When first backer finally receive their watches, while others still waiting, will the app be available for download? Or will he need to wait until everyone receives their (this is joke, please do not tell me it is like that). For example I have backed up the Transparent 500 limited edition. Are those among those first 1000 pieces or will they only be produced in last batch in July? It is great that you do those updates, but please add some valuable information to it, especially now, when you finally can. Good luck and all the best in the new year.

    27. Missing avatar

      MATER Anthony on

      Fake News. That mean we´ll never see these watch ?

    28. Dave Slocombe on

      Happy new year , keep up the good work

    29. Missing avatar


      @Thomas I think it’s fairly obvious they need to get to floship first and that that date is uncertain. Once they arrive, @creator will most likely give another update since only then will they know when the watches can be shipped to backers.

      It would be irresponsible to give a date before final shipping at this point. You’ve waited this long and should be used to it by now.

    30. Taigi Maeda on

      Out of curiosity, do you have any news regarding the App for both iOS and Android?


    31. Missing avatar

      Thomas Orrell on

      How have you managed to write that an not give us a delivery estimate?? Are the first thousand going to be shipped? What are your delivery estimates???