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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
3,981 backers pledged CHF 1,043,330 to help bring this project to life.

Christmas update

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

we are reporting to you with fresh news from the production line.

We are happy to say that production is progressing very well. So far we were able to assemble 400 watches on top of those 500 already produced.
At this very moment QC is in process and watches are passing smoothly. Of course there will be winter holiday, but even though, we will be able to assemble 100 more watches before the end of this year!

In January, we will finish the QC and ship the first bulk to Floship, our fulfillment partner. These are really exciting times, the first watches should be dispatched really soon!

We hope you enjoyed the good news as much as we did.
Let us wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. We will report back again on Friday January 11, 2019.

Enjoy the holidays,
your Sequent team.

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    1. Bryant Say Ip on

      May I ask when will be the next updates to us?

    2. Missing avatar

      Alexander Ignatov on

      I think it's just a hoax

    3. Missing avatar

      choiyunseok on

      may i ask i move into new house , how to change delivery address?

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve Sy on

      did you already get all the backers's money from kickstarter?
      i just learn from you guys that one project can be delayed up to one year and not sure when it will be delivered or not.

    5. (:lemens

      @E.P: based on my calculation it's currently ONE year delayed by now.
      Reasons for delays where explained in the updates posted by sequent when issues occurred. Some couldn't be anticipated and where difficult to deal with.

    6. Missing avatar

      E.P on

      When Can I get my watch? It has been almost two years now, waiting for.........

    7. Missing avatar

      Matt Bond on

      @John Njonjo, nice try. I would very much like to go on trip to China my self :) But I am afraid we will need to work with what they present us here. I am still optimistic though. Even if it really was frustrating hearing about all the complications whole year, it really seems to be getting to the end. Truth is, that my initial excitement about this watch is gone after that long waiting time, so I am really curious about how the watch will look like in real and what all functions it will have and if it will work as expected, so it will be at least worth waiting and reignite at least some spark of interest. They missed the 2nd Christmas term, so hopefully on my next birthday I will have them (hint, in Jun)

    8. Missing avatar

      John Njonjo on

      I have never commented because I trust that my day the watch will arrive. Now, I am seriously doubting. May I request you nominate a random backer to verify all this in your factory in china and report back to other backers. I volunteer myself for nomination

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Van Ackeren on

      For the next update in January I expect a more substantial und with more information value. Give us something to work with. Thanks!

    10. Steve Wilder on

      Hi guys, I'm not sure what all the negative comments are about, we all know this project has experienced significant delays, but we seem to be getting closer to a finished high quality product, and I'm really excited to add this truly unique timepiece to my collection. I'm glad i was able to fund this project, and I hope the sequent team has learned some lessons this go around to help streamline whatever you have next.

      Merry christmas!

    11. Missing avatar

      robin foe on

      Would be good if you can check private message from your backers

    12. Missing avatar

      Ritchel Reynes on

      It’s frustrating to read a never ending excuses, been years of waiting.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ritchel Reynes on

      It’s frustrating to read a never ending excuses, been years of waiting.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christopher Virchow on

      What ever you do, I hope our money is not wasted...

    15. Missing avatar

      Sanjai Devmurari on

      I think everyone will be happier if @Sequent could answer some basic questions:
      1. How many backers were there in total? This will give us a sense of how far along you are in fulfilling orders.
      a. How many backers for different models, eg, steel, plastic, transparent etc etc.
      b. How many different strap combinations?
      2. What is the sequence (see what I did there?) of production?
      3. What is the progress of the app?
      a. Functionality?
      b. Compatibility with different OS?

      A little bit more communication would be really welcome.

    16. Missing avatar

      Yasin on

      this is just a SCAM

    17. Missing avatar on

      With a lot of luck i get my watch at xmess 2019 ?

    18. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      This is great news, now what's left is to follow through with it which I'm sure will happen at this stage. I do wish the January delivery would have been brought up sooner given that since the website was updated a January delivery was given for the pre orders. As I recall that was a few months ago at least. I don't know I just feel that is a little strange that the website preorders and KS pledges are being said to be sent out the same month.

      @Graham Brunton

      I believe they have addressed that in the past but I forgot where. I do remember reading that the stainless steel watches would be made first but after that I don't recall. Sorry I can't be more help.

    19. Paul Snow on

      So will you be shipping to kickstarter backers or indiegogo backers first?

    20. Gee to the Bee on

      Merry Christmas to you guys.
      Great news that production is now underway proper.
      Could you advise on your expected production schedule? Which watches, in which order and rough expected dispatch?
      I realise you have mentioned dates before that have been missed but it at least let's backers understand what to expect. You must be able to make reasonable predictions no production is underway?
      I think it would be a good idea to pop your heads above the parapet in the comments section to answer some queries backers have.
      You are dealing with a generally understanding bunch of folks so would be nice to see that reciprocated with some honest answers and feedback.

    21. Missing avatar

      Hubert on

      Merry Xmas to all of you !

    22. Missing avatar

      Krupica on

      Neverending story. I expert the delivery for Christmas....


    23. Missing avatar

      Stefan Zangger on

      I think this is the "Never ending story" Kickstarter project! For how long are we all waiting now?? I even don't remember...Please at least use a reliable logistics partner in order to not make this part also a "Never ending delivery Story" ...If you need advice from a e-commerce logistics specialist just contact - they know what they do.

    24. Missing avatar

      Alvin Loo on

      We'll see....