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SEQUENT - The world's first self-charging smartwatch
SEQUENT - The world's first self-charging smartwatch
3,981 backers pledged CHF 1,043,330 to help bring this project to life.

Resumed Production

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hi our dear backers, 

it's time for another update.

Today it will be a short one but we are happy to share more good news with you.
As we informed you last time, we needed to improve few things in the assembly process. We managed to do so. What is even a better news, we are ready to resume the production on the coming Monday.

You keep asking us about the production capacity, schedules etc. We introduced some more QC steps for the actual assembly, which means improved control over the final product. At the same time it will slow down the production a bit. This is one of the reasons why we are not able to estimate exact number for the production capacity. In total, we expect to have 1000 assembled watches by the end of December.

Also we would like to ensure you that we are on track with everything and we are already preparing watches for the fulfillment of course.

Thank you all for your support and enjoy your weekends,
Sequent team.

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    1. Moose Man on

      Replacement months later?

      You can not be serious. That more then doubles their cost.

    2. Missing avatar

      Berthold Möller on

      Dear Sequent Team,
      you wrote "we are on track with everything". What does this mean? Your Shippment Date was December 2017, not December 2018 or January 2019. More realistic please!

      I think you should beginn shipment urgently. If you have Problems that are not solved or even not commitet, you should ship a Test-Series with replacement some months later. Most of the backers are very friendly if you ask for help. If you still have Problems, you should consider to involve the backers, because they spend the money and are interested in the product ... ! They will help you!

    3. Missing avatar

      Caven Chen on

      Watch assembly is a handcraft job even now. That's why Swiss made matter and they defined the rule with official announcement. But I would give the chance to Sequent team to proof themself cause the functions of this watch worth this. Anyway, we sre really close the end so keep the hope. cheer.

    4. (:lemens

      Assembly of a watch like this involves a lot of manual work that's difficult to automate.

    5. Missing avatar

      James Kestner on

      The update is confusing. They say they are going to have 1,000 assembled watches by the end of December. But they already have 500 assembled watches. Does that mean they are only going to finish 500 watches in 3 weeks? Not a very fast production line. Are they operating the production line 24 hours a day 7 days a week? If not, they should be. And they could start a second production line.

      If each step of the line takes 5 minutes, they should get 12 finished watches per hour, close to 100 watches per 8 hour shift. If a production step takes 10 minutes, break it into 2, 5 minute steps. 3 shifts yields 250 - 300 watches a day. Henry Ford figured all this out 100 years ago. They are only producing 500/20=25 watches a day. And they have been improving production since the end of October?

      Questions. How many watches per hour are u producing? Are you working 7x24? Why is the production so slow?

    6. (:lemens

      @Moon Cow: hard to say...
      There's always a trade of when looking at priorities. One of them in a magic triangle will always suffer.
      Quality is very important for the future - not only for watches to be delivered to backers but also in preparation for further retail sales. This is a necessity for the company to be able to keep selling the watch.
      Production speed is important as well to be able to fulfill backers rewards and later retail orders.
      On top of the hardware, the software should now be in good shape so use as many watches es possible to also test and stabilize.

    7. Ariel D. Araza on

      Always on track chasing an always moving target. The last time things were "on track" was towards an October 30 delivery. That is now past, and you're still on track? Jokers!

    8. Missing avatar

      Rolf Gloor on

      I do understand the disappointment of facing another delay.
      However, I do have some experience with product development / production.
      I have formerly worked as a flight test engineer for several years, then large projects management, also being involved in a technology startup, later doing innovation consulting. Now I am now working in machine industry and being regularly involved in new prototypes of our customers, I know that there are endless issues influencing and delaying serial production.
      Especially for a new startup and/or a complete new product line / design.
      For me it looks, as SEQUENT has done their homeworks, an carefully assessing, wheter to have to temporar disappoint "customers" with multiple delayts of delivery, or having a new watch/brand, that will suffer from a product, that doesn't fullfill planned expectations. And therefore damaging their longer term reputation.
      While a wished to have my ordered watch under the x-mas tree, I'd rather wait a bit longer and have more joy in the long term usage. Especially since I see the progress they make and the level of quality they target. Because I would bet, SEQUENT has not only planned to produce the bakers orders, but get the business up and rolling.

      I hope, your setup is now final, so you can let the production ramp up.
      Then get some rest over the x-mas holydays to re-charge your (personal) batteries. Then with new energy, start a new year and get the watches to the customers.
      And after covering the open bakers (paid orders), you can get out some watches to create some new cash flow.

      All the best.

      Best regards,

    9. Tapio Hedman on

      ”More good news”, ”We are on track with everything” - can’t say I share your sentiment anymore. Most likely we will never see the product.

    10. Missing avatar on

      Will you deliver in 2019???

    11. Missing avatar

      claudio3g on

      Ok, It will not be a great Xmas new, can we say happy easter? :-)
      Over Two year producing a watch it seems to be a very long time and probably you have Lost your profit.
      This Experience improve your skills, I guest.
      Thank you for all your reports about the Production and I hope to receive what you have promised before Easter.

    12. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      @Jorgen Hartogs - I don't remember exactly so you will have to go looking if you want to make sure but I believe they said they will ship by 'type'. For example they said the 1st watches they ship will be the stainless steel.

      Also I agree when you said "The issues are understandable and we are waiting patiently, but it seems a lot of the issues were not considered in advance and perhaps the scale of the project was underestimated"

      @(:lemens - What would your top 3 priorities be if you were in charge of the project? Just curious.

      I can't say why (because I have no idea myself) but all the talk about the quality makes me think it will be a small change like 99.9% to 100% and if that 0.1% difference means more waiting then personally I would be ok with 'just' the 99.9% version. On the other hand if it's more like 45% to 100% then I have to go back to part of what Jorgen said "it seems a lot of the issues were not considered in advance".

      @Kanda - If you look at 'modern' technology then the bluetooth is essentially obsolete already. 4.2 vs 5.

    13. Missing avatar

      alvinyee on

      Good job! 👍🏻

    14. Missing avatar

      Kanda on

      I hope that your watch is worth all the vanished hopes that we had to endure for two years. My worry is that by the time we receive the watch, the technology will be obsolete.
      Looking forward to seeing the watch soon if that is ever possible.
      Still wishing you the best .

    15. Missing avatar

      Sterling on

      IT seems that we are constantly hearing the same excuses. You have been promising a product that had better live up to its hype. And while I am sure that is what you are trying to accomplish, this looks like it will be the second Christmas without my watch. I dont want this to be the only watch I get from you, but if you don't find a better way to produce your product, your company will probably fade into history

    16. Missing avatar

      Durga Yalamanchi on

      That's great news! Anything positive is great!! Do these watches shipped at least by Telugu New Year that falls in March ? I backed two watches for my two kids' Undergrad graduation, now they are well into their careers.

    17. Missing avatar

      Cristian Nicula on

      So it's a fact, no new watch for Christmas...
      Anyway, dou you plan to finish production and shipping by Chinese newyear ?
      And more important, can we update our shipping details ?

    18. Jorgen Hartogs

      - if extra QC was introduced now does that mean the quality was still not as it should be?
      - why wasn’t the quality issue not identified earlier and the manufacturer reprimanded accordingly?
      - if a production facility doesn’t deliver the quality and the production speed you agreed with them, then in most circumstances there should be a discount or additional features or gadgets as compensation

      The issues are understandable and we are waiting patiently, but it seems a lot of the issues were not considered in advance and perhaps the scale of the project was underestimated

      After all the waiting I do hope to receive a watch for life of course.

    19. (:lemens

      Keep priority on quality 😉
      Schöne Adventszeit 🎅

    20. Jorgen Hartogs

      I’m fine with waiting, but just have a few questions:

      - how realistic are the changes of 1000 watches being shipped by the end of this year?
      - if 1000 watches are being shipped end of December when will they arrive?
      - which orders will you fulfill first? The first 1000 backers or certain regions?

    21. Mark Conlin on

      1000 by end of December, hopefully the process will speed up after that. If not, some of the ~4000 backers may be waiting beyond April?!