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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
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Assembly automation

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone, 

here we are with fresh news from the assembly site.
We already let you know that 500 watches were produced. Here you can see part of the production lined up for a picture:

As promised, we have brought more content for you so that you can see more from the actual production.


You can see the production in process, mainly the jigs that we were mentioning in one of the previous updates. Those jigs are helping us automatize and make the production faster. However we were not totally precise in their setting. What it means is that the production did not go as fast as we wanted and there is still need to tweak them for the best performance. We are sorry to say that but this will keep us and the factory occupied for another week and a half for sure.

We have noticed some quality improvements opportunities. We are in the process of implementing that with the factory directors and we are quite certain to have it improved in about 2 - 3 weeks for the next batch. Please note that for the moment shipping is still not possible, we are not meeting the requirements yet, we need to wait until we have more watches before we can put together a bigger bulk.

It is necessary to say that that everything is looking great even though we have a small hiccup now! We know that your patience has been tested but if possible, we would like to ask you for a few more drops. As always, we are totally honest and open with our communication because we value you, our backers! On the first place, you all are the reason that we can even write this update today.

Thank you all for your support, we are almost in the finish line!

Because it's already Friday, please expect the next update in two weeks from now.

Good day to all of you,
Sequent team.


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    1. Missing avatar

      MC on

      looking good

    2. Chng Jk on

      so glad i went on a whim and backed the Transparent 500 edition, even without a solid prototype, it looks really really really good here :-).

    3. Alexander Kazachkov on

      Awesome photos of the transparent Sequent SuperCharger! Great!

    4. Alexander Kazachkov on

      From their webpage:

      “The SuperCharger can track all your physical activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing & calorie burn.”

      I also asked last year which strap is better suited for swimming and they recommended the silicone strap for this kind of activity.

    5. Missing avatar

      Artem on

      Really cool update, it is a real light in the end of the tunnel! Thanks! Please, use time and resources to bring better quality!

      I do not remember, that this watch was designed for swimming activities in the first place. Also 5ATM is was not enough for swimming, you need 10ATM minimum.

    6. Filippo Rossano on

      Good news, products looks very good, bad news, at least next year for the watch. Arrived at this point one month more is not that much, let's hope for better quality, stunning Transparent Edition, congrats to all the future owners!
      Now some question, why the water resistance has been downgraded to 3 atm? It's now no more swimming-proof and nobody has declared it to us.
      Second one, the watch is thicker, what has changed the specs? Case manufacturer or other things?

    7. Missing avatar

      Matt Bond on

      And there goes Christmas present for 2018 :( Looking forward for Christmas 2019 already. Just do not sacrifice the quality! Do all the improvements in the quality you can, the best possible product is the only thing which will save you at the end from the massive dissapointment. Looking forward for next updates, now at least we see the little steps to the successfull end.

    8. (:lemens

      Great news :)
      Are those 500 watches all transparent steel edition, as I assume see the pictures?

    9. (:lemens

      If you forgot your choice go to and use your email-address you've used for kickstarter or you email-address you're using for facebook, if you use your facebook-account to login to kickstarter. Then you'll either get a summary of your survey answers or can login to backerkit.

    10. Jeroen Schippers on

      Is it possible to do another questionaire in the colors of the dial and straps? I forgot my choice..