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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
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At the factory, overseeing the production

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello our dear backers,

please accept our apology for a late update and let us explain what caused it.
We are currently at the factory and performing a thorough QC of the first batch of produced watches.

The important information is that in the past week the first 500 production pieces were assembled and currently we are thoroughly checking every single piece out of this 500 to validate the assembly processes.
We would like to share the assembly steps with you:

1) Thorough QC of all of our incoming parts from various vendors (already done when we received, and done again even more thoroughly before each assembly batch).
2) Assembling the upper and lower watch case.
3) Injection tooling for the HR lenses.
4) Automated gluing to ensure perfect bonding between the heart rate lens and the lower glass.
5) Installation of the flexible PCB (FPC) that connects the heart rate sensor to our main electronics module.
6) Careful assembly of the MGS Kinetic Charging system into the lower case.
7) Application of the upper half of the flexible PCB which connects the electronic parts of the energy capture system and the crown button to the main board.
8) Installation of the mainboard into the dial face, then applying the watch hands to the pinions on the gear boxes.
9) Connecting the mainboard/watch dial module, vibration motor, and other components to the flexible PCB connector.
10) Aligning all internal parts and running a test program to ensure all functions are working.
11) Sealing the glass and performing water pressure testing.
12) Testing the wireless antennas and connection performance, then running a full diagnostics program for a 14 point firmware function check.
13) Final 15 point visual inspection of the watch.
14) Packaging.

We are still reviewing everything and improving some of the steps at this very moment. But as a starter you can check out this video displaying the water pressure testing of Sequent watch:

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We still have a lot of work to do here with the factory technicians. But we are collecting more content and once we are finished her we will share it with you, most likely next Wednesday.

Have a nice Sunday,
your Sequent team.

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    1. Moose Man on

      “Most likely next Wednesday”

      I think they meant next week as that would be a one month (close) window since production was supposed to start on 10/29. There is probably a cosmic significance to that date since Wednesday is 11/28.

      That said the subtle difference between “this” Wednesday and “next” Wednesday is often miss applied as I take ‘next’ to mean after the most future Wednesday.

      So I’m expecting an update 11/28 and I’m going to say that’s probably when they are scheduled to leave the factory and return to Switzerland based upon purchased airfare, but I’m guessing.

    2. Mark Conlin on

      Is 'next Wednesday' in this update next week or was it the Wednesday that has just passed?

    3. Moose Man on

      @Moon Cow,

      You finally get it, good to see that.

      This is the creators project and we are simply along for the ride at this point.

      Now a year ago, before production started, was the time to ask questions and make requests.

      Now we sit back and relax and wait for someone to post receiving tracking information and let the thrill begin again.

    4. (:lemens

      Even though this is update 42, it isn't the answer to all questions 🤣

    5. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on


      I think you could be right. I'm trying to learn with this experience. I know I've asked questions of several kinds (probably annoying, stupid or unanswerable at the time) but for me I know it always came from a place of inexperience and excitement. I'm not trying to judge (it may turn out that way regardless) but reading through some of the comments makes me feel like a lot of people are coming solely from a place of entitlement.

      Also with Moose Man saying he's out I figured I might as well try to pick up these "gimme what I paid for NOW!" comments at the very least, even if they've been getting annoying ever since they started popping up and always getting the same answer as a response.

      I'm going to go ahead and say I think I'll still ask things but I'll try not to make them repetitions of things already asked.

    6. João Gonçalves on

      Djizas Chris, I see people complain all throughout kickstarter.

      "Where's my money, where's mah stuff bruh"
      This child like mentality man, is getting to me...

      Dude, let the guys that KNOW HOW to build the stuff you want, built it the best way they can.
      So sit back, chill the fuck down and wait like a proper adult.

      To the guys at SEQUENT, thank you so much for the hard work guys!
      Don't let spoiled kids ruin your love for the product you wanna build, the way you wanna build.

    7. (:lemens

      @Moon Cow: I like your attitude 😉 I think it changed during the campaign 🙂

    8. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      @Mark Appleby,

      You can have it when it arrives at your door. Simple as that.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Appleby on

      When can I have what I paid for.

    10. Missing avatar on

      When will you start to deliver 2019, 2020 or never ?

    11. Fredouille Plu on

      Hello, when will you start shipping?
      How long do you estimate to deliver everybody? Before Xmas or after.
      Let people adapt their address.
      I hope it was worth the wait.
      Have a nice day.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thiang YH on

      I have been trying to change my delivery address. Since the delivery has been delayed for so long, why not allow change of delivery address. I am now living in another country. Hope you can consider this.

    13. (:lemens

      You don't have to apologize about a "delay" of two days posting an update.🤔
      It's better to have a compelling update with some concrete information like this one than posting some uncertain things just to post something. 😉
      Especially in the current phase of getting the production running smoothly and doing severe QA and optimization, this work is most important.👍

      You also should reopen the address-entry in backerkit for everyone to get the addresses reconfirmed and give a chance to change them. Otherwise you end up in numerous singe messages to answer or a least to confirm that a change has been noted.🤔

    14. Missing avatar

      D.Lee on

      Anyone can tell me how long delayed?

    15. Missing avatar

      D.Lee on

      It' always apology............

    16. Missing avatar

      Hubert on

      Keep up the good work ! You are doing things right, putting the highest priority on quality. I’d rather get a durable product a little later than a piece of junk within a few weeks from the end of the kickstarter campaign.

    17. Nonov Yurbiz on

      Thanks for the update. It seems we're near shipping time. You should probably open the order confirmation again so backers can update info. It's been a year.

    18. Missing avatar

      nabil bukhari on

      I have moved, I need to change my delivery address.

    19. Missing avatar

      Simon Roy Cave on

      Hi, I have sent numerous emails asking to change my delivery address and have not had a reply. Can you please contact me ASAP?