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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
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Still tuning, still on track with final assembly

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

good Friday to you all.

Firstly we would like to say that we are still on track with production beginning on October 29th, as announced in the previous two updates.
We are still testing FW and app, improving and tuning the code.

Secondly, we would like to address some of your questions because we believe it could be helpful for everyone to know.
So to let you know, Sequent watches support following:

   •    manual offline time adjustment and manual offline time zone adjustment
   •    phone-free GPS time setting (automatic sync of the watch time with the phone's time)
   •    watch hands calibration - this needs to be done the first time you receive the watch, this allows the watch to accurately move the hands with the time

Today, we will keep it this short.
However, once again, we would like to stress that we are working on the watch day and night. And once again, we would like to say that quality is important to us and that quality will be delivered to you as well!

Great weekend to you all,
your Sequent team.


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    1. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on

      Hi guys,

      - what we mean is that you can change time without using your phone. We never meant that the watch is fully autonomous without a phone, it is not.
      - we will assemble in bulks
      - each batch will be dispatched after the assembly, not waiting for next batches
      - Steel edition watches will be assembled first
      - further information in tomorrow's update

    2. Taigi Maeda on

      @Moon Cow thanks for the comment. I understand the ship when it ships portion, and I have backed a few projects both successful and utter failures. I have nothing against waiting, but in some cases some projects will send out model A vs model B first as production and packaging is completed on each model. Others have completed all production and packaging before starting the shipping process for all models.

    3. Moose Man on


      Well no wonder I didn’t recognize him, I’m old but not Napoleonic old. 😉

    4. (:lemens

      @Moose: It's not an avatar. It's the former Prussian General Field Marshall Blücher who defeated Napoleon several times and also turned the page in the battle of Waterloo when it was almost lost. He's kind of an uncle to me 😉

    5. Missing avatar

      David on

      Can you please let us know if you are still on schedule with the start of production this week?

    6. Moose Man on


      Who is your avatar? I don’t recognize him.

    7. Andy Barton on

      What's the delivery schedule. Please let's not miss another Christmas!

    8. (:lemens

      Take a look at Update #38 - production will start next week.

    9. Missing avatar on

      When will you start to deliver? Have i to wait another year?

    10. Moose Man on

      @Martin Barcansky,

      The price was always somewhat variable in the EU due to the tariffs in that geography. This was pointed out several times in the main comments that the user was responsible for those tariffs or charges, which if my understanding is correct (I'm in the USA so I not 100% familiar with EU regs) these vary slightly by country and COO.

      Trump has instituted Tariffs now in the USA and I'm not certain that the watch would fall into that tariff situation but how could we expect Sequent to forecast that this would occur? How can you ask someone to cover a cost that wasn't foreseen at the onset of the program? They obviously had no knowledge of this happening prior to the campaign.

      I'll be succinct with my position:

      It's wrong to ask for any additional compensation as we contracted for our rewards.

      Sequent may choose to provide additional compensation but it's at their option.

      But if we start asking for additional compensation - I can quite certainly state - none of us will fully happy and some will think that whatever they get is unfair to their specific situation. So I believe it's best not to ask so as not to be further dissappointed.

    11. Missing avatar

      Matt Bond on

      @Moose Man what about the price? Shouldn't it stay the same? Including the post and tax? Because if they will be sending watches from Thaiwan to EU, price for the tax and post will make around 40% of original already paid price. And they are 1 year late. I would suggest they cover at least that.

    12. Moose Man on

      @Andy Ho Yu Fung,

      No they shouldn't.

      You backed this watch without immediate gratification and just because it hit a few snags now you want MORE.

      No - they don't owe us anything except what was agreed upon in the original agreement.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andy Ho Yu Fung on

      Sequent should seriously consider giving extra gifts for compensating our waiting. As we all know that time is consuming, and it is priceless for time = life.

    14. Missing avatar

      Pascal A on

      Nice to hear that - for the moment - all is on track :D

      I have folling question regarding the app. Does it have an export funtion? .txt/xls with all the main data (Km, steps, HR (even raw data))

    15. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      Sounds great! "phone-free GPS time setting (automatic sync of the watch time with the phone's time)" sounds contradictory to me though. I don't see how the watch can be phone free and still sync with the phones time. Also isn't "manual offline time adjustment and manual offline time zone adjustment" essentially the same thing when it comes to watches that can only display one time at a time? So that's another thing I can't quite wrap my head around.

      @Taigi Maeda: I think several people here have basically said "it'll ship when it ships". We haven't been told a firm ship date yet (I'm personnally assuming they don't even have one, but that's my personal assumption) but we know they're "still on track with production beginning on October 29th".

      As far as who they use to ship the watches I see it as being up to the shipping company they're working with but again I have no idea about that either.

      So essentially after reading this you're only left with my 2¢. Sorry I couldn't be more/any help.

    16. Taigi Maeda on

      If production starts on the 29th, what would be the expected ship date? Will there be a difference on a) order which and individual supported this project, b)which specific model was chosen (black vs s/s etc) I'm still not holding you to the 29th date as I've backed a number of projects and very rarely do they ship complete as s
      Initially scheduled. One other item of note. As a Canadian, with Canada Post probably going on strike how will that affect the delivery of the product? Regards