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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
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Watch hands calibration + time setting

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello our dear backers,

it's time for some fresh news for you. 

As described in our last update, we are tweaking and fine tuning the watch firmware and mobile app with the hardware.
We have talked a lot about what keeps us busy these days so we decided the best would be to give you a short sneak peek. You can see two basic operations in this video.

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Even though we have not shown too much we believe you can get a good grasp of what the interaction will be like.

One last important information, our schedule is not changing, we are on track with the assembly.
Same applies to firmware and application, everything goes as planned.

Have a good weekend,
your Sequent team.

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    1. renkoelk on

      Awesome. Indeed...

    2. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      Thanks for clarifying the calibration. I think I understand it a little better now

    3. Pe-haus on

      Nett, dass ihr uns auf dem Laufenden halten möchtet. Ihr habt ein Jahr Verspätung und nun zeigt ihr uns wie man eine Uhr per Bluetooth steuert. Schön, aber es würde mich interessieren, ob ich die Uhr unter dem Weihnachtsbaum 2018 finden werde.

      Nice, that you want to keep us up to date. You are one year to late and now you show us how to control a watch via Bluetooth. Nice, but I would like to know if I will find this watch under the Christmas tree 2018.

    4. (:lemens

      Calibration of hands has to be done, because the hands can obviously be moved independent. In normal watch movement they usually move together with some more gears within the movement. All those gears take space so Sequent seems to have decided to use independent stepper motors. On top the hands could be utilized to show something by moving them to defined positions.

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Appleby on

      I’d like to know when the Uk delivery is please.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jean-Samuel Boisvert on

      For those wondering what calibrate is about, it probably is to calibrate the position of the big and little hands. I assume that since it’s a smartwatch with actual hands and dial, it only knows the exact hand position from calibration. I doubt that there are sensors for both hands position. From the video, you can see that both hands were set at noon, if you set the big hand at 5 mins, the time will always be the time you set + 5 mins, because calibration seems the only way the watch has to know the location of both hands.

    7. Missing avatar on

      The watch was planned as a christmes gift in 2017 , not sure i will get it in 2018 , what a great plan.

    8. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      I don't understand what 'calibrate device' does. To me it looks like it sets the time but obviously I'm wrong because 'set time' is the second feature shown in the video.

      On that note I also thought that the time would be set automatically when you connect the watch to the phone so I don't see why that is an extra feature in the app. If I remember correctly there was also a comment a long time ago saying you can set the time with the dial on the watch. So essentially it looks like there's about 3 different ways to do the same thing.

      If someone could explain the use of the 'calibrate device' feature that would be very much appreciated.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kris on

      All the whiners are blind again, of course.
      "October 29th, which is when the final watch assembly should start"

    10. Zhi-Cheng Lee on

      Hope Sequent Watch can adjust time without internet connect (for example: on airplane)
      I have Matrix Powerwatch and Mi-Watch. both watch can't adject time offline, it let me crazy (I fly across time zone more than 20 times a year).

    11. Hoang Long on

      “Everything goes as planned”
      When I look at my perk tab, I see i should have received the watch in December 2017.
      What version of the plan are we talking about now?

    12. Alessandro Mulloni on

      Thanks for the update, nice progress. I hope you will also offer an option to automatically sync the watch time with the phone's time. I always find it cumbersome to update all my analog watches to local time when I travel abroad, I wouldn't want to have to update this watch manually too. Let us know whenever you have a final estimate of delivery!

    13. Missing avatar

      Abdo Mansuor on

      (everything goes as planned)
      What plan do you mean?
      You never had a plan or a real Binding dates!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mztrader on

      What is the last schedule ??? Delivery time??

    15. Hassassin on

      May be the lighting but it looks fugly to me

    16. Taigi Maeda on

      Looks great, glad to hear that your last schedule update hasn't changed. Can't wait to have it on my wrist.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stuart Gibb on

      This looks awesome

    18. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Delaire on

      Glad to see it live ! Just need to be a little more patient

    19. Danny Maijer on

      Yeah. Cool. Start shipping?

    20. (:lemens

      I assume we need the app only to calibrate and choose to set the time using the app and not having it automatically change by GPS?

    21. Missing avatar

      Monsieur Hood on

      The app looks cool.