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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
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Firmware and mobile app tuning 2

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Dear backers,

it's time for another update. 

Let's begin with the topic of shipping. Many of you are asking for a solid date of the shipments.
There is still too much to do so we still cannot commit to a specific shipments date but we can already announce date of October 29th, which is when the final watch assembly should start.

We can feel you might have wanted to hear an earlier date, so to explain, there are two main reasons why it's October 29th:
1) Due to the fact that we had to change the whole FPC unit, we missed earlier assembly window. Now the factory is working on a different project so October 29th is the closes possible time slot. But it's ours.
2) This should give us enough time to work on solid stable version of firmware and mobile application.

Many of you have been asking why it takes this much time to code firmware and application. We want to ensure you that we have been working on both the whole time of Sequent project being live. Because we exchanged FPC, which is one of the core watch components, inevitably we had to do some main changes to firmware and application as well. We are talking about a smart watch which means very complex system and big load of work. We would like to give you some examples to demonstrate the volume of work:
• FPC exchange caused certain core modifications to watch firmware.
• As we have been working on Firmware, Hardware, iOS, and Android somewhat independently, last 2 weeks have been focused on tuning everything to work together. From working out the communication protocols between the dual processors on board (ultra-low power core IC for time and accelerometer + a powerful processor that enables our low energy wireless, HR, and GPS into the smallest module combined on the market) to working out auto-setting time via GPS, RTC calibration with the phone through the app, and time zone calibration.
• One more example, let's imagine the architecture as a layer cake. Each layer building on top of the previous one. So if we go from the bottom it is Bluetooth communication modules, data reader/writer module, core OS API integration parts, HealthKit and Fit, Secure Storage and many many more…
• Generally speaking, changing the lower layers of cake means all other parts on top need to be changed, too. Then application needs to be distributed to our testers, we have to ensure all test watch devices are updated to latest firmware, too and with that we are collecting results from the field tests.
• In any software development, the last 10 % of work takes at least 50 % of time.

We hope you can see now why we say it is a massive work. Because it is a massive work. And it takes time. There is one key point thought. Our firmware and application teams are working extremely hard and are doing incredibly great job, as opposed to big corporations they are progressing very fast, collecting feedback from sample watches, evaluating results and making updates where needed.
With this in mind we are very confident to say that it is very realistic to reach October 29th for final production.

To sum up, we are working day and night (no exaggerating at all) and we are getting close to the finish line of October 29th. And soon, all together, we will get there.

Thank you all for your support,
have a great weekend,

Sequent team.


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    1. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on

      @ everyone
      Thank you for your support!

      @ Stefan Zangger
      @ Robin Abraham
      @ Kristian Varne
      We have chosen Floship and have a great faith they will do a good job.

      @ greg Brindley
      We will prove you wrong :)

    2. Moose Man on

      @greg Brindley,

      It's difficult to change canoe's in the middle of the stream - one thing here I've learned is never expect or even think that a refund is possible.

      Some projects - mostly those that are repeat KS project people - have been known to refund but rarely.

      The only thing that I would hope at this point is that Sequent has learned a lot and if they ever opt to use KS again, they would apply the knowledge learned to avoid any similar pitfalls.

    3. Missing avatar

      greg Brindley on

      Agreed. No chance of a refund at this point. Rather, given what was known in the very early stages, something should have been done then.

      If nothing else, if they made an offer their credibility wouldn't be in question.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Marsh

      This is the 4th watch I've backed on kickstarter, and not one of them was delivered on time. On KS, it's not a retail shop and development delays happen frequently.

      Hell, I've still got one project I've been waiting 7 years for it to be finished

    5. Missing avatar

      Artem on

      @Rohan Vishwasrao,
      I think you misunderstood the update. Sequent is taking the additional time just to finish/optimize the software.

    6. Missing avatar

      Rohan Vishwasrao on

      Dear Sequent Team,

      Just a month for software development? Clearly you know this not sufficient.

      If your software turns out to be crappy, the whole project/ product will be jepordized.
      I dont need to tell you that.

      Already the launch has been delayed, take some more time, and deliver a true 'Swiss Quality' product. If the quality is sub-par, I will loose all faith in these type of projects.

      For the case of this community, deliver a good quality product.

    7. (:lemens

      @Shoaib: you've just backed one project on Kickstarter. You should have better considered the risks involved in crowdsourcing a product development. Kickstarter is NOT a retail-shop.
      Sequent always informed us backers about what's going on. They were doing this during funding and also during development and sourcing. If I would have had a bad feeling about this, I might have pulled my pledge before the funding - which I did in other cases to not lose money. However, there always remains some uncertainty - so if you can't afford it don't back or invest in uncertain projects or companies and stocks.
      I'm sure I didn't lose money by backing this. I clearly see that Sequent is on a good way bringing the watch to mass production. Since I'm working in a company where we also develop ideas and products and bring them to mass production, I might have some other understanding about development-projects and the transition to mass production that is currently happening.

    8. Missing avatar

      Artem on

      And please tell Sequent that you refuse the watch (cuz you already lost your money) so they can send me one more, when they finish it )))

    9. Missing avatar

      Artem on

      @Shoaib Akram Chaudhary,
      OK, we lost our money a year ago when we backed this project, and now what? You still coming here to tell me, and other backers that you lost your money? We all got your point. Just let it go and move on )))

    10. Shoaib Akram Chaudhary on

      like always a bunch of sequent's own employees are commenting positively and trying to tame the other commentators..people with lots of self proclaimed ks experience and backings. I would like to stick to my previous stance and that is, "I have hopelessly lost my money in this nonsense called KS"

    11. Missing avatar

      Freek on

      Estimated Delivery: Dec 2017
      Quote update Sep 21 2018: "October 29th, which is when the final watch assembly should start. "

      WTF WERE YOU GUYS SMOKING WHEN YOU LAUNCHED THIS CAMPAIGN? In what universe was this watch EVER going to meet ANY deadline?

    12. Missing avatar

      Kristian Varne on

      Keep up the good work, keep the updates coming. Better with some updates than none! I hope you dont care about the whiners and keep focus on quality, the reason I backed your project was because I got a feeling that this would be a quality product, not plastic buggy crap. And as for the software/app, take your time, make sure it runs smoothly and with No bugs! And also as many People say in the comments, please make sure to use an serious delivery method! Looking forward to hear from you.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jean-Samuel Boisvert on

      When things don’t happen right away, just remember that it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota. If you go with the crowd then you drive a Toyota not a Rolls-Royce.

    14. Nonov Yurbiz on

      Sad. No new watch for xmas 2018.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rolf Gloor on

      Dear SEQUENT WATCH Team

      Thanks for your Update and your regular and open communication. While it should be, such consistent, detailed and open communication is not the standard at Kickstarter projects.
      By participating in this Kickstarter campaign, for a technical product with quite high complexity and also some software apps, I KNEW it would be tough to reach the initial target date. I was hopping you could deliver rather earlier than later. But as a matter of facts, I was prepared that such a project could be delayed up to well a year.
      So don't get distracted by some whiners, who confuse a complex Kickstarter project with a simple one or a regular online shopping with some lead time.

      I hope everything is working out well and you can utilise your new production / manufacturing time window.
      Keep the good work up and if your product is ready - get it out.

    16. Missing avatar

      Yuki Stalph on

      It’s really sad that you guys keep making only excuses.
      It has been a smart watch from the beginning and still is. I can imagine it’s a lot of work but I always thought so from the beginning. That’s why it’s disappointing.
      You just completely failed in making estimations. Hopefully you will succeed in delivering quality at least.

    17. Moose Man on

      Greg brindley,

      So you think they could get a refund from their suppliers at this point thus giving us all refunds?

      It doesn’t work that way.

      They’ve spent probably more then they received in pledges so this is how KS works.

      I’ve never seen a refund at this late stage. In fact in my 50+ projects I only got one refund and two other failures. The refund came only because the project lead bluntly lied and since he was in TX I threatened off take him to small claims court. If he’d been any other state wouldn’t of worked.

    18. Missing avatar

      greg Brindley on

      Frankly, there are so many charitable sponsors here when in reality the project should have been dropped with all sponsors given their money back: and then given first option once the project was actually at a viable stage.

      Only time will tell if course, however I believe that it won't be until the second quarter of 2019 when we actually recieve our watches.

      I would like to be proven wrong, however having been in various businesses - as an owner - for many years, the diatribe that's now been going on for many months smacks of poor management and other issues.

    19. Jon651 on

      @Chandrashekar - I could not disagree more that the most important thing for backers is the delivery date. I feel that the most important thing is the quality of the item delivered instead. If Thomas Edison bowed to the pressure from backers to deliver an electric light bulb before it was ready we would still be using gas lanterns to light our homes today! The most common options for almost any KS project is (take your pick) - a sub-par product delivered on time or a superior product delivered late. Sequent has been open and honest so far, and for that they will receive the favor of my patience.

    20. Missing avatar

      Alex Muc on

      I think you understimate the time which every piece of all the parts of the hole project needs. From my perspective the 29th oct. you do not start the final assembling in the factory. One month is like nothing in a sofware development process.

      Take your time!!! Waiting since a few months, so some additional time dosn't really matter. Bring a well developt product to your customers. Don't make the mistake to deliver premature a not really finished product.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ynte de Groot on

      Thanks for the frequent updates!
      Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to see the peace of art your team have made.

    22. Missing avatar

      Abdo Mansuor on

      So far - I have one comment on this project. (Failed)

    23. Missing avatar

      Artem on

      Thanks for the update, the last mile is always hardest, I'm waiting for my great watch from you!

    24. Robin Abraham on

      I think you’re doing fine. I would rather wait an extra month for everything to be perfect. I’ve been let down by Kickstarter projects before and appreciate your transparency. One request though - when it does come to delivery I have had problems in the past with Kickstarter projects using the cheapest delivery method. We have spent a lot of money on the watch so please ensure you use signed for door to door delivery. Thanks

    25. Esther Hoffman on

      @Thoralf - I work in an IT environment with programmers who are constantly recoding and making major updates because one little thing was off, and that one thing caused a chain reaction of other little things throwing errors and messing up vital processes. Changing software because of a piece of hardware that's a different shape, size or weight makes A LOT of sense to me. The function of a self-charging smartwatch is mostly based on the weight that pulls as it moves around.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chandrashekar on

      In fact, I feel so much let down that I have stopped browsing over the updates. The very mail Update from Sequent Watch is putting me off. My humble submission with you is that let there not be a repeat of this. Never Ever. Tqs.

    27. Missing avatar

      Chandrashekar on

      Indeed yes Mr TF .. it is getting crazier at every update. While quite of us agree that there appears to be transparency on several issues that could have been done at the background, the bottom line is project has delayed a bit far beyond expectations. I for one am almost there on the verge of losing hopes on our much glorified "sequent watch".
      It is not how much transparency is exhibited but the actual delivery that matters for the backers.
      I am sorry to say that KS as a team should not be surprised if there are less & less takers / backers for its upcoming projects. Please do not be discouraged, but effort to deliver asap.

    28. Missing avatar

      Teeff on

      This is getting crazier and crazier. FPC change causes massive change in core programming. Isn't that a passive part?

      Everything else was known: Health kit and fit requirements, what software architectures look like for such a project, ... .

      To teach us now is for me the confession at the beginning you had no idea of anything. Just admit that you hopelessly overestimated yourself. That would be more honest than finding any excuses again and again. That would be human and would perhaps bring back one or two sympathies.

      But please, please stop pushing responsibility to others and others, or finding reasons, for everything what delayes the project, by others instead at yourselve.

      Deliver the hardware urgently. Bring the software functions step by step later.

    29. Alexander Kazachkov on

      Thank you for your updates and all the information. Thank you for this project. I will wait, until I can experience your work in person.

      Keep up the positive work!

    30. Missing avatar

      Wheeler on

      This was a good update. I like details; the more the merrier.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stefan Zangger on

      Hope you will NOT make the same mistake as your competitors from MyKronoz and when their watches finally were ready, they did not care the logistics details and all customers were furious because they had to wait other months to get their watches delivered! Don't relay on the big multinational logistics companies! They will not personally care in your projects, choose an SME who is ready and available to give you high quality services for distribution. Check on - they are able to give you a personalized services. -
      best regards
      Stefan Zangger

    32. Mohamed Selim on

      Thanks for the transparency, It really means a lot. At least we can update our time frame estimation for the delivery date. Keep the good working :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Matt Bond on

      Ok then, so lets hope fore delayed Christmas present. And by delayed I mean from last year, hopefully making it under the Christmas tree this year.

    34. Arran Jaundrill on

      Thank you for actually telling us what's going on. If you said this stuff earlier on, people would be more understanding of the delays.

    35. Missing avatar on

      Still ten month delay, an i think nobody will get th watch this year.

    36. Missing avatar

      Crawford on

      Good news and thanks for a great update.