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swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
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Firmware and mobile app tuning

Posted by Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

here we come with fresh news about Sequent watch. 

Let's give you good news right away :) We are very happy to announce that in terms of hardware we are completely finished. All components are approved and passed our QC after the assembly. It also means that the assembly process is approved.

The software side is something where we still need to get some work done.
More specifically, firmware and mobile application.
It is necessary to say that tuning the app and the firmware together is a massive work. Just for you get grasp of this complexity, firmware itself already has a few hundreds of KB! Application has more than 200,000 lines of code, iOS integration means 15 APIs and Android integrations up to 20! It really is a massive work.

It seems that we still have a few weeks of work ahead of us in that regard so we would like to ask you for a bit of patience.
Good news is that all the major functions are working of course, we just need to make some improvements here and there.

Stay with us for more new in two weeks' time.

We wish you a great weekend,
Sequent team.

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    1. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on

      @ everyone

      As we have informed you in the past, we had to change one of the most important electronics components. That is the reason for more extensive tuning of firmware, consequently application.
      Of course we have been coding the whole time during the prototyping period.
      We will bring more information in our next regular update.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daria Miura on

      Until now I considered myself as a patient backer, but these tones of details from you make me actually more and more confused about constant delays of this project. So, would you be simply kind and let us know when we eventually get the watch on our hand? Thank you.

    3. Pe-haus on

      Da hört sich so an, als würdet ihr bald das fertige Produkt liefern.
      Mit Ruhm habt ihr euch jetzt mal nicht bekleckert.
      Hoffentlich ist die Uhr besser als eure Planung und Durchführung.

    4. Missing avatar

      Artem on

      you can discuss here anything you want, or write them an email or PM.

    5. Moose Man on


      Since April had hiccups due to case issues, if you’d read the updates, Sequent is no longer stating a hard date.

    6. Phil on

      I just got one question. In an update some month ago, delivery was promised to be on April 2018. What's the actual estimated delivery date.
      Furthermore I have some questions concerning your investors, as I did some research. Please contact me directly as I don't want to discuss it in the chat.

      Looking forward to my SequentWatch

    7. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      @Moose Man,

      I see your point but I can't say I agree with some of your comment. It's a good thing that disagreeing with each other has no effect on the watch progress hahaha!

      I looked at the May update as you suggested and found that most of the questions were repeated questions from the past. Some questions whose answers you may find in previous comments or on the campaign page or maybe even in the FAQ, and then you have your unfortunately common "when will it be delivered?" comments.

      I've never actually heard of a software roadmap so I can't comment on that but I agree that the beta testing without a watch seems futile and I think these firm ship date questions need to stop. I get it, people are impatient for the watch but a million others have asked that question so why do you think you'd get a different response if you ask about the shipping?

      Now on to the part of your comment I disagree with. I personally don't want info because I think it'll solve the issue (honestly though I'm not sure which issue you're referring to here), I want info because I am excited about this project/product, yes maybe at times I can be impatient about it as well but if I can be confident in their ability through asking questions and receiving pertinent responses then my impatience goes away and my trust in them as a company increases aka customer relations. I've told a few people about this watch but lately all I've been able to say is that it keeps being delayed and I have no idea why but they're all frustrated about that hahahaha. Slightly off topic, I have had my fair share of experience with action cameras although most of my experience is with GoPro. I think GoPro is the best of the bunch in that matter but they're still not good if you know what I mean? I said that GoPro is the best of the bunch but if someone asked me I would not recommend them because of the terrible experiences I had with their customer service. Going back to the watch I will say that it would be nice to have it in hand but if they need to take their time (pun possibly intended) then by all means.

      If shutting down communication was their chosen path I just wish they would've informed us. Yes in theory I suppose shutting down communication to focus on delivery may make things move along faster but if you think of an outsider, who has no knowledge of the history of this project, looking in and they see that Sequent has stopped communication out of the blue then they may think that as being reminiscent of the beginnings of a scam (even though we already established that as an impossibility).

      Having the watch will be a definite plus, more so if it's complete instead of a half done slob.

      "all of this posturing for information, well, we didn't have it when we backed so why is it so critical now?"

      Like I said earlier in my comment I believe it to be better for customer relations/trust in the company, than anything else. Not saying I didn't trust them before I bought the watch, I was actually more focused on how cool the idea of the watch itself was, rather than anything about the company. Maybe that was a mistake as a first time backer. The thing is, if Sequent decides to start answering questions again I think they have to find a middle ground. Smartly decide which questions to answer and answer them intelligently and clearly to reduce the likelihood of potential follow up questions to the original.

      Going back to the beginning of my comment, us agreeing or not has no say in the outcome of the watch so at least there's that.

    8. Moose Man on

      @Moon Cow,

      Go look at the May update regarding the screen shots from the software. It spawned more questions.

      This update - you have folks stating things like "did you just now remember" the software?

      Other folks want a software roadmap, others want to beta test the software (which to me without a working watch seems futile) and still others want a firm ship date which to me is also futile, it's akin to ordering a new car with all of the options and demanding to know when it's going to arrive down to the minute.

      I get it - people want information and somehow they think that information will solve the issue - the only issue is, in my mind, is we backed a project and we won't be satisfied until we receive what we backed.

      Perhaps Sequent has realized that and has decided to shut down communication and focus on delivery - I wouldn't blame them - as it seems to be somewhat a normal path of projects that have gone long.

      Now that KS has tightened their security protocols and you can no longer see previous comments made by users on other projects unless their profile is public - then it's much more difficult to see that I've been down this road before with "long" projects.

      I'll say it again - we won't be happy until we have the watch - and all of this posturing for information, well, we didn't have it when we backed so why is it so critical now?

      We are at the same crossroads we were a year ago - we are waiting on delivery.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jez smith on

      Not sure how well this business is being run, but surely you don’t wait to build the watch and then work out the App to allow it to function.
      Get a grip and start delivering some meaningful results

    10. Missing avatar

      Evdokimov Fedor ALekseevich on


      Could you show your softwares roadmap?

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul Renato on

      Just to pile on some of previous feedback, it is frustrating that you don't have a ship-able version of the app at this stage. Hopefully it doesn't delay further.

    12. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      @Moose Man,

      I may need a pitch for why answering questions will lead to more questions. I see answering questions only as a positive. Sure there have been a ton of repeated questions but I don't think it's fair that it's either all questions be answered or none.

      Maybe it's not important but I'm also curious why you're ok with a lack of information if they're focused on delivery. How much of a change from the campaign to the final product do you want to be surprised about when you receive the watch? This might be a stretch of an example but, if someone promised to give you a gold bar but on the day of and without previous communication they give you a chicken, wouldn't you have questions about that or at least be confused about it?

      @(:lemens No offense taken. I actually never considered Sequent having to balance that. My solution (possibly unlikely) would be that instead on 1 update they post 2. One update that is simple and to the point and the other update which is more detailed. Personally I do think if they can only do one update to make it more simple though. Reason being is that if it's more detailed then the people who don't understand will be asking for a translation (as I have done a few times) and then possibly other questions on top of that, whereas if it is a simple update then the people who want more details can ask about those things specifically and the people who like it more simple don't need to deal with those details.

    13. Moose Man on


      Do not mistake my comments for less is more, or my lack of complaining about wanting more details as not wanting more details.

      I’d always like more information but after a year of comments and questions with many of them answered multiple times, I can empathize with Sequent if they think it distracting and not productive to the end desire of shipping.

      See my Catch 22 reference.

      They won’t get a mass positive swell until they ship and once we have the watch(es) in our hands then all of this distraction will be moot.

      And as long as they are focused on delivering then I’m ok with a lack of information. I backed the watch with less information then I have now so every tidbit is icing on the cake.

    14. (:lemens

      @Moose Man: I'd like to have more details - but I'm in Product/Software Development ;) from the comments I, however, read that the (no offense) average backer gets confused by too many details and people like us who got a deeper understanding sometimes don't feel to get informed as they'd like to be. It's hard to find the right balance for Sequent, I think.

    15. Moose Man on

      And if they did the backers would still want more.

      We will ONLY be satisfied when the watch is in our hands and I believe rather then distractions being answered here, they’ve decided to focus on delivery (just my guess).

      Answering questions or providing a timeframe would only prompt more questions.

      It’s a Catch 22.

    16. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      @Pascal A I don't know if more details is a good thing. Maybe getting help from backers is a good idea but I know that personally if I knew more it would just confuse me as to what is happening and what the future plan is so based on that it may confuse other first time backers as well.

      With that said I think it may be better that Sequent tells us what their current goals/struggles are, what they are doing to accomplish them and overcome the current problems and possibly what problems could show up in the future (not too sure if the 'possible problems' is a good idea).

      In short give us a proposed plan with short simple steps and tell us what issues you might face with this plan and how you will surpass the issues.

    17. Missing avatar

      João Pedro Grilo Soares on

      No MVP?do you expect us to believe that You just realized the firmware-app communication issues now? After one year? Just ship it please, respect your backer's

    18. Missing avatar

      Pascal A on

      Ohhh, didn't expect that. To avoid more delays, it would be nice to have more insights about the problems.
      It might be that we as backers could help

    19. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      @Hariram Pathangi I think you and other backers are asking the wrong question. If Sequent tells us a date and they can not meet it then that is something else for backers to be angry with. Or maybe they do meet the date but when we receive the watch it does not work like it should. Then backers will be mad about that. I will say I am also disappointed with the execution.

    20. Missing avatar

      Hariram Pathangi on

      Excuse after excuse very disappointed with the execution. Doesn't the hackers are happy with your excuse . Let us know the date . It's more than an year since you have taken the money from your backer. When are you planning to ship the watch

    21. Missing avatar

      Berthold Möller on

      Hi, i am a software developper. What are today the most recent "new" circumstances, why you do need to do more software work? You are yust one year over time, so i think you may get in trouble vor a long time, if your software part hasn't worked good enough the last months ... .

      kind regards

    22. Missing avatar

      bonobo65 on

      Did you just remember you had to also work on software ??? Can you give a date for delivery or will you keep us in fog one more year ?

    23. Missing avatar

      KENZ on

      So, I asked about the app in the update #33 comment section over a month ago, you could have done by now....all I want to know is the schedule you should have.

    24. Missing avatar

      Myron Pitts on

      Continue to take your time and get it right, is my only admonition. Some people will always be impatient.

    25. samadhi on

      great news.... massive job I agree! still impressive how a small team deliver such a large project. Delay, so what.... I was waiting for products from established mega brands much longer...!

    26. Missing avatar

      SirFungus on

      Very disappointed at still more delays! Surely you are running out of excuses now? You are rapidly losing the faith of your backers. I suggest you apply more resource to the outstanding issues to get them resolved quickly so that you can ship and not generate even more negative reviews ahead of general release!

    27. Missing avatar

      Teeff on

      Deliver the watches NOW! Open the App Betas for the backers. This helps you too, because you have s lot of additional testers!

      Everything you wrote is not understandable and not acceptable for the backers.

      From now, I cant‘t trust you anymore.

    28. Missing avatar

      [BKL]Alpha-1 on

      If its possible you should atleast start the Assembly process now.
      In the meantime you can work on the Software and everyone is happy.

    29. Missing avatar

      Uwe Henkel on

      Sagt mal: Wie lange wollt ihr euer Versagen noch auf den Rück
      en der Geldgeber hinaus verzögern? Seht zu das die Uhren endlich ausgeliefert werden.
      OHNE WEITERE VERZÖGERUNG. Die Software muss längst fertig sein. Schon seit 1 JAHR. Eure Aussagen hier passen nicht zu Aussagen vor
      ca. einen Jahr. Nachbessern kann man bei Software immer und diese dem Käufer dann als Update zukommen lassen. Also was soll diese
      Verarsche aller noch vorhandenen Unterstützer?
      Kommen Sie Ihren Verpflichtungen uns
      gegenüber ohne weitere Ausreden und Verzögerungen nach. Und veröffentlichen Sie dieses Schreiben gefälligst auch auf deutscher Sprache . Wer das lesen möchte der hat mit Sicherheit auch ein Translator bzw. Übersetzungsprogramm, DANKE.

    30. Missing avatar

      Uwe Henkel on

      Sagt mal: Wie lange wollt ihr euer Versagen noch auf den Rücken der Geldgeber hinaus verzögern? Seht zu das die Uhren endlich ausgeliefert werden. OHNE WEITERE VERZÖGERUNG. Die Software muss längst fertig sein. Schon seit 1 JAHR. Eure Aussagen hier passen nicht zu Aussagen vor ca. einen Jahr. Nachbessern kann man bei Software immer und diese dem Käufer dann als Update zukommen lassen. Also was soll diese Verarsche aller noch vorhandenen Unterstützer?
      Kommen Sie Ihren Verpflichtungen uns gegenüber ohne weitere Ausreden und Verzögerungen nach. Und veröffentlichen Sie dieses Schreiben gefälligst auch auf deutscher Sprache . Wer das lesen möchte der hat mit Sicherheit auch ein Translator bzw. Übersetzungsprogramm, DANKE.

    31. Missing avatar

      Chaeril M on

      @Jason, 4.2 still good you know, 5 was more like an optimized version of 4.2 for smart things. and there is probably even more delay, worst they failed a test that should be working on 4.2

    32. Missing avatar

      Jason Kwong on

      1 year delayed and we are still getting older technology bluetooth 4.0.

    33. Filippo Rossano on

      @Moose Man,

      Not really, previous update were very promising with just the ordinary moaning people unhappy, this is just cover clear problems. Leave Apple and all the companies away from this, every single company works on beta software and developer preview, we see just final release because we aren't developer or beta tester. I was perfectly fine with the secret on the software but we are talking about a year more of work, some hardware part is changed and it's ok but this affects very low the software, the were "ready" ti ship the watch a YEAR ago, how this could be possible if right now they need more time after a huge delay? Problems with cases didn't cause problem to the software team, come on let's be real, they are talking about "hundreds of KB" like a huge app, a MB is hundreds of KB and is a joking amount of space for an application, you have a problem and is fine but don't tell me buls*it, i'm supporting this project from the first day helping people in the comments ect just like you and i can't accept a joke like this excuse.

    34. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      @Martin Barcansky I agree with your comment. The only reason I can think of that this has become a delay is due to team size. What I mean is maybe the team is small so that is why there is still work that needs to be done on the software, but then again that is only speculation.

      What I don't understand is 2 things: 1) Why only communicate about this now? I don't know about you but to me it seems as if Sequent knew about this for some time. And 2) I don't know much about making apps so I am wondering how it is possible that several months ago they were able to show us screenshots of the app but now they say they are still writing the code for it?

    35. Moose Man on

      I have to say that NO amount of details in an update will satisfy us.

      The only thing that will satisfy us is shipping.

      I somewhat agree that less is more in this case.

      Apple did not prerelease their watch software so why should Sequent?

    36. Missing avatar

      Matt Bond on

      @Nick, you just took my comment.

      All good progress and everything is fine, so now from the clear sky we got new problem. And after this one, which was very conviniently not mentioned, even if I my self was asking for the update on the app from February, what will come next?

      Like Nick wrote, you had almost 1 more year to work on this and from your comment it doesn't look like just finetuning is required, which would be understandable. I am developer my self, so I can imagine all problems that could rise and understand.

      The problem we have is with your communication about this. Why there was almost no news and screenshots of the app during whole year? I really appreciate all the communication you have done, it is just demotivating, that you always come with some other problem, which doesn't seem to be new, but you have not communicated that earlier.

      So please, for those of us who understand how the SW development works and also for everyone else, who is getting unpatient, write one more update with much more details in it, what exactly is required and up to how many % the app and the firmware are finished.

      Thank you

    37. Mark Conlin on

      @Nick, I've just written a very similar post on the whole campaign comments section. Couldn't agree with you more. Trying to remain positive but gutted they have landed this software nonsense on us.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      I have to say, this is the first update that I find to be really frustrating. Coming up on a year past the delivery date, and the app still isn't near completion? You had a full extra year to get it done!

      Backers have been asking for the app since the original planned delivery, and it was never before mentioned that the software was nowhere near completion. I've respected your team's commitment to communication, but this update makes me feel as though we've been mislead on progress.

    39. Missing avatar on

      Still a delay of ten month, when will you deliver ?

    40. (:lemens

      It's good news that the hardware and production is approved 🙂
      I also can understand that you still have to optimize and adopt watch firmware to the different app platforms. Some things close to the hardware couldn't have done till now. I wonder, however, what challenges you're still facing regarding the APIs of the phone-OS... 🤔

    41. Filippo Rossano on

      Guys if hardware is fully completed start mass production and prepare the shipping, you can adjust the software in the meantime or when the watch is already in our hands, in this situation at least all the watches are ready when the software is ready.

    42. Jonathan Weiner on

      Coming up on almost a year past original delivery date and the finish line is continuing to be pushed further and further away. I have tried to cancel multiple times but told I can’t because the project was already funded. Patience has run out.