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Now with NEW Limited editions - swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
3,981 backers pledged CHF 1,043,330 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matin Zadehkoochak 1 day ago

      I am considering selling my spot if anyone is interested. My pledge is for a steel watch with black face and rubber strap. Thank you.

    2. James Smith
      2 days ago

      Cancel below got an agreement with someone thanks for the emails.

    3. James Smith
      3 days ago

      Anyone want to sell there spot cause they can't get a refund contact me at

    4. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator 3 days ago

      Tricky English :)

    5. Moose Man 3 days ago


      I took it as funny - the English language can be rather grammatically incorrect sometimes. :))

    6. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator 3 days ago

      @ Moose Man
      Guess we should have said: "Moose Man is right. Unfortunately KS does not allow..." :))

    7. Moose Man 3 days ago

      Unfortunately, I'm' right? :) I hate it when that happens.

    8. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator 3 days ago

      @ Tapio Hedman
      @ Moon Cow
      Thank you for your words and your support.
      For us, quality is the key. We will deliver high quality product rather than rushing it.

      @ Will Pe
      @ Moon Cow
      @ Moose Man
      Unfortunately Moose Man is right, Kickstarter does not allow us to update the reward area. Maybe you also noticed that the delivery date is December 2017 in FAQs as well. Same thing like rewards area…

    9. Levon Scheijbeler 3 days ago

      @James Smith
      Just contact one of the complainers that want a refund and take that one over? What Simon is suggesting is also a option of course

    10. James Smith
      5 days ago

      I'd like to buy another Sequent watch how can I do that?

    11. James Smith
      5 days ago

      Sequent or anyone can buy another watch?

    12. Moose Man 7 days ago

      @Moon Cow and @Will Pe,

      Kickstarter does NOT allow a change to the estimated delivery date on the rewards area. If they do, I’ve never seen it on the multiple projects that I’ve backed that did run late.

      My guess is it serves as a reminder of a projects original timing. Indiegogo does appear to allow for one change in delivery date for their in demand program but not here.

    13. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on February 14

      Ok let me take a crack at this. Check the update on November 2nd 2017 titled 'A new watch case supplier'. The answer to your question is there. As for why the pledge page still shows December 2017 I don't know. Maybe you cannot update that? I have no idea about that but I know that is not the proper date anymore

    14. Missing avatar

      Will Pe on February 14

      Just wondering if there is any update on expected delivery?
      The pledge page is still stating December 2017?!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on February 12

      One thing I forgot to add to my last comment is personally I'm not a fan of the leaderboard features so maybe could that be an optional decision on the app?

    16. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on February 11

      The reason I decided to back the Sequent watch was ultimately because of the self-charging. I also like that it is an analog watch instead of a digital screen like other smartwatches, although including numbers on the dial would have been nice. The time zone feature is very cool as well as the vibration feature. I was never interested in smartwatches but all in all I am very excited to receive the watch and agree with @Tapio's statement "Keep the faith with your program - and take your time - it’s better to come out with something that exceeds expectations rather than try to please the impatient complainers."

    17. Tapio Hedman on February 10

      I have been using the Nokia Steel HR now for about a month (used to be Withings) together with the Nokia Healht app. I have to say I am quite pleased with both. But I am also very eagerly waiting for my Sequent: the self-charging is a clear benefit, as well as the legibility of the watch (I hope). I am sure you have familiarized yourselves with the Nokia solution - it’s a bit of a benchmark for Sequent to surpass I think. Keep the faith with your program - and take your time - it’s better to come out with something that exceeds expectations rather than try to please the impatient complainers. Thanks for the updates (also to @Mooseman).

    18. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on February 6

      @ CJY
      As indicated , the glass is not going to be touch responsive and yes, it is going to be Gorilla Glass. We even have a special treatment on the top glass to make it more resistant against damage.

    19. Missing avatar

      Artem on February 6

      the non-flat sapphire crystal is very expensive and the only advantage is the best possible resistance to sand rubbing. Also sapphire is brittle and adds more weight to watches.

    20. Missing avatar

      CJY on February 5

      @Moose Man I read that before. Just wondering what glass we will get. I was told gorilla sr+. It led me to be thinking if we would have touch screen activated.

    21. Moose Man on February 5


      From the FAQ's, which I'd recommend you read:

      Is Sequent watch touch responsive?
      No, it is not

    22. Missing avatar

      CJY on February 5

      Just wondering if we're getting touch screen activated. If yes, gorilla sr+ is the way. But if no, sapphire crystal can be better. Am I right?

    23. Moose Man on February 5


      I agree, but I've posted at least 5 times the revised shipping date and nearly each time the next "comment" was "when are they shipping"?

      Too many folks are just lazy to read anything they didn't write.

      It's all too common here and on many other projects I've backed.

      It would be nice, if there were a moderator type format and you could PIN a comment but KS doesn't agree as I've asked.

    24. Filippo Rossano on February 5

      @Moose Man,

      That's no an excuse for me, when you open the page of the comments you can clearly see the updates page, you can read at least the very first comments on the page where we always write the same thing but no one do this.

    25. Moose Man on February 5


      Most are first time and or only backers - and probably turned off the email notifications options when prompted. :)

    26. Filippo Rossano on February 5

      @Stefan Sauter,

      Why everyone here ignore the updates? There are 20 of these, if you read them you will see that there was a delay, new delivery is set for April 2018 due to case manufacturer problems.

      Please, to everyone, before write a comment go in the updates page, read them all and than if you have no answer post something here. 1580 comments and a third probably on this thing.

      I'm not part of the Sequent team, just a backer like you that reads every updates.

    27. Missing avatar

      Stefan Sauter on February 5

      when will I get my watch? When I supported the project December 2017 was written.

    28. Filippo Rossano on February 4


      Gorilla Glass SR+ for the front of the watch and i guess even for the back.

    29. Missing avatar

      CJY on February 4

      What material will be the watch glasses?

    30. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on February 3

      @ Levon Scheijbeler
      As mentioned before the app will be available at the same time as the watch will be delivered.

      @ Moose Man
      @ Artem
      Thank you for your help :)

      @ Patrick KLEIN
      Thank you for your suggestions and your support.
      The aluminum cases will be black, as those are for the Black Edition watch. After your question we actually figured we have no hi-res images of those. We saw them live, checked the quality and left the samples to our partners for testing - electronics, movement, final assembly. So sorry, no images now :)
      As for the survey, we actually don't want to make the results public, at least not now, we believe it is part of our competitive advantage. The results are helping in shaping our brand, we are actively working on it at this very moment.

      @ Simon Teich
      Not at the moment, as Moose Man explained, the survey is closed.
      But during this year it should be possible for sure.

    31. Moose Man on February 2

      @Simon Teich,

      No. Backerkit survey was close back in October. You had the opportunity to add up until it closed.

    32. Missing avatar

      Simon Teich on February 2

      hey guys, will i be able to add a second strap later on?

    33. Missing avatar

      Graham Brunton on February 2

      Thank you. Got it.
      Just couldn't remember what I'd gone for!

    34. Moose Man on February 2

      @Graham Brunton,

      Assuming you filled out the backerkit survey then you should have gotten an email which would have the details of your selections. That email would have come from Sequent. The email also contained a link whereby you could return to the survey and see the specifics.

      If you did not fill out the survey - then contact Sequent via email:

    35. Missing avatar

      Patrick KLEIN on February 2

      Hello guys, first of all many thanks for the updates you are providing to us backers, it helps to be confident in the product to come.
      If I may suggest, I would be interested in some high definition pictures of the new ALU watch cases. Any chance you could upload some pics? Which colour are the ALU cases going to be? Black I expect, but could you please confirm?
      Also I would suggest to share the results of the last survey you have sent about Sequent as a brand. I would be interested in other backer's opinion.
      I wish you luck, work hard and make this happen!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Graham Brunton on February 2

      Noob alert!
      Is there a way to check what I ordered?

    37. Moose Man on January 31


      I’ll weigh in a bit.

      It would be nice if you could sell your steak in a project but the only way Kickstarter would endorse it is if they could skim another 5 to 10%

      Some folks have posted their emails in an effort to get someone to buy it perhaps outside of KS but many will wait and review the device then sell it on eBay or Craig’s List or similar.

      Generally KS does a very good job of marketing the project and then once it’s closed and funded they see you later.

      It’s a buyer beware or more truly back beware as this isn’t a store.

      I won’t be backtanymore technology projects. I’ll stick to items without any chipsets or transistor.

    38. Filippo Rossano on January 30

      @Justin McDonald,

      That's a "non problem", when you back a project you have to consider everything, especially in tech products. Is this thing worth the money, the risk and the possible delay? If the answer is yes you back, if it's no or maybe than don't do it.
      These products are very difficult to sell, people generally don't even know what the product is, profit is very difficult unless the products gets famous.
      Last thing, for multiple allarms there's no problem, you can do it with Sequent, for notifications reading, is up to you, why you have back it if it's a top feature for you?

      My view on Sequent is this one: i like the watch, is very complete (GPS, step and activity tracker, HR monitor and notifications all in one product) and the deal breaker for me is that is a watch, if the smart part become too old it will last for a long time as an automatic watch, so it's diffucult that this watch will become obsolete.

    39. Justin McDonald on January 29

      this comment isn't directed only towards this project, however if I may get people's opinion, sometimes especially with hardware "firsts" like this one, delays cause one to wonder whether have backed a worthwhile project, they occasionally get cold feet, especially when one see's the other products of interest enter the market that they now feel to lost opportunities, funds tied up etc, no recourse no refunds, etc..

      leads me to wonder if such a a thing doesn't exist yet then why?

      what I'm referring to is..

      a way to on-sell our Kickstarter funded rewards, a transfer system, should be possible?
      perhaps somethings with long delays would cause people to re-sell for a loss, others might be highly desirable and be able to be sold for a profit? depending on market forces of demand and supply etc..

      personally I'm tempted by this at present to replace my Pebble Time, Xiaomi HUAMI AMAZFIT Watch 2, however by the time we get our rewards there may even be something more compelling?

      I'm so used to being able to set multiple alarms, and read notifications that I may find it hard to be without..

    40. Moose Man on January 27


      They posted this earlier down in the comments;

      As announced in the past, right now we are only working on Android and iOS version. We might add support for Windows phone later this year.

    41. Missing avatar

      Marcin Olszewski on January 27


      Are you going to relese the software for Windows Mobile?

    42. Moose Man on January 26

      Good news in today’s update. Keep up the good work.

    43. Levon Scheijbeler on January 25

      Thanks I missed that part but it's not a problem it was more curiosity. Anyway thanks Artem

    44. Missing avatar

      Artem on January 25

      The software was not released to the public yet.

    45. Levon Scheijbeler on January 25

      @William Lee please do not compare apples with pears. The powerwatch doesn't have a heart rate sensor.
      Maybe someone already replied but is the software already in the "market" that we can check or download it?
      Anyway I support the project, with or with out delay. Take you're time that's how Kickstarter is working.

    46. Moose Man on January 23

      April is the scheduled distribution date. Please read the update from Nov. 2nd for the details and all subsequent updates as this has been mentioned many times even in the comments.

    47. Missing avatar on January 23

      Hi there KS. I was wanting to know an update of your Sequent watch production as I haven't had an update lately. Have you any closer to setting a distribution date? I now are hit with many pessimistic comments about the discretion of the company. Please offer some info on the progress.

    48. Missing avatar

      Shiva Siddharth on January 22

      Even campaigns for production ready stuff sometimes go through delays, in this case Sequent has been considerate enough to take feedbacks from backers and incorporate some of them based on feasibility, So it is natural for a project going through design iterations to face a delay.
      As far as the project stands today, there has been only one delay. It is not as though sequent kept mum about the delay. They had clearly stated the reason for the delay in their Nov 2nd update. So your questions about transparency and honesty does not make any sense.
      When you back a project, always make sure to follow and read through the updates. All the updates posted here are delivered to you through emails, so even if you dont login into KS, you can still follow as to what is going on.
      From the looks of your comments it seems like, you backed the project, and did not bother to read through the updates/emails that are being sent. If you were waiting at the gate for the watch throughout Dec, you are to blame yourselves for the disappointment.

    49. Ishpal
      on January 22

      @William Lee You are a joker. Just FYI. This is Kickstarter. That also means NO REFUND POLICY whether or not you receive your product. Just stop crying and live with the fact that this project is delayed. You took the risk and pledged to help the creators of this project. Now live with it.

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