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Now with NEW Limited editions - swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
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    1. Missing avatar

      (:lemens 2 days ago

      @Barry Chan
      Since Sequent is very transparent on what's happening, it would be OK for me, if the mentioned one-year-mark would relate to the original estimated shipping timeframe ;)
      I currently doubt that shipping will start on the anniversary of campaign start. This is based on my perception of Sequent's actions to prioritize quality before time.
      Based on the estimate time left for settling the heart-rate-sensor-lens in the last update, I expect a next update by mid or end of next week on the progress. This leaves some buffer to do some severe QA on the new produced lens in conjunction with the rest of the watch.
      Next step should be a first of mass produced watches and QA on those before going fully into mass production if there are no more impediments.
      I appreciate that the Sequent still takes the time they need and didn't get pushed into a rush by comments from "buyers".

    2. Moose Man 2 days ago

      @Barry Chan,

      So what day would you classify as 1-year mark?

      July 5th when the program started or August 9th when it funded?

    3. Missing avatar

      Barry Chan 2 days ago

      Hope the watch ships before the 1-year mark!

    4. Missing avatar

      (:lemens 4 days ago

      @Moose Man:
      I'd rather say after the issue with the tooling for the HR-sensor has been settled we'll get an update on next steps and timeframe for those.
      Probably we might get some estimate for shipping - I do prefer just getting estimates for next steps and what's going on in a transparent way as in last Updates.

    5. Missing avatar

      I.D. 4 days ago

      I want it :)

    6. Moose Man 4 days ago

      @Akiera Sakamoto,

      Per multiple updates including the most recent from last Friday, the Heart Rate monitor must pass QC before any date for shipment can be determined. The update stated another week or two for that determination and then Sequent can give us a better idea of when shipments will start.

    7. Wong Teck Wan 4 days ago

      @Moose Man
      Sorry I wasn't following the comment feed. Thanks alot for the info.

    8. Missing avatar

      AKIRA SAKAMOTO 5 days ago

      When will you ship it?

    9. Missing avatar

      Duncan Johnston 5 days ago

      Packaging looks fantastic. Thanks for the update.

    10. Moose Man 5 days ago

      @Wong Teck Wan,

      Send an email to:

      This has been posted many times.

    11. Wong Teck Wan 5 days ago

      Hi, as I'm about to move this week, is it possible for me to change my shipping address?

    12. Missing avatar

      (:lemens 5 days ago

      @D.Lee: please read the last three updates. A quality issue that was detected a couple of weeks ago still takes roughly two weeks to get resolved to get back to production. Limiting the communication on dates for next steps to take is the right thing to do.

    13. Missing avatar

      D.Lee 5 days ago


      Would you please let me know the delivery date? very very very long time ago?
      Thank You!

    14. Jan Seeger 6 days ago

      Hello Team,
      Thank you for another update on the HR sensor as well as the new information regarding the packaging.
      I keep being amazed at the details you put into the work and how your letting us backers know whats going on.

      To other backers that arent happy with the information I would recommend checking out the Apricoat kickstarter and how infrequent and miserable some companies treat their backers. I too would have loved to be wearing the watch already but im happier knowing that it will be a product that works and is made to last with out flaws.

      Keep the information flowing, great job. Pictures look great too by the way.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sriram Reddy 7 days ago

      Hello team,

      I have few questions for the shipment!!
      If the shipping is to India is there any charges or taxes ?
      If you expect any kind of charges to receive this watch how much would it be or is there anyway that I can CHANGE MY SHIPPING ADDRESS?
      Please update me !


    16. Moose Man 7 days ago

      @Moon Cow and Stravos,

      Tattoos can be a problem and the thread shows some suggestions to test it on the other arm etc.

      @Sephen de Vos, I agree with Artem but will admit that it maybe an illusion in the first picture due to the vertical lines of the table grain or whatever the background is. The second and subsequent photos show fine, to me.

      Plus, to me the box is not an issue as I never store my watches in the original box. But I can understand if you are giving the watch as a gift then the presentation should be flawless.

    17. Missing avatar

      Artem 7 days ago

      @Sephen de Vos,
      it is centered, pay attention on the second photo. The first photo is a little bit distorted like fish-eye effect.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stavros 7 days ago

      @Moose Man
      I can tell with absolute certainty that some tattoo inks contain heavy metals such as mercury, iron oxide or cadmium. They are utilized due to the “permanent” effect the have on the skin.

      Now if that could interfere with smartwatch functions Ich weiβ das nicht.

      Maybe Sequent could share if they have noticed something similar.

    19. Sephen de Vos on May 19

      Packaging look very nice. But one thing which i noticed right away (due to my years working in design) is that the logo is not centered on the box. I assume it's a proof version and that it will be fixed in production. If not, sorry to bring this up ;)

    20. Moose Man on May 18

      Excellent package and thanks for keeping to the two week update schedule. Adds to the trust factor in my opinion.

      But I’ve never been worried.

    21. Moose Man on May 18

      @Moon Cow,

      I cannot address the tattoo question but the hairy arm is NOT an issue for my Apple 🍎Watch.

    22. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on May 18

      Do smartwatches in general still have a hard time with hairy arms and tattooed arms? When the first apple watch came out I heard it had a hard time because it used infrared to determine the heart rate. Maybe that was never true or maybe it was but either way I'm still curious. I don't really know anything about smartwatches.

    23. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on May 15

      @ Artem
      Thank you :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Artem on May 15

      thx for staying in tune with the community. I'm sure the majority here is supporting in your "no shortcut way", because we all want the Sequent watch we'll be proud of. Keep it up! )))

    25. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on May 15

      @ Damien Mouratille
      We take 1 reading a second, but it takes 6-7 seconds to get the initial reading. For a stable reading we need 10-20 seconds depending on environment, skin tone, and amount of movement.

      @ Gael Journet
      No, sorry, all the orders are closed already.

      @ Martin Neuhold
      We can confirm what Moose Man said, we are not going to release the app.
      But you can check the last update to see some information about it.

      @ Patrick KLEIN
      Thank you for a reminder, we totally forgot about that actually, we are sorry :)
      We will finish editing and share it in one of the next updates.

      @ I.D.
      No, Luzern :)

      @ Jonas Boger
      Please understand that we still don't have the exact delivery date. Once the process of replacing the HR cap will be done, we can test the mass production and only then we will know the exact date. And this will still take a couple of weeks.
      We will inform you as soon as possible.

      @ Moon Cow
      Thank you for your suggestions, we will consider that.

      @ Kyle
      @ Alexander Kazachkov
      You can press the crown as a button. It is not possible to pull it out.

      @ Mohandas Charles
      Nothing has been removed, you can find the comment under our last update, along with our reply ;)

      @ Moose Man
      @ everyone
      Thank you for your continuous support. We are more focused to the production but try to be here for our backers at least once a week and in the meantime we appreciate your patience when replying to questions that has been asked and answered so many times before…
      We also think about KS as a community and we are very glad that in our case it really works this way. We are glad that also others keep interacting - (:lemens , Artem, Crawford and others. Thank you all!

      @ Darren Krusi
      Thank you for your post. Very nice explanation, totally agree with you.

      @ (:lemens
      Thank you for your post. Very nice explanation, totally agree with you.

    26. Missing avatar

      (:lemens on May 13

      I totally agree with Darren and Moose.
      We all invested in this project to cover additional research and development and get the Sequent watch into production. However, some backers still seem to not have understood this important fact.
      I also keep repeating myself that every project is facing obstacles and impediments. Sequent did not take shortcuts to compensate impediments and did what I as a stakeholder expected. They communicated major issues in a timely and clear fashion.
      Why do you think companies like Apple announce products and just show of and start accepting orders some month later? Exactly for the reason of similar impediments and issues! However. they never admit it and you'll never know which shortcuts they take in the meantime and which known issues remain.
      The difference is that you don't take the risk of investing in the product's RnD & Production upfront.
      I appreciate the fact that we currently only have an estimate on how long it takes to settle the last production issue concerning the heart-rate-sensor-lens and did not get an estimate from the Sequent Team for a new delivery date so far. Might have been a difficult decision not to give an estimate on that because so many impatient "buyers" are asking and pushing. It was the right decision though since it shows that they are honest because they probably can't tell themselves now and don't want to set wrong expectations. Some might disagree but this is professional stakeholder- and expectation-management.

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas Bonnet on May 13

      @Darren Very well said, I completely agree with you. And hopefully it will be read...

    28. Missing avatar

      Crawford on May 11

      Well said.

    29. Darren Krusi on May 11

      People here need to remember that when you put your money into a project, you're helping the creator bring that project to life, mostly from the ground up and that they are all fairly new to the business of creating whatever their item is.
      Kickstarter isn't a store where you browse the items and purchase it and then wait for it to be delivered. This is a place where you can see what other people's ideas are and if you like it, you can help them bring it to reality.
      Right now you're getting to see all of the issues that happens when creating a product almost from scratch and you're experiencing all of the stresses that come with it.
      Those of you that keep commenting on here as if you've bought a finished product really need to reassess what this website is for. This isn't the Apple Store where they have endless amounts of money and hundreds, even thousands of highly intelligent people they can throw at a problem. This is a small team, with a small budget and limited margin for error.
      @Moose Man believes in this project and is vocally supporting it and at the same time is proving to be a voice if sanity amongst the endless whinging and posts of where's my product. Seriously, if you've managed to make it as far as supporting this project, you should take the time to read the updates that come out, they have been informative and realistic with their expectations of when they hope to deliver their product. One other thing if you're whinging about lost money on this (not that you have) then you really shouldn't have supported the project.
      To those in Europe complaining about the cost of this coming from Asia and taxes and all of that and how it should have been delivered from Switzerland, how many extra zeros do you want to add to the cost of the product because they wouldn't have been able to stump it up themselves. Also this was designed by Swiss people and never said anything about being made in Switzerland. I love Swiss watches as much as the next person but I like my products to be somewhat affordable.
      To Sequent, thank you for your updates and keep working on making a great watch, I wish you every success with it and I look forward to seeing your 3rd and 5th generations in the future. Also some more photos of the transparent watch would be great.

    30. Missing avatar

      Stavros on May 11

      @Boyer Chow
      Really now?

    31. Missing avatar

      Boyer Chow on May 11

      When can I received the watch?

    32. Moose Man on May 10

      @Crawford - thanks


      Sequent stated early on that they would be commenting in a limited fashion. They typically respond weekly and not daily or even as the comments arise.

      They are following most other projects in that they are focusing on delivery and checking in sporadically- at least that’s how many of my projects seem to act after funding.

      I think of Kickstarter as a community and as such try to assist others who ask questions and in many cases Sequent has already addressed the question or the answer is in the campaign data.

      On more than one occasion I have been thank as well as others by the Sequent team for helping out.

      I’m not on their staff nor been promised any remuneration.

      You can see that I’ve backed more than fifty projects and in most cases, I’ve been involved.

      Three projects were less than positive but most of the others have been in the end.

      It’s my money and so I prefer to stay involved and informed as well as helpful.

      If folks don’t like my comments they can ignore them or respond to them. Makes no difference to me.

    33. Missing avatar

      Crawford on May 10

      @Moose Man you have in my opinion been nothing but polite and helpful since the campaign began. I very much appreciate your contribution even if others are confused by it.

    34. Missing avatar

      Stavros on May 10

      @Moose Man
      Elaborate on your rationale please, so as I can draw a safe conclusion on why you act as an ambassador for Sequent since day one.

      I express my sole opinion when I say, that even more tiring of waiting something that probably wont get my hands on, is a person speaking with every chance he has on behalf of Sequent. Maybe we would get MORE official responses and more OFFICIAL responses ;) if things were more quiet in here, maybe not...

      Anyway cheers everybody 130 days and counting (or not really)

    35. Moose Man on May 9

      @Mohandas Charles,

      They did not remove that comment. That comment made by Patrick KLEIN is under the update comments still.

      Only Kickstarter can remove comments not the Project. The Project can request a comment be deleted and I don’t believe Sequent has requested any such deletion.

    36. Mohandas Charles on May 9

      I find it disturbing that Sequent removed a post where the person commented that the screen shot from the app that showed a map looked like it was cut and pasted from Google Maps. Why remove the comment instead of responding to the question?

    37. Kyle
      on May 8

      Perfect, thank you for the response. I read about another watch on here that has a "find my phone" function. I thought that for a future app release, might be a nice idea to include this if possible. For example, if you triple click the crown, the phone will ring.

    38. Alexander Kazachkov on May 8


      What I've found in the past comments:
      "The crown allows you to switch modes for example before a sport session by maintain the crown.
      You also will be able to set the time via the crown. The reason why we keep that option is that during major updates of OS on the phones most of the time app developers need to update some code. Can take few hours or days, we didn't want during that time to stop anybody to have access to the most basic function of the watch unlike some other devices."

      "The time updates once a day according the GPS position and/or each time
      you do a sport session with the GPS on. It will be always be possible to force the update via the crown or the app."

      "You don't need your phone for the workout. You will be able to manage GPS and HR tracking by pressing the crown."

      I think you will know more as soon as we get the watch with the instruction manual.

    39. Kyle
      on May 8

      Oh idk. I just assumed like most crowns, how they pull out.

    40. Alexander Kazachkov on May 8


      I thought it is the opposite: you can push, but not pull the crown.

    41. Kyle
      on May 6

      Out of curiosity, does the crown ONLY pull out? Or does it also function as a 'button' as well by pressing it in?

    42. Missing avatar

      on May 6

      App look good...thanks for sharing and keep the hard work ;)

    43. Missing avatar

      Osama Jamil
      on May 4


    44. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on May 4

      I guess too many people asked to see the app huh? XD. Personally I could have waited for a more useful update. "We plan to release this second version in summer." Does this mean that the HR fix is on schedule for the 6-8 week timeline and the watch will be released in summer too? I have a suggestion for the app. Maybe add local weather with the rest of the data? Also can you make the text bigger or maybe put it in more than 1 spot? I had a hard time figuring out what I was looking at before I tried searching for the text which I think is a little small anyway... or maybe there's a better spot to put it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jonas Boger on May 4

      So they said 6 to 8 weeks it will be coming out at the beginning of April. So the watch will be coming out at the end of May ? Correct me if I'm wrong .

    46. Kyle
      on May 4


    47. Missing avatar

      I.D. on May 4

      @sequent you are in Kriens, switzerland :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Patrick KLEIN on May 3

      When will you post the video you made during your factory tour and that you have promised in an update end of January?

    49. Moose Man on May 2

      @Martin Neuhold,

      Sequent has previously stated several times in the comments - the app will not be released pre-watch release.

      They could change their minds but don't get your hopes up.

    50. Missing avatar

      Martin Neuhold on May 2

      Hi. I understand and accept the reasons for the delays in your project. I still think that your watch may potentially be a total game-changer for your industry. Cheers!
      But what about the smartphone app? The quality of the app will be essential for the user experience of the watch. Could you give us a (thorough) preview of the features, look&feel,... of the app in order to help us with the long wait? ;)

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