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Now with NEW Limited editions - swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power -  Android & iPhone compatible
swiss luxury watch design - kinetic infinite power - Android & iPhone compatible
3,981 backers pledged CHF 1,043,330 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      Keep the hard work! and keep testing (whatever it takes) quality is second to none.

      Thanks for the update.

    2. Mark Conlin 3 days ago

      @Crawford. Some of the comments have been very critical, and unnecessary or ignorant of the platform we chose to use. However, I think this is a small minority of the backers. The majority understand and patiently await our products!

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris 3 days ago

      Hi @sequent
      glad to hear you do your assembly testing, keep up the good work !!!
      A year has passed and I am still very excited! Can't wait to get my hand on those watches... I feel we're almost there !!!?

    4. Missing avatar

      Crawford 3 days ago

      We should just agree to disagree then. I think some of the comments made have been very offensive and critical.

    5. Missing avatar

      Stavros 3 days ago


      It is difficult to accept that someone backed this or any other initiative in KS solely on the basis and anticipation of failure just to have a chance to say bad things for the creator.

      The fact that some get the full picture after some time when for example delays are emerging for whatever reason, is also true.

      But no one in here in my opinion had a reaction that was not justified, either supportive towards Sequent or not.

    6. Missing avatar

      Crawford 3 days ago

      Constructive criticism has its place. I fully understand that. However, here amongst the 2000 odd posts there is too much destructive criticism in my view. Flippant remarks made without evidence and ignorance from some people who invested in this project. Maybe it is just the way of the world today and maybe criticising others is the only satisfaction some people get.

    7. Missing avatar

      Stavros 3 days ago

      Companies have to bare with constant criticism and “whining” like you said. I don’t see the fault in that.

      Companies with real investors have to abide with very strict and certain rules (e.g. SEC for US listed), let alone criticism from media, competitors and so on.

      There is nothing to feel sorry for. Sequent should be ready for that and you should be less surprised.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stavros 3 days ago


      You really expected more than 2.000 people align with your views and the way you react to certain situations? That is at least naive.

    9. Missing avatar

      Crawford 3 days ago

      I feel sorry for the Sequent team. To me they are a group of people trying their best to do something new. Progress might be slow but they have demonstrated time and time again that progress is being made. Yet, all they get is abuse and conspiracy theories. I doubt very much they will use Kickstarter again if they have to contend with constant whinging and whining.

    10. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      @Stravos: a prototype is different thing than an early production sample. You put a lot more manual work and manufacturing in a prototype and parts for it than into the final production parts. The issue you're most likely referring to occured in on of the early parts produced in a mass production mode that's more automated and where ex. parts that came out of a 3D printer or where handcrafted for the prototypes. For a mass production you wouldn't do that and use other ways of manufacturing the parts. That's where the issue occured - which might happen and is pretty much normal. That's why first only few products and parts are manufactured in preparation production to figure out flaws and mitigate them.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stavros 3 days ago


      In working prototypes you include also for example the version with the FPC issue?

    12. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      @Stravos: just read through the campaign and take a look at the time line. There were already working prototypes when starting the KS- campaign. The campaign is to fund finalizing the watch and bring it to mass production.

    13. Missing avatar

      Stavros 3 days ago

      I may be missing something but could anyone mention the update no. that the fully functional prototype is mentioned?

    14. samadhi 3 days ago

      but I also believe that the Sequent team has more important matters to follow than a one year old, obsolete report that has proven wrong by the time being.

    15. samadhi 3 days ago

      @ Stavros
      Sequent has delivered the working prototype. You can see it in the campaign. This is why there are no more comments in the fraud blog (which I follow). To give you an example. I can write in any blog that Stavros is non human, he's a robot. So, once in the web, that remains there most likely forever. I am really glad they could not prove a fraud and that is why so many backers wanted to help brining this project alive. And honestly, to believe that all this communication is a fake, its just silly.

    16. Moose Man 4 days ago

      That post was from July of 2017.

      It’s irrelevant today. And was somewhat responded to since the poster copied a link back to the campaign.

      The poster adds at the end;
      “I can only say it seems risky”.

      All of Kickstarter is risky.

      I have said this multiple times but it’s worth repeating, I believe they will deliver. I don’t see any reason why they won’t deliver. On the other hand some people still are trying to incite unrest for NO valid reason.

      And you must have felt at the onset they would deliver otherwise you were foolish. Can it still fail, yes. But that was the case when we all backed. Nothing has changed in that regard.

    17. Missing avatar

      Stavros 4 days ago


      There is a group called ‘Crowdfunding Scams & Failures Awareness Group’ in fb already counting more than 1.000 members...I assume the reason is that some people are not satisfied with just project updates from your side (while others are to my great surprise, but this is not the issue).

      Your project managed to get a spot in there on the basis of a working prototype absence.

      Do you have any interest in addressing that defamation as a company?

    18. Missing avatar

      Barrere 4 days ago

      Thank you for news and have a great time during your weekends too.

    19. Missing avatar

      Niall Johnston 4 days ago

      This project was successfully funded 1 year ago yesterday 😂... still I’d prefer Sequent don’t rush and get it right first time. We’ve waited 1 year, a few more weeks/months won’t hurt!

    20. Mark Conlin 4 days ago

      So, what is the very important event next week?! Feels a little bit cloak and dagger

    21. Missing avatar

      Artem 5 days ago

      1. Is it recommended to one-time first full charge by charger\dock (and then forget about it)?
      2. How is firmware and app development is going now?
      3. I assume that you will definitely need the feedback from realworld users to tune/fix firmware and app, so how are you planning to collect the data? Will there be some official forum/site/resource for that?

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrei Filip on

      Country of shipment does not matter for tariffs. The country where the formal manufacturer/seller is located matters. So likely you would pay taxes according to the tarriffs between Switzerland and your country. BTW it usual for Chinese suppliers to ship our of HK instead of China, it is related to the fiscal system between HK and CN. As a funny example of taxation/tariff optimization: I have just bought a Lenovo laptop from their Dutch website. The order was fullfilled by an Irish company acting on behalf of Lenovo Slovakia. The actual product was manufactured in China and shipped from HK.

    23. Moose Man on

      @Levon Scheijbeler,

      It'll be interesting if the tariffs that Trump has implemented will affect our cost for those of us here in the USA. I don't think Hong Kong is on the list but never sure as it's somewhat a moving target for us here.

    24. Levon Scheijbeler on

      Thanks Moose Man for you answer, I checked it and found it again. Good to know as I was wondering and didn't search good enough.
      Also a big thanks to you for keeping it positive, in the end we will all be very happy if we have our hands on the Sequent.

    25. Moose Man on

      Sequent posted a link to a picture of the watch back under the comments under the update section.

      @Levon Scheijbeier - yes depending upon your country. This was revealed even in the campaign that there may be tariffs involved.

      @Igor - vulgarisms within a comment section should not be normal. Sure everyone is someone upset over delays but there is no need to revert to being vulgar when the English language can be so eloquent without the vulgarity.

    26. Missing avatar

      Igor on

      Sorry, but because of production delay, Sequent Watch is not world's first self-charging smartwatch. In meantime happens a lot in a smartwatch world. And we, loyal backers, are still without delivery date. Bad mood and sometimes vulgarism from some inpatient backers is after such a delay almost normal...

    27. Levon Scheijbeler on

      Just a question which is probably rhetorical but nevertheless, as it is shipped from Hongkong can we expect any import duty of tax payment that needs to be fulfilled before receiving the watch?

    28. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on

      @ Horace Cheng
      We are now testing the full watch assembly. Right now we cannot commit to a specific date, it really depends on the testing.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stavros on

      @Horace Cheng

      There isn’t any.

    30. Horace Cheng

      Too much details for diving into the comments....

      May I ask what is the latest estimation on the delivery?

    31. Sequent (Switzerland) Ltd. Creator on

      @ Dave argent
      @ Moose Man
      @ Artem
      @ (:lemens
      @ Filippo Rossano
      @ Thomas Hassing
      @ Moon Cow
      @ Barrere
      @... all others
      Thank you for your support, it means a great deal to us!
      You are right in everything you say.

      @ Tom Schori
      Thank you for your message and your support here on Kickstarter! We are proud to work with you and your company :)

      @ Paulo Pinto Adao
      No, sorry, it is not possible to change the watch glass to sapphire. We are much too far in the process of production.

      @ Stainzl
      @ Moose Man
      It is still possible to change the shipping address. We will not be making another survey but we will do a last check of address from BackerKit. It might appear to be a "survey" in a way but it's just an address check.

      @ Paul Snow
      Yes, we keep posting updates on Indiegogo as well, you can easily check that.

      @ Mark Appleby
      Please don't use vulgarisms. We will have your post removed. Everyone can speak their mind but vulgarisms and rude language cannot be tolerated.

      @ I.D.
      No, sorry, it is not possible to pick up the watch in Luzern as it will be dispatched from Hong Kong.
      And as Moose Man said, the application will be released once we start shipping the watch.

    32. Moose Man on


      Sequent has stated the app will not be posted until they start shipping the watch.

    33. Missing avatar

      I.D. on

      When will the application be available on the store ?

    34. Missing avatar

      I.D. on

      Hello Sequent, what good news! Can I pick up my watch in Luzern? I live in Switzerland

    35. Missing avatar

      Antoine Dunn on

      @Gael Journet : email at if I remember well

    36. Gael Journet on

      Hey Sequent team, I'm moving home at the end of August... Can you tell me how do I change my shipping address ?

    37. Levon Scheijbeler on

      Love the update and I agree with Peter Matev. Sounds like there is kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

    38. Alexander Kazachkov on

      @Moon Cow

      One scenario where this function would be really helpful is while traveling through different time zones. While one goes west the hour hand can go for example one hour back instead of turning 330°.

    39. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on

      I was watching the videos at the bottom of the campaign page again and one of them showed bi-directional hands. What is the purpose of that function on a watch?

    40. Missing avatar


      @Fabrício: first I thought what's your problem that you just start "shouting" - however I agree on what you've said ;)

      @Crawford: you're right. Maybe those comments should somehow be reported.
      At least one comment from one particular "person" has already been removed by KS ;)
      I try to ignore those "persons" - since I don't want to waste my energy on them.
      I rather try to help those fellows that have valid questions or concerns.

    41. Missing avatar


      @Alexander Vorobiev:
      I don't think that we'll have our watches on our birthday (there are no deliveries on a Sunday) and honestly I don't care.
      It will arrive when it's finished.
      I prefer to wait to get a watch that meets my quality expectation.

      From my point of view it's good that Sequent currently "only" give updates on current progress and not tries to guess a shipping date.

    42. Alexander Kazachkov on


      They stated in the campaign and many times in the comments, that they will ship directly from China.

      Update Nr. 26: Sequent works with the company Floship and every recipient is responsible for customs, fees and duties applicable to the region he lives in.

    43. Missing avatar

      Luismob on

      One question, from where will this watches ship from? Will you ship from Switzerland or from inside EU? After all this time, I really don't want to pay taxes!

    44. Peter Matev on

      Interesting comments, I mean I understand the dissatisfaction caused by the waiting and all, but still this project remains in my opinion a real pure start up. They do it all from scratch, maybe copied one or other thing here and there, but in essence this is building a high tech product and company from the ground up. Most projects I come across are campaigns by already existing enterprises who try to diversify their funding strategies, usually because they are too deep in the red to make a chance with the standard investment paths.

      And let's not forget, the chance that this technology is going to work well (kinetic + smart watch capabilities) is rather slim, most big names have given it up for the issue of insufficient power generation. It does require this extra attention and testing if you want to have e quality product, you can't have one component that keeps draining the power, everything should work perfectly. And that is probably more testing and attention to detail compared to what would happen in a larger watch producer - product are released with major bugs and issues, just because the money laundry needs to keep going.

    45. Missing avatar

      Alexander Vorobiev on

      my birthday is September 2. can you make it?

    46. Moose Man on

      Good news in the update!

    47. Missing avatar

      Moon Cow on


      I'm sorry that happened to you. Personally I think Kickstarter or project creators should have more responsibility than they do in situations like that.


@Stavros @Mark Conlin


David’s situation is one reason I decided that once I get my watch I will deactivate my account. I also don’t want to deal with the possibility of any more delays. If Kickstarter had a customer service number or email that would be amazing but as far as I know they don’t and I’m sure they don’t go around looking at every comment in every campaign and if they do I guess they just don’t care about all the negativity towards them. My points are these: I understand dissatisfaction and agree with it entirely but I don’t see the reason behind arguing with each other and about Kickstarter on a page that possibly has no direct interaction with Kickstarter. I also think there are genuinely great ideas on here but Kickstarter is going about it all wrong if they want people to keep sticking around. These are quick notes so there may be things I didn’t explain as well as I would have liked.

    48. Missing avatar

      Crawford on

      There is so much anger around these days. It’s not good.

    49. Missing avatar

      Stavros on

      @Mark Conlin

      Dude, I ALSO hope that the watch (if any) will constantly remind me of my misplaced lack of faith.

      It will also remind me though of this bulls**t called KS, how they treat backers first, creators on the other hand and the enormous lack of support and transparency, let alone the crook gathering potential this sh*t page offers.

      I support crowdfunding, but this sh*t isn’t it, or at least has failed its purpose. I have fundamental dispute points very well organized in my head and I could talk for hours on why KS is bullsh*t, why Sequent having such a promising idea chose the worst place to start, and why this project will probably fail like most things in here.

      Additionally, I am not satisfied in any way with this “communication thing” and presenting it as the single point of reference whether a project will be successful or not. The fact that there is only such an assurance for a backer, brings us back to the fundamental failure characteristics of KS (in my eyes).

      I don’t moan dude, I am expressing disappointment in a way that is appropriate for a low standard place like this. I don’t have any interest whatsoever to be a “keyboard warrior” like you mentioned and No I don’t have too much free time disposable since ai work as most people in order to maintain the desired way of living and also be able to trow my money away to a long-shot like this.

      But again this is not a place for this so...f**k this s**t. I hope one way or another to end soon and I guarantee you that you wont see me in the comments section again.

      Finally, your over-confidence along with your ease to labe people (i.e. pessimist, negative person, job-less etc.) make you look dumb since it is most likely to miss on your assessments, especially when the other person sits somewhere in the globe and never met him/ her.

      KS is Bulls*t!

    50. Mark Conlin on


      You're right, no-one asked me to choose who deserves and who doesn't. Just like no-one asked you to rant and moan persistently about something you have no control over.

      I'm sure the others reading your comments are as bored as I am with your negativity, especially as you're clearly an angry keyboard warrior, with lots of time on his hands, who hasn't grasped the concept of backing a new company with a very new idea or product... A product that needed funding to develop and produce, hence the need for crowdfunding. Delays are not uncommon, perhaps even inevitable with these kind of things. 

      When we get our watches, and I'm confident we will (failing/scam companies never communicate as well as Sequent have), I hope yours is a constant reminder of your misplaced lack of faith.

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