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OUR LADY rises in NYC's video poster

A gay boy, haunted by his lover's death and hunted by a Monster, theatrically generates a savior to pull him from the edge of suicide. Read more

New York, NY Theater
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This project was successfully funded on June 10, 2012.

A gay boy, haunted by his lover's death and hunted by a Monster, theatrically generates a savior to pull him from the edge of suicide.

New York, NY Theater
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"I made up the Monster in this story from a monster in my real life. He was my Dad. He saw pictures of me online in a dress, and everything changed in one phone call. Now that I look back on it, I felt that a simple dress  made someone not love me. I had no choice but to pick up the weapon used against me to fight for a way to love myself. I couldn't be happier with the reactions from the piece."

- James Fluhr on writing Our Lady. 

"Thank you for sharing your story, for crying with us, for giving us the gift of hope. Thank you for your bravery, your creativity, your boldness." 

-audience reaction to a workshop production of OUR LADY 

What is OUR LADY, and where is it going?

The orignal play OUR LADY is going to make its official premiere in NYC as a part of Fringe NYC 2012. OUR LADY is a solo performance conceived by James Fluhr. The play has been workshopped over the past year in association with Boston Center for American Performance, Boston University New Play Initiative, Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival and SUNY Potsdam Lougheed-Kofoed Festival for the Arts. Inspired by a singular event in the playwright's own life, he weaves a modern fairytale coupled with theatrical fantasy and physical performance. We just need your help to make it happen. 

Our Lady is not only a play, It's a political and social call to action. The story honors the homosexual children and teens that have turned to suicide as an answer to unjust societal pressures. It's an experience to be shared with as many people as possible. Every night she rises to inspire and change her audience. She believes that enough children have been taken from our world and the time has come for a new savior. 

What is the plot?

From the dark shadows of nightmare, one gay boy discovers his destiny. Before everyone, he pulls the gun away from his lips and becomes our savior, Our Lady. In the end, he lives for himself and for every child the world has lost to the Monster of hate.  

What is the plan?

The plan is to raise as much financial backing and awareness about OUR LADY during our time here on Kickstarter. The team has the designs for the show ready to go, and we will do as much building and preparation as we can in the meantime. 

On June 10th at 10pm we will close our life here on Kickstarter and begin our rehearsal process in Boston, MA. Even though its a one man show, the technical aspects of the production require a lot of time and preparation. Light, sound, scenery and costumes become the other actors of this ensemble. 

Late July, the Our Lady team will transfer to NYC to bring the show to life officially in NYC as a part of FRINGE NYC 2012. From then on, it will be nothing but sweat, hard work and as much theatre magic that can fit in the theatre space we will be given. Don't worry though, we are pretty used to it. 


Where does the money go?

-Scenery (there is a picture below of the magical space we are creating.)

-Costumes (below there is a sneak peak of the new top-secret designs coming for FRINGE)

-Sound equipment rental and music licensing 

-Additional lighting equipment rental

-Special effects rental (as ridiculous as it sounds, Our Lady doesn't rise as magically without her fog machine, hazer, strobe lights and disco-ball) 

-Rehearsal space

-Transportation of OUR LADY technical elements (truck rental and shipping costs)

-Insurance (just incase someone can't handle all the rhinestones)

-Printing of Posters and promotional materials (if we are going to make her rise, we want people to know about it)

-Minimal stipend ($200) granted to members of the team to cover their personal transportation costs and additional expenses for the three month rehearsal/production period. We don't really like giving ourselves money, but we want to be able to make this story happen as best we can. Unfortunately living and traveling from city to city isn't free. 

-All items purchased or built for OUR LADY Fringe NYC will be stored to use for future productions of OUR LADY. We are ensuring that we will have the tools to continue this show in as many venues as possible. 

-Changing and inspiring audiences one night at a time (the mission and the most important part of the OUR LADY KICKSTARTER campaign)


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    A personal thank you message from the Our Lady Team.

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    A beautiful and unique letter from the vanity of Our Lady herself. Covered in glitter and inspiration, this letter will be a call to action. You will be asked to join OUR LADY in her crusade to kill the monster of hate. Signed with a kiss.

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    A BACKER'S EXCLUSIVE print of the OUR LADY propaganda poster. This image and design will be only availble to backers, never re-created again. It will also be signed by the playwright. May her image become a part of your home and your life. Plus all above rewards.

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    A BACKER'S EXCLUSIVE signed printed version of the OUR LADY script featuring a copy of a single page from the orginal handwritten manuscript used to rehearse the show over a year ago. Our Lady will kiss the final monologue, leaving a piece of her with you always. Plus all above rewards.

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    A BACKER'S EXCLUSIVE OUR LADY shirt. It will feature the oringnal OUR LADY logo on the front and the exclusive tag line across the back, "I MADE THE BITCH RISE!" This version will be handprinted, signed and only available here on kickstarter. Plus all above rewards.

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    BACKER'S EXCLUSIVE PRINTS of the OUR LADY scenic and costume renderings. These copies of the designs will only be shared here on Kickstarter. These pieces of art are very precious to us, and we cant wait to share them with you. They will come to you mounted ready to be framed for your permanent collection along with a small piece of the original white dress used in the previous production (the pieces of the dress will only be given to the first 50 backers in this category). Plus all above rewards.

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    YOU NOW ARE A MEMBER OF THE "MAKE HER RISE" CAMPAIGN. Your name will be permanantrely featured on the OUR LADY website. You will receive an original piece of artwork from the playwright of OUR LADY featuring a scene from the show. Plus all above rewards.

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    Producer's Credit for Our Lady Fringe NYC 2012 along with 2 seats to any Fringe NYC OUR LADY show. Your name will be printed on all posters and programs. During the production you will be visted by the character of Big Mama. She will publically thank you for bringing her to life. Your name also permanently becomes a part of the script. You will be named as one of the "other gods" refered to in the text. This pretty much means you are now a part of history. Plus all above rewards.

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    Your tickets are now upgraded to VIP experience seats (seats guaranteed to be filled with action and close proximity to many characters) to any Fringe NYC production of OUR LADY. These tickets are not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to be the center of the production for brief moments of time and leave covered in glitter. You will also receive a handcrafted makeup box like the one used in the show. It will pay honor to the children we have lost to suicide and come complete with Our Lady's essential weapons (glitter, lipstick, powder and a brush). This comes with the responsibilty to actively find the beauty in your life, even in the darkest days. Plus all above rewards.

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    WHOA.... Is this actually happening? In the play Big Momma refers to one of her rival neighbors, Gerald. Gerald's name will be forever replaced with your name, first and last. She will scream your name production after production for (let's hope) years to come. You will have 2 reserved VIP experience seats at every showing of OUR LADY NYC Fringe. You will also receive a one-time-only handcrafted Our Lady transformation dress, similar to the one used in the show. It will be framed and ready for you to add to your permanent collection. This dress is the weapon used against the main character of Our Lady, and it's the weapon that you can use to fight for her cause. Because this will be a very time consuming art piece to create, it will not be available to ship until September. Plus all above rewards.

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