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A powerful and emotional short film, shot through the eyes of a young trans women. Read more

London, UK Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on November 8, 2013.

A powerful and emotional short film, shot through the eyes of a young trans women.

London, UK Shorts
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Lily Padma Workman
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Lily Padma Workman

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About this project

***** Please do keep supporting this project, Help us reach our next funding target of £3000! it is important for us to raise as much funds as possible, well beyond our minimal goal goal *****

The more we raise, the more people we can help. 

A message from our team:

*********Final 3 day push!!!********

there are 3 evenings to go before funding closes! To recognise this we have opened up a new, special reward! For £20, you will now receive the normal package PLUS a lovely video featuring interviews and thank yours  from all the cast and crew.. as well as behind the scenes footage, and a sneak look at the film!

For anyone who really wants to back the project, we still have 2 executive producer roles available  which both look great on your resume/portfolio, and will really help support this great project!

We are a small team of trans* individuals, really trying to make a difference. All we want is that young trans* men and women, do not have to face the abuse, discriminations and problems that we have. Help us today, and get behind this important project!

Thank you!

What is 'Through Her Eyes'?

Through Her Eyes, is the emotional story of a young transgender women, as she struggles with her gender identity, and the unwelcoming society she lives in. 

Its written to take you through a day in the life of a trans women, from waking up and getting ready – through to going outside and dealing with the public – to friends, dating, and dyshporia. It shot mostly from the perspective of the trans* person. The audience will see, through her eyes, the looks she gets on the street and the comments she has to endure. Whilst the whole time being narrated by her thoughts, as she worries about life, ponders on gender and her identity, and talks nonsense about rabbits!

Why do we need funding?

Most of the film is accounted for already, through a mix of our own investment and equipment and facilities provided by generous institutions. 

Unfortunately one of our backers has had to pull out and now when looking to balance the books, we arrive short (just) of our target amount. 

We need this last bit of funding to help enable us to share and show this film with the world. Without the funding, the film may still be made - but its impact will be no where near as large. 

This is a film is centred around a very important issue, and tackles it in a creative and powerful manner. We would urge, if not beg you to help us raise this small amount of money (or more) to fund this project, and allow the film and its meaning to be spread far and wide, and fully achieve its potential!

Why should you help out?

Well, aside from the warm feeling of knowing that your helping a very worthy cause, we have lined up some lovely rewards! 

On our small, and already hugely stretched budget, they are the best we could possibly give you. And although we may wish to be able to promise to fly you all out to a private screening (as we would love to do!) for a project this size, it simply is not possible. 

We hope you take them as a token of our up-most gratitude for your help, and we are sure that when you see the film - you will consider it a wise investment! 

Who is involved?

Full details of the cast and crew will be released over the coming weeks, in a series of vlogs!

For now though we can say that the film is being directed by Lily Padma, and made by a small dedicated team of trans* and LGBT+ film makers

It stars a new and talented trans* actress, playing the lead part (name to be released over the coming weeks..) As well as a mixed ensemble of extras! 

You can also follow us on: 





Or contact us at:

Thank you! 

- Lily Padma

Risks and challenges

We are a small but dedicated team, with lots of experience in producing short films on very small, even non-existent budgets.

This is our biggest challenge to date, but also our most important!

Our greatest risk is the film not getting enough coverage, and being able to reach enough people. The film will certainly be produced, and produced to a very high standard, but we really need to complete our funding goal, so that we can feel happy and confident in our abilities to reach a wide audience and spread our message of empathy and acceptance!

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    A big thank you!

    We will email you with a lovely thank you, from all of the cast and crew!

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    As well as our gratitude, you will be the first to see the film!

    A special on-line space will be created, where you can watch the film before it is released & screened to the public!

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    As well as being able to watch the film before everyone else, you will also be able to download your own digital copy of the film to keep!
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    Final 3 days - Special Reward!!

    As well as all of the normal £20 rewards, you will receive a special video, which will contain personal thank you messages from the crew, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the production, and a sneak preview of film itself!
    This lovely video will really make you feel part of the project, and will be beautifully produced as a token of our gratitude to your support!

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    Wow.. ok, if you have helped us this much, then we will always be grateful!

    You will get an extra special mention in the credits, be able to watch the film early, be able to download and own a copy, PLUS: we will send you(by post) your own personal thank-you pack, containing a DVD of the film, signed production stills, the full script, and a huge thank you letter from the cast and crew!

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    ****Provisionally Reserved****
    Exec Producer role as discussed.

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    Two Executive Producer Roles:

    2 available, will receive all of the above - with their own, individual special mention in the credits mention as one of the listed Executive producers. [Can also be listed as part of your film portfolio]
    PLUS: You will be invited to one the first public screening of the film, whether at its own premier or a Film Festival, you will receive an invitation, and attend with the director as her guest. she will personally accompany you for the evening, answering any questions, and giving you a unique insight into the film-making process behind small-budget films like this, and a great and enjoyable night!

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