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A graveyard simulator, a story of epitaphs, a tale of ghosts that haunt, a game with no goal— all valid descriptions of Boon Hill.
850 backers pledged $12,930 to help bring this project to life.

First Stretch Goal Met!

Posted by Matthew Ritter (Creator)

Yaaay! 7.5k!

Look at that, we made it to the first stretch goal! This is, of course, very exciting. Meeting this stretch goal means we'll be trying to add more NPCs to the graveyard, as well as some random events, such as NPCs that come in and out of the graveyard on occasion to make the graveyard feel like a real place.

It's so cool that we've gotten to this point. Hopefully we can reach the 10k mark so we can make the game cross platform, as there are a lot of Mac and cell phone users interested in the game.

Everyone out there, spread the word further! Let the name Boon Hill ring from the mountain tops like some kind of... a mountain top yell.


As always, there have been more articles on Boon Hill. Wonderful pieces, not always in English, saying things about the game.

Look at these two articles. Only one of them I am able to read!

Other Awesome Kickstarters

These are all amazing Kickstarters. Ones I have given money to, or plan to give money to. You should at least take a look over at them so they can rock your very socks.

OVA - The Anime Role Playing Game: This is a really awesome looking roleplaying book. Slick art and just all around neato seeming. Check it out!

Pixel Dungeon Paper Miniatures: If you like pixel art you should check this out. This guy has done some really well crafted pixel art for table top role playing minis.

Among The Sleep: If you haven't seen this Kickstarter yet, you should. This game looks brilliant. I don't know how to even try to explain it and do it justice. Take a few minutes and look the kickstarter over.

AR-K: If you like old school adventure games you need to check out this Kickstarter. Really, do it right now.

Moby Dick, or the Card Game: Card Games and Moby Dick, together at last!

Shadow of the Eternals: This is a Kickstarter for a semi-sequel to one of my favorite games of all time. Eternal Darkness. If this game is one tenth as good as Eternal Darkness was, It should be amazing.

Looking to the Future!

Thanks again to everyone who has helped spread the word on Boon Hill so far, and I hope you all continue to do so. The amount of support has been staggering, at least for me. As always, if anyone knows of any article or anything I didn't mention, or if you have your own Kickstarter you want to show me, please do.

You are all amazing and my favorites. We're working hard on the game, even more so now that we know people will actually play it. In just a few months the Boon Hill graveyard shall be walkable!


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    1. Matthew Ritter Creator on

      I agree whole heartily.

    2. Erik de Vos on

      Multiplatform would be a great addition. I think that if more people experience this game, whatever is written on the stones will have more impact.