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A graveyard simulator, a story of epitaphs, a tale of ghosts that haunt, a game with no goal— all valid descriptions of Boon Hill.
850 backers pledged $12,930 to help bring this project to life.

Mother's Day! And approaching our first stretch goal.

Posted by Matthew Ritter (Creator)

Greetings those who have been birthed by woman,

It Is Mother's Day!

This is a special message to my own mother, Who has graciously backed this project. You're all welcome to read it of course, but this is mostly to her. She's a wonderful person, who with grace and dignity has put up with me as a son who wasn't always the most fun.

It is because of her that I am who I am. I don't just mean the way in which she allowed me to feast upon her sustenance for nine months like some horrible parasite growing inside her. In a very real way she helped shape who I am. There are a lot of people who complain about the people that raised them, I am lucky enough to have only had supportive and wonderful parents.

One day she will be gone, but I hope that day is a very long way off. Though if it isn't, I have done my best to cherish her every day, though often in a forgetful-son kind of way.

I don't just thank her, I also thank every other person out there who has or ever will be a mother. Seriously, good work. It's a lot harder than it looks, and I don't just mean the whole pregnancy bit. What comes after is the difficult part.

I will be including at least one object in the game in memory of my mother (unless she apposes because of the creepoid factor of it) if anyone else wants to do the same, they're welcome to donate on this grandest of days of mothers and do the same. I'm not sure how many mothers would actually appreciate having an early grave marker in their honor, however, but surely someone will be into it.

Thanks Mom, for all your support, I love you.


There were some more nice articles about Boon Hill today.

Indie Pleas - over at Indie Pub mentioned boon hill and an article on Screen Invasion did as well. Both as part of Kickstarter Roundup type articles.

May Contain Spoilers did a more focused piece on it over here: and they have asked me for an interview, which I agreed to do gladly. Hopefully if all goes well it will be up soon!

Approaching The First Stretch Goal

We've managed to get over a thousand dollars above our initial funding request, and that is amazing. This is the part where I'm supposed to beg you all to go and get the word out so we can continue to bring in money at a good clip.

So, that's what I'm doing! Please continue to go out and spread the word. The five grand mark was the low end of what we'd need to get the game done so every little bit helps us make the game bigger and better.

The lion's share of the funding we've gotten has come from facebook and twitter, and the good internet gods know that I have almost no twitter followers or facebook friends myself. So good work all of you that do! Keep it up!


Matthew Ritter


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