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A graveyard simulator, a story of epitaphs, a tale of ghosts that haunt, a game with no goal— all valid descriptions of Boon Hill.
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Posted by Matthew Ritter (Creator)

Greetings those that walk upon the world!

Programmer Bio

I was starting to worry he might not truly exist. But he does. The programmer working with the project has finally got his bio together and here it is -

Andy Morrison Bio
"I'm the president of iqSoup--a small indie video game studio. If you have a second take a gander at our website: I live in a small town in Arizona with my wonderful wife Kay. I've loved every thing about video games ever since playing Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt when I was 4 years old. Making video games is my dream--something I've wanted to do since I can remember. When I was little I used to make up games in my head and then draw out what they would look like. I would draw menus and and all the different screens. I wish I still had some of those drawings--maybe I'd make that little kid's dream a reality...

I like all kinds of games but there are a handful that for whatever reason have really stuck out to me over the years. Games that meant more than just a fun little time waster. To this day hearing a song from Roller Coaster Tycoon or Civilization or Pokemon or Oregon Trail II or Baldur's Gate or Final Fantasy VII or Super Mario World--it stirs up a very specific feeling, something special I felt back when I first played those games. Call it nostalgia, but those games really meant something to me and still do.

My goal as a developer is to make those sort of games--something someone will remember fondly 20 years later. Something I can be truly proud to have been a part of. Something people out there play, enjoy, and respond to. Video games can draw you into a new world, tell an interesting story, or just be a fun escape from the troubles of life. Games can provide a sense of immersion like nothing else can. To me Boon Hill is about that kind of escape--a chance to leave our world and discover a new one. You're not just exploring a graveyard but the stories of those buried there. Its your imagination that does the real exploration as you wonder who these people were and what their lives were like. I'm super excited to work on such a unique project! There's so much interest this simple game--I hope I can do my part to make it an amazing experience for everyone out there!"

And that's the leads of the team. There might be other people brought on for small things, but you should have met all the main team members by now.


There were a few more very nice articles about Boon Hill written up around the net. One of them was pointed out to me in the comments section rather than me finding it through obsessive internet googling.

iGR did a feature over here: It's nice! Read it if you want to read the same basic info on most articles, but written all nicely! I spoke to the man who did the article and he seems to think I'm charming. This is disconcerting.

Boon Hill was also mentioned over at Link Dump Friday at Jayisgames. Which is a pretty cool site unto itself even without mentioning us:

As always, if there are any others I'm missing let me know.

Kool Kickstarter You Should Check out

I misspelled cool with a k because its kool to do so.

Is a puzzle platformer that is pretty keen. Like really. If you have extra money you should check it out. If you have no money you should check it out, tell your friends, things like that. It impressed me. I plan to donate to it, and you should all do what I say and help it out as well.

Cool Stretch Goals Tracker Image

Also, we made a cool stretch goal tracker image. Look at it on the main page. I'll be checking over the next day or so if it looks better at double size or not. It's very pretty.

Thanks for reading, and your continued support. Remember, if you run into someone on the street, open up conversation with a spiel about Boon Hill. (Don't really do that)


Matthew Ritter

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