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A graveyard simulator, a story of epitaphs, a tale of ghosts that haunt, a game with no goal— all valid descriptions of Boon Hill.
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Backer Reward Change - Articles - Cross Promotion

Posted by Matthew Ritter (Creator)

Greetings, those that live above the ground!

Backer Reward Change

There has been a slight change to the backer rewards. Specifically, the price for the game box has been dropped from 250 to 150, as I found a cheaper way to do them and quite a few people showed interest.

So, if you're one of those people (you know who you are), you can now get a physical box and instruction booklet for a mere 150 dollars. There will now be 50 game boxes made, up from the 25. So, if people really want them, there should be copies for all!

If you don't get one, you're not cool.


There was yet another really nice article done about boon hill. I am impressed so many people seem to have found so much just from the concept of the game. You can read the most recent article here: it's by Benjy and has some stuff from me that's not in the other articles.

Other Kickstarters You Should Look At

There's this kickstarter over here:

If you're morbid and you like zombies and you like card games this is probably the game for you. I think it's pretty cool. They've already met their goal, but take a look at it anyways. Maybe you'll want to be made into a zombie card in a zombie card game.


That's it for today. Hopefully tomorrow or the day after that we'll get up the programmer's Bio.


Matthew Ritter


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