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A graveyard simulator, a story of epitaphs, a tale of ghosts that haunt, a game with no goal— all valid descriptions of Boon Hill.
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Team Member Bio - And Question for Backers

Posted by Matthew Ritter (Creator)

Greetings fellow mortals!

Over the next few days we'll be going into some specifics on different team members. Today, we'll take a look at me. There's already tons of info about me on the kickstarter so I'll keep it brief. BIO COMING AT YOU!


I am Matthew Micheal Ritter. A man with three very common names. I'm obsessed with epitaphs and death, but in one of those cute endearing ways. Hopefully not in a creepy way that makes me that uncle no one really wants to show up at family events.

My schooling was in screen writing, though my greatest passion is for comic book writing as I have a love of sequential artwork. When I was but a small child who could not read or write I drew comics of little bubble figures (And the wonderfully clever Super Zap comic, clearly a winner) and had my grandmother write the captions.

I also have worked on many different Indy games, both as writer and pixel artist. I love cheese, and I think the moon is a bit creepy. Always floating up there, ready to crash into us at any moment. I have a lot of odd ideas about interactive fiction and games, and we'll just have to see how that all goes. BIO ENDING!


There, you know a bit more about me! Tomorrow I'll introduce you to Boon Hill's main artist. He's, I think at least, a far more interesting individual. He was published in Nintendo power once. Back when it existed.

As for the question I have for you backers, a few people have expressed interest in a backer reward around 150 dollars that would involve a real world collector version of the game. A game box, OST, and printed instruction booklet kind of deal. While cool, physical products are always a pain and cost money to produce and ship. So, if you'd be interested please let me know. Comment on this update, send me a message through kickstarter, things like that.

Thanks for your time and your continued support!


Matthew Ritter


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    1. Matthew Ritter Creator on

      Nice to meet you both!

      Glad you don't think it makes me creepy. I like to think it makes me glorious. Which sounds similar to ghoulish but has no connection.

    2. Bruno V. on

      I don't think it makes you creepy, but then again I wouldn't know how to go around telling my friends "Hey, I like visiting graveyards and spying on strangers' epitaphs."
      I guess it's just one of those things that people don't really want to understand because they'd rather avoid the subject altogether.

    3. Missing avatar

      Revisor on

      Nice to meet you, sir.