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$28,835 pledged of $25,000 goal
By Daniel Lanciana
$28,835 pledged of $25,000 goal

Face to Face with Tyson!

Game expert and major contributor to the book, Matt Turk, recently personally hand-delivered a copy of the book to Mike Tyson!

Full story and photo at: http://pixelperfectbooks.wordpress.com/2013/05/05/face-to-face-with-tyson/


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    1. Matt Matson on May 6, 2013

      Thanks Mike! Everyone loved the Pac-Room.

    2. Mike Villasuso on May 5, 2013

      Btw, @Matt Matson, your store was truly beautiful, even the bathroom tiles were Amazing! Respect.

    3. Mike Villasuso on May 5, 2013

      Woah, nice K.O. Matt!

    4. Missing avatar

      MAL on May 5, 2013

      Awesome update! Still hopping to get a copy of the book someday.

    5. Matt Matson on May 5, 2013

      Oops, Meant to send a PM not post publicly.

    6. Matt Matson on May 5, 2013


      I was a backer of your Kickstarter at the $175 level. It was upsetting to see the struggles you went through to get your project approved. I know what it is like going up agains or trying to work with large companies when you have a small company or idea.

      I created and ran a small independent retail game store unlike any that i have ever seen. It was called Game Junkie (www.gamejunkie.com) , and i poured my heart and soul into it for 5 years. Unfortunately I was unable to turn the corner and make a profit. There are some descent pictures of the store in the image gallery. I'm very proud of what we were able to accomplish and all the people that we served.

      I hope you aren't too crushed and that you still have the passion. I know it can be defeating. I would still like to show my support for your company and entrepreneurial spirit. I believe in small companies and creators who have a passionate vision.

      At a basic level i would like to offer a donation to your company since I was unable through Kickstart. I would like to send you $100 via paypal if that is possible. Of course I would support any future projects you might have. If there is something above the donation i could help with, just let me know. Ue, Davids, need to stick together so we can take down the Colossuses of the world. Decided to go with Colossus instead of Goliath because i'm a huge Shadow of the Colossus fan.

      Is there any way to get a digital copy of the book? If there is a chance it still might get published, i can wait, or would definitely still purchase a copy.

      You can contact me via email or phone

      Much Success,
      Matt Matson