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Dylan Carlson of earth,major solo project lp/cd/dvd/book "Falling with a Thousand Stars and Other Wonders from the House of Albion"
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Dylan Carlson

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November Update


Earth has finished touring in support of it's new album as of oct. 3rd and i am using my 3 months off to complete this project. i parted ways with oblique management at the end of july, and a number of production details we had arranged together were left unresolved as the result. i am in the process of finding sources for production of each component of this project. some have already been found, such as vinyl manufacturer, cd/dvd production, and clothing.  

will continue to update as aspects of the project are completed.  As always thank you for your continued patience and understanding, this project is foremost in my mind. drc 

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The song titles


The songs that will be on the lp/cd are as follows:

1. The Elfin Knight

2. King Orfeo

3. Tam Lin

4. She Moved Thro' the Faire

5. Allison Gross

6. Reynard the Fox

7. Rose in the Heather 

The song Reynard the Fox is an instrumental and completely different recording from Reynardine that appeared on the drcarlsonalbion "latitudes" and Rose in the Heather is not thematically linked generally with songs of the supernatural, it has musical links, and I think it is a beautiful song. 

Recording at Crackle and Pop

it wouldn't be a folk-rock record w/out a 12 string
it wouldn't be a folk-rock record w/out a 12 string

An explanation and good news


First i would like to apologize for the over optimistic update in September of last year. Having recently secured new management for drcarlsonalbion/earth we had high hopes of completing this project rapidly, and they did not come to pass. The good news is that the music was recently completed at crackle + pop studios in Seattle, some vocals and final mixing and they will be ready to go. The artwork is being collected, the writing nearly completed, and the film about to be edited. In the following days I will be offering all of you exclusive gifts by way of apology and to thank you for your patience. The project will be delivered by summer this year. 

Second, to explain why other projects have been undertaken and completed during this time period. Since my return to music, first with earth, then with solo projects and collaborations, I have endeavoured to be humble, honest, and hardworking. This project, in particular, was conceived after overcoming a life threatening medical situation, and a number of extraordinary experiences (super/supranatural) and I wanted to share them with people. I have never been much of a 'planner' and leapt into it, after not being able to interest anyone in backing it, a friend told me about kickstarter. If this had merely been a record (and in retrospect i should have just stuck to what i know best, making a record) it would have been completed a lot sooner. I should have found out more about the costs involved with books and films, but i arrived at a number that seemed reachable, and proceeded. The initial money went to purchasing equipment necessary for the film and recording gear for the environmental sounds, travel expenses for the trip to various sights for both myself and the camera person and initial recordings. Since then I have been working and utilizing my own funds to complete the project. This is NOT a complaint or a request for more backing, It is the reason other projects and tours have occured during this period. I have many things running in parallel and they all go back to the same object of getting music out to you. Once again i thank all of you for your support. drc